The Best Practices for Sourcing and Staffing an Offshore Development Group for Your Startup

Employing offshore development teams is a flexible strategy that has advantages for organisations, both big and small. This approach enables them to attain higher stages of product development, assisting them to manoeuvre with greater agility.

Being a business owner, it is crucial to anticipate and address any problems promptly. At Works, we understand and commend the effort and personal dedication required for triumph in the industry.

Conceptualising success is a vital stride towards accomplishing your objectives. For you to bring your concepts into existence, you must obtain the financial support of investors. As a startup founder, you must be mindful of your limited resources and endeavour to limit your expenses. You can actualise your aspirations by establishing a development squad that will create a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), which will be appealing to potential investors.

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As you analyse alternatives, you need to keep in mind your financial constraints. After undertaking research, you have identified that offshore development teams are the optimal approach to fulfill your needs while still remaining within budget and accomplishing your deliverables on time.

As I commenced my search for vendors and freelance platforms to promptly assemble a software development team, I found myself inundated with an excessive number of alternatives. With over fifty available platforms, each claiming success, selecting the right one can be challenging.

As a recently set-up entity, we comprehend the demanding circumstance under which you are attempting to construct a profitable venture around your products. Works is committed to assisting driven entrepreneurs like yourself. Through this piece, we aim to simplify the procedure of establishing an offshore development team.

To put it simply, what exactly is Offshore Development?

Offshore development is the process of working on a project for a corporation from a distinct geographic location, which is typically in countries with lower development expenses. Countries like India, Ukraine and the Philippines are among the major players in offshore software development.

IT firms have been opting for offshore development as a viable means to proliferate their manpower for quite some time. Nonetheless, the COVID-19 global pandemic accelerated the prevalence of this practice as businesses needed to adapt to working remotely.

How Is Offshoring And Globalization Advancing Software Development?

Engaging an offshore development team can be a fetching alternative for ambitious startup founders In search of enlarging their workforce quickly and producing top-notch products. It is normal to question if an external team could replace an internal team, or if it is more advantageous to form a group internally.

While recruiting internal teams, it’s crucial to contemplate factors beyond just remuneration. Startups may need to compromise on their budget, and in such situations, it is worthwhile to consider engaging a specialised team from overseas.

The Significance of an Outsourced Development Team


All new ventures ought to exploit the potential provided by outsourcing to countries like India. This can lower costs, when compared to the expenses involved in organising an internal development team, which may involve the costs of recruitment and real estate. Outsourcing can be a cost-effective means to enhance output and lure a broader audience.

The staff also necessitates healthcare coverage, pension plans, and other perks. Bestowing all of these perks could prove to be considerably more expensive for a company than manufacturing the actual product, which is why startups may struggle to furnish them.

Offshore development teams work remotely from anywhere. Outsourcing the requisite skills from an external vendor can be advantageous for the employer, as it can absolve them of the responsibility of provisioning additional benefits such as healthcare coverage and retirement schemes.

Hiring a development team temporarily from another country is advantageous. This permits the project or MVP to be finished without the need of an offshore team. Subsequently, the brand’s growth can continue smoothly.

The Apex of Productivity

It’s evident that productivity is of supreme importance while contemplating future prosperity. Nonetheless, engaging an offshore development team can offer a more streamlined development process, ultimately leading to substantial time-saving for businesses.

Moreover, you won’t have to spend time training these developers, as they are already highly proficient in their domain, unlike internal teams. This will enable you to dedicate more time to managing and advertising your product, aiding in bolstering your consumer base and creating awareness of what you have to provide.

Current studies indicate that remote work can enhance employee productivity by more than 40%. This has become increasingly relevant in light of the ongoing COVID pandemic. To elucidate on this topic further, many offshore developers have embraced the practice of performing their duties from the comfort of their own homes.

If we ask about your emotions when you’re at home, you’ll surely mention feeling “fortunate and joyful”. These regulations also apply to the game. The offshore development team is able to develop a premium-grade software product in a comfortable environment, endowing them with a sustained sense of peace and contentment.

The excellence of your product’s development is guaranteed to be of the highest level, as your staff can function without any disruption, stress or hindrances, in contrast to a standard office environment. Several scholars have deduced that remote or home-based work is the optimal approach to produce top-quality results.

Plentiful Talent Pool

By engaging an IT offshore development team, enterprises acquire entry to a skilled talent pool of programmers from across the globe. Start-ups may not be capable of offering the equivalent level of remuneration as larger enterprises like Google but can still accomplish agile development by recruiting engineers in Asia or Western Europe.

In circumstances where a startup requires more than what their in-house development team can offer, they may decide to outsource to an offshore development team. As mentioned earlier, these teams can be more efficient than local teams, guaranteeing a superior-quality final product.

Approaches to Find Distant Programming Teams

It’s commendable that you’re searching for a company to outsource product development to, as you understand the importance of accessing specialized personnel. A basic Google search will yield over 50 results, many of which are freelancing platforms boasting triumphs while collaborating with offshore development teams.

It’s crucial to comprehend the difference between a talent marketplace and a freelancing platform. Despite having comparable objectives, their operational structures are considerably different. Even veteran IT experts may find it challenging to distinguish between the two.

When encountering a problem during an offshore development project, there are various actions that can be undertaken to address it. It’s vital to ensure that sufficient support is provided to handle any issues that may surface during the development process. It’s also important to be cautious of any companies that promise a triumphant outcome every time, as the platforms can be quite diverse.

