TED Talks that Are Both Inspiring and Useful for Entrepreneurial Startups

Congratulations on starting your journey to become an entrepreneur! Unlike Bob’s shoe umbrella venture which is still in the development phase, we have full faith that you can triumphantly achieve your goals and aspirations.

At Works, we firmly believe that the ultimate recipe for a prosperous startup involves having a team consisting of top-notch professionals. It is equally crucial to have sources of inspiration, regardless of whether your business operates in the field of information technology or any other industry.

We have put together a selection of 6 Ted Talks to aid you in gaining a fresh perspective and reinforcing your determination as a budding entrepreneur:

Bill Gross’ TED Talk: “The primary factor behind the triumph of startups.”

It’s not uncommon for multiple companies to go out of business within their first five years, but why does this occur? What is the cause behind the failure of certain businesses, while others succeed?

The question can be answered by Bill Gross, who founded Idealab due to his genuine passion for the startup industry.

His company has played a significant role in providing aid to more than a hundred businesses. While some of these ventures have been successful, the issue of why a considerable number of companies fail still remains. To address this, he conducted research on the five primary factors that could potentially be responsible for this trend.

  • Idea
  • Team
  • Strategic structure
  • Funding
  • Timing

During his Ted Talk, he highlights one crucial factor that a company must possess in order to achieve success. We won’t disclose which element it is, but we suggest viewing the talk to discover more.

Simon Sinek’s “How Great Leaders Inspire Action” identifies the traits that contribute to being an impactful motivational speaker.

Renowned author and speaker Simon Sinek’s inspiring Ted Talk has captivated numerous individuals. In this presentation, Sinek delves deeply into the characteristics that set apart exceptional leaders and enable them to serve as sources of inspiration for others.

By observing the actions of distinguished leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr. and successful corporations like Apple, Sinek gained a deeper understanding of the inner workings of the human brain. This ultimately led to the development of his theory, known as ‘The Golden Circle’, which focuses on the unique traits of influential leaders and how they inspire others to take action.

This talk will encourage you to concentrate on your purpose rather than simply following a routine.

Adam Grant poses the question, “Are You a Giver or a Taker?” to aid in identifying one’s character type.

As an Institutional Psychologist, Adam Grant provides a thought-provoking outlook on the significance of teamwork and individual contributions in attaining business triumph. If you are unsure about how to distinguish between helpful and harmful guidance during the hiring process for your new enterprise, we recommend watching Adam’s Ted Talk to make an informed choice.

There are two clear-cut categories of workers within companies: takers and givers. One way to promote rapport amongst employees is to enhance communication, which can facilitate the recognition of givers and takers. During the recruiting process, it is advisable to select individuals who are more inclined towards giving rather than taking. Ultimately, determining who the buyer is will allow for the best decision-making for the organization.

In “Why the Best Hire May Not Have the Best Resume,” Regina Hartley offers insight on job candidates who may be overlooked due to their resumes.

As the Vice President of Global Talent Management at UPS, Regina Hartley has a global responsibility for the company’s human resources. Her extraordinary talent lies in her capacity to recognize potential and talent beyond the conventional screening of a candidate’s resume.

It’s easy to believe that the most qualified job candidates have exceptional resumes, showcasing their attendance at prestigious universities and seemingly innate ability to excel. However, during her Ted Talk, Regina Hartley emphasizes that the most significant talent frequently lies in those who have had to work harder to achieve success; the group she refers to as ‘scrappers’.

Her suggestion to recruiters:

Margaret Heffernan’s “The Dare to Disagree Manifesto” challenges conventional attitudes towards disagreement.

Margaret Heffernan is a distinguished writer, coveted lecturer, and former CEO of five firms. She is an expert in business management and the attributes that make exceptional executives. Through her comprehensive research, she possesses the knowledge and experience to offer invaluable guidance to industry leaders.

In her invigorating TED Talk, Margaret Heffernan showcases how constructive conflict can drive progress within businesses. Teams composed of individuals with differing opinions can collaborate to produce innovative solutions. The most effective teams do not consist of members who constantly agree and shower each other with praise, but rather, those who challenge each other’s ideas.

Kelly McGonigal’s “How to Make Stress Your Friend” proposes a reevaluation of how we approach and respond to stress.

Beginning a company can be exciting, but it also carries a significant amount of pressure.

Stress is often considered detrimental to productivity and wellness. During her fascinating TED Talk, Kelly McGonigal, a psychologist from Stanford University, shared her pessimistic views on stress. Nevertheless, studies have demonstrated that one’s perspective on the circumstance can significantly impact the repercussions of stress.

Rather than avoiding stress, a positive outlook is attained by reexamining stress’s importance.

As an entrepreneur just starting your business, you are probably juggling multiple responsibilities. Although stress is unavoidable, it’s essential to bear in mind that your reaction to it can be managed entirely. To gain a better appreciation of why this is vital, we encourage you to watch this insightful TED Talk.

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