The Asian Developer Survey: Expanding International Competence

The uptick in remote work has opened up possibilities for Asian IT developers to collaborate with leading companies globally, providing them with a significant advantage in terms of growth opportunities.

Works conducted the Asia Developer Survey during September of the previous year, which garnered crucial insights by surveying over 1000 programmers across the region.

The survey results showed that more than 80% of participants perceived their organization as being well-equipped for remote or flexible work. This correlates with the fact that 74% of programmers work remotely to some extent. Moreover, nearly all the respondents (95%) expressed a positive impact on their work-life balance, concentration, and creativity with this arrangement in place.

Around 30% of developers clarified that they would not compromise any of their current benefits, such as the option to work remotely. In the survey, 87% of participants mentioned having sovereignty over their working hours, location, and methods. Additionally, 50% cited working from their homes, 30% used co-working spaces, and 20% operated from dedicated offices.

Founded on the idea of remote work, Works has a fantastic platform to demonstrate how skilled professionals from anywhere in the world can secure employment and provide the necessary expertise to companies to help them achieve their goals.

Asia boasts of a thriving startup culture

As per the survey results, 44% of the participants were working for startups, 34% for corporations, and 15% for NGOs. In terms of the employers’ origin, 45% were domestic while 55% were foreign companies. Moreover, 53% held full-time jobs and 20% part-time employment.

According to a recent research, over 33% of developers in Asia have initiated their own ventures, underscoring the region’s dynamic startup ecosystem. Education emerged as the leading sector for these entrepreneurs, with a share of 24% of all businesses; telecommunications (16%) and fintech (12%) followed suit.

Unquenchable thirst for knowledge

Our study unearthed a scarcity of formal training opportunities for developers in the Asian region. The majority of the participants (77%) reported obtaining their education from online resources, primarily free video lessons from platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo (88%). Besides these, 60% mentioned utilizing paid video lessons from websites like Treehouse, Pluralsight, Udemy and Coursera. Only 35% enrolled in approved educational programs.

While reaching out to a co-worker or friend (45%) and returning to the problem later (44%) were possible solutions for addressing development issues, Stack Overflow (81%) and Help and Tutorial videos (74%) were the most commonly used resources to seek help.

Python (21%), JavaScript (17%), and Kotlin (14%) were the most sought-after programming languages by respondents to learn, with no discernible pattern regarding the skillsets that developers aimed to acquire.

The Works Learning Community is a dependable tool for developers, offering them the required resources to enhance their skills and broaden their service offerings. The company has recently procured $200 million in Series E funding, with a valuation of $1.5 billion, and is now dedicated to reinforcing its developer community.

Achieving personal development takes precedence

When asked about their current jobs, just 14% of participants noted feeling highly content, while 27% were content, but not ecstatic, and 28% were indifferent. However, 37% mentioned that they were actively contemplating a career shift. Moreover, 57% of job-seekers cited added responsibilities as a driving force in advancing their careers, while 48% expressed a keenness to work with the latest technologies.

Among those who yearn for uninterrupted career growth, a large proportion (73%) prioritize roles that provide opportunities for professional development and career advancement.

The results of the survey unequivocally establish the presence of a large number of savvy and motivated developers in Asia who are equipped to address the growing demand for their services.

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