The Best Cloud Sharing Software for Virtual Teams

When managing a business that incorporates both local staff and remote workers, it is essential to have access to cloud-based file sharing software. This software can facilitate a range of activities, such as document management, spreadsheet organisation, conversation structuring, presentation structuring, comment structuring and file sharing. In short, it is a key tool for successful collaborative working.

For this reason, we researched many cloud-based file sharing programs to assist you make an informed decision.

G Suite

Given the extensive popularity of G Suite, I am currently composing this document using Google Docs, which is part of the G Suite platform. This cloud-based service allows you to benefit from a range of office applications, as well as unlimited storage capacity in the cloud, all at no extra charge.

The Google Apps suite provides a range of online tools to help with productivity and collaboration. It includes Google Docs, an online word processor with a range of features, Google Sheets, an online spreadsheet tool that provides comparable functionality to Excel, and Google Slides, an online presentation builder akin to PowerPoint. Additionally, you can use JamBoard, an online collaborative whiteboard, Google Forms, Google Drawings, Google MyMaps, Google Sites and have the ability to link with other applications.

Google is offering a fantastic opportunity to all existing and new users with a Google account – a complimentary 15GB of storage space on Google Drive. This storage space can be used for saving a wide range of items, such as documents, photographs, videos and even Photoshop files. What’s more, all of this is free of charge. Don’t miss out on this amazing chance – create or sign into your Google account now and take advantage of this remarkable offer.

It is important to bear in mind that this storage space is shared with your Gmail and Google+ picture albums. Therefore, if your inbox is already at capacity, you may require additional storage space. Fortunately, Google offers very competitive rates for extra storage.

Drive is one of the most innovative remote sharing applications available, making it simple to share with others. You have the option of selecting from a range of different methods, such as sending an email invitation to chosen contacts or providing a link to anyone who wishes to access the content. This makes it easier than ever to share your data with others.

It is your prerogative to determine the extent of access that you would like to provide to your files; whether you would like them to be able to simply view them, provide comments or make amendments. The same level of restrictions may be applied to an entire folder.

If other individuals are also accessing the document concurrently, it is possible to make comments and initiate a discussion directly within the editor. It is possible to view the history of the file and identify who made which changes, should someone fail to save their work.

The service is highly compatible with a wide variety of file types. Google Drive allows users to view and modify Word documents and save them in the same format. This makes it an ideal tool for those who need to work with documents on a regular basis.

Using Gmail offers numerous advantages, which become even more significant when you consider that it allows you to preview attachments without the need to download them, as well as to save them directly to Google Drive.


For businesses, Box presents a revolutionary way of managing material, with the potential to transform “everything from file sharing to designing bespoke applications”. The Box cloud service offers a convenient way for in-office and remote employees to communicate and collaborate with each other, whereas Google Drive may be used for individual purposes.

The security of data is a major priority for our clients. To ensure the highest level of security, we provide Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and at-rest encryption with our Starter plan and above. Furthermore, our clients have the ability to password-protect their files, as well as limit the amount of time a link remains active, which helps to prevent unauthorised sharing.

You can control who has access to what folders and files, as well as who may download and make changes to those files.

Box provides a similar capability to Google Drive, offering a convenient way to save and access over 120 different file types without having to download them. Furthermore, it enables users to easily share files with others through a link or email.

Box Cloud provides an innovative way to enable businesses to manage remote workers and collaborate on projects in real-time. Not only can users delegate tasks to remote staff, but they can also monitor progress and provide feedback via comments and file change alerts. Furthermore, the company also offers a desktop software solution, allowing users to synchronise their data both locally and in the cloud. This means that teams can collaborate on projects regardless of their physical location, enabling them to work together more efficiently.

Due to the absence of a Google Docs-style service for editing Microsoft Word documents, Box has made it straightforward to edit documents within Box directly within other applications, such as Microsoft Office and Adobe Lightroom, by offering plug-ins to allow you to do so. In fact, Box is compatible not only with G Suite but also with Slack and Salesforce, among numerous others.

If you’re looking for an affordable way to give your small business team access to a wide range of security and collaboration features, then look no further. Our beginning business account, designed for small and efficient teams, is just $5 per user per month – and the maximum number of users allowed is ten. With this plan, you’ll get 100GB of secure storage and the ability to upload up to 2GB of files. So you don’t need to worry about breaking the bank to make sure your team is equipped with the right tools.

Additionally, if you have a more comprehensive need, they provide broader programs.


Working together with remote workers and in-house personnel is simplified with this “innovative all-in-one suite to operate your firm.”

To start off, Zoho is a great alternative to Google’s G Suite, offering a free, web-based word processor with a greater focus on editing than Google Docs. It provides users with a comprehensive suite of tools for creating and editing documents, spreadsheets and presentations with ease.

This program stands out for its emphasis on collaboration, which makes for a more intuitive user experience compared to Microsoft Office and Google Docs. In addition, it boasts features like electronic signature support, a chat tool for communicating with other users, and an uncomplicated system for adding annotations and making edits.

When compared to alternative solutions, our selection of applications within the marketing and sales department is significantly more extensive. Examples of the applications available in these areas include, but are not limited to:

CRM Stands for Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Social
  • Forms
  • Survey
  • Campaigns

Using Email and groupwork:

  • Mail
  • Docs
  • BugTracker
  • Meeting

In the Area of finance:

  • Books
  • Invoice
  • Subscriptions

Our portfolio of Human Resources, IT & Help Desk, and Business Process software is truly vast and only a fraction of it is featured here. Furthermore, for those who prefer the Google productivity suite, we are delighted to announce that we offer G Suite integration.

The Zoho Workplace Bundle is the most suitable option for the majority of small and medium-sized businesses. This comprehensive package is particularly well-suited for projects that involve remote workers, as it puts a strong emphasis on team collaboration and establishing open communication channels.

All of their cloud-based applications, including Writer, a word processing tool comparable to Microsoft Word; Sheet, a spreadsheet solution resembling Microsoft Excel; and Show, a presentation software similar to PowerPoint, are available for only $2 per user per month. Additionally, you will receive collaborative applications such as Docs, a platform for creating and sharing documents; Showtime, an app for assembling slideshows; and Sites, a tool to assist with building and maintaining your website.

Connect, an instant chat client; Mail, a file-sharing and previewing application; and Cliq form a comprehensive suite of communication tools, designed to bring all relevant resources to one platform and facilitate team collaboration.

For up to 25 people, they provide a free version.

We have a victor, and it’s…Zoho!

To ensure effective communication between your remote employees, Google’s G Suite offers an array of tools that are supported by Google’s substantial resources. G Suite’s software is designed in a way that it is compatible with both Box and Zoho, providing you with the advantages of G Suite without limiting you to a single service.

Box is an excellent software solution for sharing and storing data in the cloud, with a range of features designed to facilitate teamwork and ensure the security of data. Unfortunately, the cost of Box’s plans is higher than those of Zoho and it does not include native file editing capabilities, which are provided with Zoho’s services.

Zoho offer an extensive selection of applications to meet a variety of needs. Their Workplace Bundle is particularly advantageous for remote teams, as it provides all the tools necessary for efficient communication, collaboration and file sharing, all at an unbeatable price.

Zoho offers an extensive selection of helpful in-house applications and utilities, as well as effortless synchronisation with G Suite and other well-known applications, all at an affordable cost. We are able to provide you with access to the best remote developers in the world, allowing you to make the most of this product.

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