Websites for Freelancers

Freelance marketplaces are an excellent resource to locate software developers with specialized skills. Platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr and People per Hour provide a broad spectrum of developers who charge on an hourly basis.

Nevertheless, there’s a catch. As these developers are self-governing, you’ll need to search and manage a distinct developer for each job. In the absence of someone to supervise the project, you may not receive any support if any difficulties emerge during the development process.

Although the potential advantages of taking a risk on a fresh hire are present, evaluating a candidate’s problem-solving and analytical thinking abilities in an interview environment may still be arduous to determine their fitness for the position.

Marketplace for Freelance Creators

To advance and refine their operations, progressive start-ups and IT companies frequently make use of freelancing talent marketplaces such as Upwork to locate the finest remote development teams.

Developer teams in these markets have undergone a series of assessments, including ones evaluating problem-solving and cognitive aptitude.

They cherry-pick developers with thoroughly-scrutinized qualifications and considerable experience working remotely with diverse firms. This guarantees that their expertise can be relied upon.

Freelance talent markets handle the responsibilities of team building and administrative tasks, such as paperwork, allowing you to focus on expanding your business.

The availability of back-end support services is highly valuable, as they can be priceless in resolving any problems that may arise with development or administrative procedures.

Works has handpicked the top five percent of experts to expedite your development. We value your time and will link you to the appropriate team of developers within two days. Moreover, we provide 24/7 service, so rest assured that you can reach us anytime with any inquiries.

When to Utilize Offshore Programming Teams

Prior to initiating the hiring process, it is vital to deliberate the standards that must be fulfilled when handpicking an offshore development team.

Familiarize Yourself With Your Product’s Goals

Start by recognising the issue at hand and specifying the characteristics that should be encompassed in the initial release of your product. This will assist you in establishing your product goals and comprehending its complete potential.

It is crucial to comprehensively document all project-related information to ensure that the offshore development team precisely comprehends the requirements. Additionally, a plan should be formulated to divide the milestones into attainable segments.

Ascertain the Required Skills and Technological Platform for the Project

Once you have comprehensive comprehension of the objectives, you may proceed to the next stage of determining the precise skills and technologies that will be needed to execute the project. It is advised to seek the involvement of a technical specialist, in case you don’t possess a technical background. They can assist you in identifying the tools and skills required to fill positions like “senior developer,” “analyst,” and other roles for optimal outcomes.

Create a Financial Strategy

Giving priority to your startup’s finances is crucial. Formulating a budget can aid in the identification and prioritisation of expenses, reducing unwarranted costs. Assess the required funding for the project, or to build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that will attract stakeholders. Verify the freelancing marketplace to ensure that project prices are fair, and then proceed with assembling your offshore development team.

Create a Job Description

Creating a well-crafted, extensive job description that delineates the prerequisites, duties, technology stack, soft and technical competencies essential for a thriving offshore development team is crucial. The job description should be unambiguous with regards to the qualifications and experience expected from candidates. It is imperative to ensure that no unrealistic promises are made to developers, such as added incentives that cannot be delivered.

Publicize on Freelance Markets

After finalizing the job description, it is time to approach the freelancing platform to discuss the specifics of your project and budget, and gain insight into their procedures and the assistance they provide to ensure they can meet your requirements.

Selecting the most fitting freelancing marketplace for your development requirements is critical. To ensure optimal results, evaluate their proficiency in handling clients with comparable prerequisites like yours. Investigate ratings, feedback, and reviews for an informed decision.

Examine the Developer’s Past

After identifying the most suitable marketplace, it’s time to assess the developers to scrutinize how their expertise can assist you in fulfilling your development requirements. To select the most fitting offshore development team, evaluate their skill set, previous experience, and technology stack to ensure compatibility with your project.

Recruitment Process

The interview is the ultimate and vital step while hiring developers. Schedule the interviews and publicize the time and location to the industry and prospective developers. Prepare a set of technical questions ahead of time to evaluate the candidates’ understanding and curiosity in your project. After completing the interview process, select the most accomplished programmers.

After an overseas engineer has agreed to the job offer, it is crucial to quickly onboard them and inform them about the company’s values and rules. This will help them adapt to the startup’s atmosphere.

Managing a Software Development Team that Works Remotely

Efficient management of an offshore development team is crucial for ensuring efficient synchronization of operations. Though managing a remote team can be more demanding than managing an in-house team, due to time zone differences, it is still attainable to achieve successful outcomes.

You can still maintain effective management of your offshore development team and retain authority over the development process utilizing the latest tracking and monitoring solutions. These technologies empower you to acquire data from the development team’s computers, enabling you to take essential actions. Follow this link for more information on finding and working with remote developers for a new company.

AI algorithms integrated into video conferencing tools such as Skype and Zoom enhance communication even in erratic networks and reduce file sizes. This facilitates staying in touch with offshore development teams, facilitating task assignment and receiving progress updates.


It’s apparent that employing an offshore development team is gaining traction among novel enterprises. This is due to the availability of skilled professionals and the possibility of cost savings. Thus, we recommend that businesses planning to initiate their minimum viable product contemplate hiring an offshore development team. It could potentially provide the perfect solution to their development necessities.

Choosing the right freelancing platform is crucial when establishing an offshore development team for a startup or small business. This article offers essential information to simplify the process, guaranteeing a prosperous launch of offshore operations.

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