The Benefits of Works on Pymetrics’ Adaptability to Changes in Product Development

In order to help corporate clients across the world increase diversity, save time and money, and expand their selection of potential employees, pymetrics uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and neuroscience to innovate the way businesses recruit, select, and maintain their staff. This provides an opportunity to increase efficiency and effectiveness in the vital task of building and sustaining a successful team.

Pymetrics was dedicated to achieving their mission of revolutionising the hiring process by eliminating bias and selecting candidates based on ability rather than background. To accomplish this, they carefully recruited personnel with the requisite technical expertise to ensure that their goals of enhancing recruitment were met.

Pymetrics recognized the need to streamline their recruitment process and also to ensure that their hiring policy was in line with their core values by creating a diverse candidate pool. Therefore, they implemented a policy to actively seek out and consider applicants from a variety of backgrounds.

Fedor highlighted how Works was the ideal platform for pymetrics, providing them with the solutions they required. A key benefit of Works is its ability to quickly fill vacancies, which is a huge advantage given the amount of time it typically takes to source qualified engineers.

Since we first heard about Works, we have been incredibly enthusiastic to gain more knowledge about it. We fully support Works’ fundamental belief that an individual’s capacity should not be limited by their academic background, GPA, or past successes. It is well known that talented engineers can be found in all parts of the world.

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