The Best Cloud Sharing Software for Virtual Teams

For businesses that have a hybrid workforce comprising of both local and remote staff, access to cloud-based file sharing software is crucial. This software can assist with a variety of tasks, including document and spreadsheet management, organising conversations, structuring presentations and comments, as well as facilitating easy file sharing. In essence, it is a vital resource for promoting efficient collaborative endeavours.

This led us to conduct extensive research on various cloud-based file sharing programs to provide you with the necessary information for making an informed decision.

Works Suite

In light of the widespread adoption of Works Suite, I am presently creating this document via Google Docs, a component of the Works Suite system. This internet-based service not only provides access to a variety of office applications but also offers limitless cloud storage capabilities, all at no additional cost.

Under the Works Suite umbrella, you can leverage a range of web-based tools designed to enhance productivity and collaboration, such as Google Docs, an online application equipped with a myriad of features, Google Sheets, a cloud-based spreadsheet program with capabilities comparable to Excel, and Google Slides, an online presentation builder akin to PowerPoint. Additionally, you can utilize other tools such as JamBoard, a collaborative online whiteboard, Google Forms, Google Drawings, Google MyMaps and Google Sites. Furthermore, you can easily integrate these tools with other applications for maximum efficiency.

As a Google account holder, you can benefit from an exceptional deal – you are entitled to 15GB of complimentary storage space on Google Drive, that can be utilized to store a diverse array of items, including photos, documents, videos, and even Photoshop files, entirely free of cost. Don’t let this amazing opportunity slip by- sign up or log in to your Google account today and seize this incredible offer.

Remember that this storage space is shared with your Gmail and Google+ picture albums, so if your inbox has already reached its full capacity, you may need extra storage. The good news is that Google offers very affordable rates for additional storage.

Drive is among the most innovative remote sharing applications, rendering sharing with others an uncomplicated task. You can choose from several distinct methods such as, emailing an invitation to your selected contacts or sharing a link that anyone can use to access the content. This makes sharing your data with others easier than ever before.

You have the freedom to decide the degree of access you wish to grant to your files – whether it’s simply viewable content, allowing comments or editing capabilities. Likewise, you can apply the same set of restrictions to an entire folder.

When several people are working on a document simultaneously, you can make comments and initiate a discussion directly within the editor. Additionally, you can view the file’s editing history and track who made changes, in case someone forgets to save their work.

Google Drive is highly compatible with a vast range of file formats. You can view and edit Word documents and save them in the same format, which makes it an excellent tool for those who need to work with documents frequently.

By utilizing Gmail, you can benefit from several advantages, particularly the ability to preview email attachments without downloading them, and to save them directly to Google Drive.


Box presents businesses with an innovative means of managing data, which has the potential to revolutionize everything from file sharing to designing customized applications. The Box cloud service provides a convenient platform for office and remote employees to communicate and collaborate with one another, while Google Drive is best suited for individual usage.

Ensuring our clients feel secure about their data is a top priority. To guarantee the highest level of security, we provide Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and at-rest encryption as part of our Starter plan and above. Additionally, our clients are able to password-protect their files and set a limit on the amount of time a link remains active, which helps prevent unauthorized sharing.

You can manage access to specific folders and files, including permissions regarding downloading and making changes.

Similarly to Google Drive, Box offers a convenient way to access and store over 120 types of files without the need to download them. Moreover, it enables users to easily share files with others via a link or email.

Box Cloud provides an innovative solution for enabling businesses to manage remote workers and collaborate in real-time on projects. In addition to task delegation to remote staff, users can keep track of progress and provide feedback through comments and file change alerts. Additionally, the company offers desktop software that allows data to be synchronized both locally and in the cloud. This permits teams to collaborate on projects from wherever they are, ultimately increasing efficiency in their work.

Despite the absence of a Google Docs-style service for editing Microsoft Word documents, Box makes document editing simple by allowing direct editing within other applications, such as Microsoft Office and Adobe Lightroom through plug-ins. Additionally, Box is compatible not only with G Suite, but with Slack, Salesforce, and many others.

For an affordable means of providing your small business team with access to a wide range of security and collaboration features, our starting business account is the way to go. Priced at just $5 per user per month and limiting the number of users to ten, this plan is ideal for small yet efficient teams. With this plan, you’ll receive 100GB of secure storage space and the capacity to upload up to 2GB of files, so you can ensure efficient teamwork without breaking the bank.

Furthermore, if you require more comprehensive solutions, they offer broader programs.


Collaborating with both remote workers and in-house staff is made effortless with this “innovative all-in-one suite for running your business.”

To begin with, Zoho is a great option to consider as an alternative to Google’s G Suite, providing a web-based free word processor that focuses more on editing than Google Docs. It offers users a comprehensive range of tools for easily creating and editing documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

This software stands out for its focus on collaboration, resulting in a more user-friendly experience compared to Microsoft Office and Google Docs. Moreover, it offers impressive features including support for electronic signatures, a chat tool for communicating with other users, and a simple system for adding annotations and making edits.

Compared to other options, our array of applications for the marketing and sales departments is notably wider. These include various applications such as, but not limited to:

The term CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, as explained in this article on overcoming roadblocks to a successful CRM.

  • Social
  • Forms
  • Survey
  • Campaigns

Utilizing email and group collaboration:

  • Mail
  • Docs
  • BugTracker
  • Meeting

In the field of finance:

  • Books
  • Invoice
  • Subscriptions

Our collection of software for Human Resources, IT & Help Desk, and Business Process is truly extensive, and only a portion of it is showcased here. Additionally, for those who favour the Google productivity suite, we are thrilled to offer G Suite integration.

For most small and medium-sized businesses, the Zoho Workplace Bundle is the ideal choice. This comprehensive package is particularly suitable for projects that involve remote workers, as it places a strong emphasis on team collaboration and establishing effective communication channels.

Their cloud-based applications, such as Writer, a word processing tool akin to Microsoft Word; Sheet, a spreadsheet solution that resembles Microsoft Excel; and Show, a presentation software similar to PowerPoint, are all accessible for just $2 per user per month. Additionally, you will gain access to collaborative applications like Docs, a platform for creating and sharing documents; Showtime, an app for creating slideshows; and Sites, a tool to assist with building and maintaining your website.

Connect, an instant messaging client; Mail, a file-sharing and previewing application; and Cliq combine to form a wide-ranging suite of communication tools, created to consolidate all pertinent resources onto one platform and enable team collaboration.

They offer a free version for a maximum of 25 users.

And the winner is… Zoho!

To facilitate successful communication among your remote workforce, G Suite by Google supplies a plethora of tools backed by Google’s extensive resources. G Suite’s software is built to be compatible with Box and Zoho, allowing you to take full advantage of G Suite without being tied to a single service.

Box is a top-notch software solution for cloud-based data sharing and storage, boasting a variety of features that promote collaboration and data security. However, Box’s plans are more expensive than those of Zoho, and they do not provide native file editing capabilities like Zoho’s services do.

Zoho offers a wide range of applications to cater to various needs. Their Workplace Bundle is especially beneficial for virtual teams, as it furnishes all the required tools for smooth communication, collaboration, and file sharing, all at an unbeatable price.

Zoho offers a broad array of useful in-house applications and utilities, along with effortless synchronisation with G Suite and other popular applications, all at an affordable cost. We can help you access the finest remote developers worldwide, allowing you to make the most of this product.

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