The Best Remote Developers Sell Out in a Day: How to Find and Hire Them

It is now unequivocally established that working from home can be just as productive as working in an office environment, with certain circumstances even making remote working a preferable option. This is especially true in the face of the global pandemic, with startups and established businesses alike able to benefit from this arrangement. To ensure optimal results, however, it is essential to have a well-defined plan in place, from the sourcing and hiring of experts to their onboarding and management.

This article provides a comprehensive overview of the process for hiring a remote developer. We will cover the advantages of utilizing remote specialists, the challenges of finding freelancers and vendors offering developers, the essential skills of remote employees, the best places to source and hire specialists, criteria for assessing potential candidates, and the steps involved in the hiring process. With this knowledge, you will be better equipped to make informed decisions when selecting and onboarding remote developers.

Let’s talk about how to put together a remote development team to discover the optimal answer for your company.

That mysterious figure working from afar is a remote developer.

Employees who are not physically located in the office may still feel as though they are part of the team through their virtual interactions with their colleagues. This can be particularly true for those working remotely from a different country, who may not have any prior connections to the organization. While these types of communications are commonly associated with independent contractors, any employee, regardless of their title or status, may actually have the opportunity to work from home.

If a freelancer is an expert who provides only the necessary services for a given project, then a vendor-provided developer can be considered an integral part of the team, the only difference being their physical location. Vendor-provided developers are no less important than in-house workers and can play a crucial role in the successful completion of a project.

Going forward, we can delve deeper into the differences between these professionals, but for now, let’s get a better understanding of the situation. With the emergence of the post-pandemic era, the distinction between professionals has become less distinct, particularly due to the availability of low-cost remote engineers from vendors like Works. These vendors have crafted strategies to help bridge the gap in IT expertise in certain areas. Furthermore, the value of remote engineers has been more widely recognized, and their importance has been even greater than initially thought.

Here Are the Top 6 Good Reasons to Use an Offshore Development Team in the Post-CoviD-19 Era

The numerous and widely-recognized advantages of engaging remote developers have been well-documented. However, some of these may be attributed to changes in the regional and global economy as well as in the market. In this article, we will explore the potential positive impacts of the current pandemic on the hiring of offshore software developers.

Adaptability and the potential to set up the ideal partnership structure

Due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, businesses around the world are reassessing their approaches to work organization, trialling new forms of employee interaction, and investigating different paths for personnel development. Even though worker efficiency remains critical, the health and wellbeing of personnel is of utmost importance.

Software businesses often find it challenging to balance a high rate of team productivity with a secure and comfortable work environment for their employees. The greatest difficulty lies in monitoring the efficiency of remote workers. It is essential to ensure that remote workers are completing their tasks adequately and on time, while still providing a safe and comfortable working environment.

The current global pandemic has created significant challenges for businesses seeking to optimize profitability and efficiency. However, one potential solution lies in leveraging a remote workforce. By outsourcing services to a reliable and innovative provider, you can access the expertise of highly-skilled software developers without ever having to leave your office. This can be a valuable tool for businesses looking for ways to achieve their goals in the current climate.

When it comes to workflow management, you have two options available to you. You can either opt to hire an external team to take full responsibility for the process, or, alternatively, you can enlist the help of your internal development staff. Whichever route you decide to take, you will have full control over all operations, and you will have oversight of the entire team. This is the most important factor to consider when making your decision.

Preparing with enough hardware and software

In light of the closures that have been implemented worldwide due to the current pandemic, businesses have experienced a decrease in productivity, making it more difficult for IT companies to remain at the top of the market. To help combat this, companies can increase their performance by recruiting the ideal remote workforce.

Hiring developers from abroad can be a great choice in today’s globalized environment due to their extensive experience with an array of projects and the ability to manage remote teams. Furthermore, they possess all the essential tools and technologies to effectively perform their job remotely, including the requisite hardware and software.

Considering they have been organizing their tasks according to this operational model for a while now, the transition to working from home has not had a negative effect on their performance.

Keeping up with the trends in what consumers want and delivering exceptional service

Business success in this current climate has demonstrated that the ability to adapt quickly to changing conditions and international trends is imperative. The ultimate goal for any company should be to ensure that customers are receiving the highest quality of service possible. Therefore, it is imperative for businesses to begin proactively looking for innovative methods to ensure customer satisfaction is being consistently met.

The utilization of digital mediums to maintain the efficacy and uniformity of corporate protocols in response to the COVID-19 situation is a current solution to the problem.

Due to the global pandemic, all industries have had to make drastic changes, causing a radical transformation in the way we use technology and interact with each other. We have adapted our behavior, communication techniques and shopping behaviors accordingly. It is important to remember that each individual has their own needs, preferences and life experiences.

Businesses might get a number of advantages by using remote professionals, including:

  • expand the scope of present commercial deals;
  • a quicker adoption of digital commerce;
  • introduce novel service trajectories.

