The Advent of Permanent Remote Work Has Increased the Availability of Engineering Jobs Throughout the World

Not long ago, Microsoft followed in the footsteps of Facebook and Twitter, among other digital industry powerhouses, by accepting remote working as a practical solution for its workforce. The shift in perspective towards remote work highlights the multiple advantages it presents to both employees and companies. The tech industry’s giants’ ability to adopt remote work methods successfully is evidence of this shift.

According to a recent poll by Blind, a significant number of personnel in major technology centres across the US are open to the possibility of moving to a new location and working there. The study revealed that a surprising 66% of respondents would opt to work remotely from a different location, thus leaving their current place of residence.

The advent of all-remote teams and mobile app developers has had a significant impact on the recruitment process by reducing the importance of location. Employees are no longer restricted to a specific geographical area, saving both time and money that would otherwise be spent on commuting. This is advantageous to all parties involved, particularly Chief Technology Officers, who can now access a more varied pool of talent without being limited by location.

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All-remote teams have provided international programmers with the flexibility to work for top companies from anywhere in the world. This is particularly advantageous as several regions are facing a shortage of skilled engineers. Nicolas Brien, CEO of France Digitale, a European start-up industry group, says that the industry is experiencing a “persistent state of practically negative unemployment for developers”. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, the IT industry had been struggling to find qualified personnel, and there seems to be no indication of this changing any time soon.

Previously, US companies would often employ skilled foreign engineers for a limited period to work on specific projects or as independent contractors. However, American businesses are no longer interested in hiring temporary workers. Instead, they want personnel who can become valuable team members and work on demanding projects, just like any other employee.

Our company is looking for a viable solution for adding experienced professionals to our engineering team on a long-term basis. Staff augmentation is a beneficial alternative in this situation, as it allows access to a pool of highly qualified software development professionals without the obligation of creating additional permanent positions. Customers can select the most appropriate candidates, who can then be quickly trained and integrated into existing workflows of the company.

Engineers provided by top-rated engineering staff augmentation agencies are not ordinary professionals. These agencies scrutinize the qualifications and skills of their engineers through various assessments and performance metrics. Furthermore, they offer training and guidance to their developers to ensure that they can efficiently work remotely and start their assignments promptly.

The matter of whether an engineer’s location – specifically in the United States or Asia – is a crucial factor is being answered with a resounding no. With the increasing trend of remote work, physical distance is becoming less of a concern. The primary focus should be on forming the most competent engineering teams, irrespective of their geographic location.

As businesses continue to face difficulties in expanding their software development teams, virtual teams are becoming increasingly prevalent. Organizations are currently looking in remote areas to find skilled professionals who can join their teams. Works is a pioneer in the long-term staff augmentation industry, which allows them to match proficient programmers with promising projects. This approach has proved to be a successful strategy, allowing Works to retain its position as a leader in this field.

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