Identifying untapped markets and creating revenue

In light of the current global crisis, businesses in the Information Technology (IT) industry must be quick to respond and be cognizant of the potential opportunities that may arise. It is of utmost importance for these businesses to outsource their development activities in order to ensure their short-term cash flow.

The importance of the current decisions being made by the company cannot be overstated; its very survival is dependent on the successful implementation of these choices. Unlocking additional profits is the key to ensuring the longevity of the business.

Having access to a diverse and skilled workforce from across the world

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on our ability to travel, making it more challenging to move to other countries for work. To circumvent this geographical restriction, outsourcing services have become a viable option for finding and engaging the right personnel. By leveraging these services, companies can access a broader range of potential employees, which is increasingly essential for assembling a high-quality, competitive team. Working together effectively no longer requires being in the same location; it is now possible to collaborate seamlessly across vast distances.

Given the rapid advancements in technology, organizations are increasingly looking to recruit experts in the fields of Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in order to fully capitalize on the potential of these cutting-edge tools. However, the challenge of finding and hiring qualified IT professionals has become a significant problem for businesses of all sizes around the world. This emphasizes the importance of locating the right talent pool for these new technologies.

In addition to addressing the issue, you can also consider engaging a remote engineering team to save yourself from the trouble of recruiting and compensating an expert. Working remotely allows you to carry out your responsibilities without being restricted to a particular geographic location, allowing for maximum flexibility and convenience.

Being forward-thinking requires that you think about the future and create novel approaches to old problems.

In conclusion, the ongoing pandemic has impacted businesses of all sizes, forcing them to reevaluate their processes and strategies in order to survive. While some companies have already identified and addressed the risk factors, others are still in the process of establishing priorities and devising strategies to minimize the risks associated with the pandemic.

In order to strengthen your business’s position in the market and ensure future success, now is the ideal time to form a long-term relationship with a premier remote development team. This will provide you with the opportunity to gain valuable insights from offshore businesses that can be used to develop roadmaps and proactive approaches to potential issues that may arise in the future.

Reasons Why It May Be Difficult to Find Remote Developers in 2022

Despite the numerous advantages of collaborating remotely, it is not always a smooth process. It can be particularly challenging for startups and small- or medium-sized businesses to find and manage a remote developer. However, these difficulties can be overcome with dedication and awareness of the potential issues that you may encounter during the recruitment process. It is essential to be cognizant of the potential obstacles that may arise.

Let’s take a look at the most common problems that might arise while putting up a powerful remote development team.

Challenges in locating exceptional job-seekers

Navigating through the vast expanse of the Internet to find the ideal developer can be a daunting task. With millions of developers currently operating worldwide, narrowing down the best option can be trying. After posting an advertisement for open positions, it is likely that you will be inundated with applications. It is important that each of these applicants is taken into consideration and evaluated to identify the best individual to recruit.

Sifting through thousands of resumes is a daunting task, and the significance of verifying answers, recognising excellence, and assessing potential cannot be emphasized enough. Doing so helps to ensure that the best applicants are identified and ranked accordingly.

Job posting management is a tedious procedure.

In order to identify and employ a remote team of developers, it is essential to do more than merely publish job advertisements. Establishing a system for efficient management of said ads is also of utmost importance. This can be quite a time consuming process, with the need to publish across multiple resources and to sift through the resumes and applications received. Crafting a job ad and identifying where it should be published is also a difficult task, which requires a significant amount of effort.

There’s no need to hurry through the process of posting and monitoring job advertising if you want to get the best possible outcomes.

Due to language and communication difficulties,

In the year 2022, communication issues remain a significant challenge. If remote developers lack the ability to communicate in English, it can impede their ability to collaborate with the rest of the team, thus making it difficult to use their talents. As a consequence, it is important to assess the English proficiency of any remote experts you may be considering.

It is undeniable that the availability of automated translation software has made it easier for people from different parts of the world to communicate with one another. However, it is still essential for successful remote collaboration on the same project for a shared language to be present. It is important to remember that efficient team communication is a vital component of achieving successful outcomes.

Oversaturation of the market: strong demand and steep prices

The ever-growing demand for web developers has created a highly competitive market for contract remote programmers with the necessary skills and expertise. As businesses have come to rely on remote software engineers, they have been willing to offer higher salaries to attract qualified applicants. Consequently, this has resulted in a highly competitive environment, where remuneration for remote software engineers tends to be rather costly.

Having a comprehensive understanding of your and your team’s requirements, coupled with a reliable method for identifying and evaluating candidates, can help you address the aforementioned challenges. Such an approach will enable you to exclude potential experts who may not be suitable for the role and focus in on the individual who meets all of your criteria.

Computer LanguageJavaScriptPythonSQL
Cost of a programmer per hour on average (USA)$52$55$45
Cost of a programmer per hour on average (EU)$47$45$60
Cost of a programmer per hour on average (Ukraine)$22$30$10

In today’s highly competitive job market, it can be difficult to find and secure competent programming talent. At Works, we specialize in making the recruitment process easier and more efficient. Trust us to locate a cost-effective remote developer who will meet all your needs.

Essential Competencies for Successful Remote Developers

It can be challenging to identify the right remote developer for a corporation’s project, but it is an attainable goal. When searching for the ideal candidate, organizations should keep in mind that the successful completion of the project will depend on the remote developer having certain essential attributes.

Finding and hiring the best possible professionals is the responsibility of the recruiter. Both hard skills, such as those relevant to a particular job or field of expertise, and soft attributes, which are more reflective of an individual’s personality, should be taken into account. Additionally, when recruiting remotely, there are certain considerations that must be taken into account.

What are the most important hard and soft talents for a recruiter to look for when choosing remote developers?

Expertise, professional proficiency, and technical aptitude are all examples of “hard talents.”

The successful remote developer must possess the necessary programming skills to form the foundation of the position. However, having only a technical education is not enough to be successful; additional experience and qualifications may be necessary.

When assessing an applicant’s technical capabilities, it is essential to consider both their technical expertise and their adaptability. This involves evaluating their proficiency in writing code, their in-depth knowledge of the relevant technology and methodology, and their ability to adjust to new environments. Furthermore, it is important to thoroughly assess their technical skills and work experience. By doing this, organizations can ensure that they are selecting the right candidate for the job.

We will be discussing the assessment of technical skills and determining the professional competency of a candidate in due course. However, it is crucial to remember that technical proficiency is not the sole criterion for hiring a remote developer, despite its relevance.

If you are considering multiple candidates with comparable technical capabilities, it is prudent to opt for the applicant who possesses superior soft skills. This is particularly relevant when working remotely, and I will explain the rationale behind this.

Communication abilities pertinent to telecommuting

When searching for remote experts to hire, it is essential to evaluate the soft skill set of each candidate to determine if they are a suitable choice. Soft skills are a vital component in the selection process and should be taken into consideration when making the final decision.

It is paramount to pay meticulous attention to detail, collaborate closely with one’s team, and remain in regular communication with clients during the development process; however, it can be a long and demanding journey. Clearly, not everyone possesses the capabilities required for this type of employment, despite any level of proficiency in computer programming. Ultimately, cultivating one’s own set of skills is just as challenging as mastering a new programming language.

So, what exactly should your search criteria be?

  • Time-management. Employers highly appreciate employees who have the capacity to manage their workload, track their progress, meet deadlines, and juggle multiple tasks in their day-to-day work. In the current remote working environment, the ability to manage time effectively is especially important. It is essential that software projects remain on track and adhere to their timeline, and any lack of compliance in this regard is not an option.
  • Problem-solving. The ideal employee should be proactive in their approach to problem solving, seeking solutions rather than merely expressing grievances. Remote developers should be able to make sound, confident decisions, recognizing when troubleshooting is required and when it is not, and viewing any setbacks as an opportunity to learn and develop.
  • Self-motivation. Every successful remote expert should possess the necessary skills to self-motivate and take initiative in order to produce high-quality work no matter the situation. It is necessary for them to be able to emotionally invest in the project, be inspired to action, and stay focused, all of which are necessary for success in a remote environment. Self-motivation and initiative are essential characteristics of the most successful remote developers.
  • Collaboration abilities. Working remotely can present a unique challenge for team members who are collaborating on a project, as they may not have the opportunity to build relationships in person. Despite this, it is vital for remote workers to demonstrate strong team spirit and contribute to discussions and ideas in order to ensure that the project is successful and the most effective solutions are chosen. Having a sense of team spirit is essential for any group project, as it encourages collaboration and encourages the development of successful solutions.
  • Competence in conversation Productivity in workflows is heavily reliant on the seamless flow of communication between colleagues, free from language barriers. In order to ensure maximum efficiency, it is essential that all remote employees have a thorough understanding of the team’s preferred communication methods, channels, and platforms to ensure that everyone can stay connected and on the same page.
  • The process of learning never stops. It is widely recognized by experts in the field of software development that it is essential to continually increase their understanding and skill set. This is due to the fact that there are always new technologies to familiarize oneself with, be it a coding language, a software framework, or the correct approach to resolving a problem. Taking this approach results in forward-thinking solutions. Consequently, it is important to secure the services of knowledgeable engineers who demonstrate an ability to take the initiative and look ahead.
  • Focus and a healthy work-life balance. Success in a remote work environment requires employees to be highly self-motivated and independent. These professionals must demonstrate strong self-discipline and the ability to focus on tasks without the need for constant supervision. Additionally, they must have the resilience to stay the course and complete their work, as well as the ability to clearly differentiate their professional and personal lives. By cultivating and maintaining these qualities, employees can achieve the focus and efficiency required to excel in a remote work environment.

The Drawbacks of Hiring Freelance Programmers for Startups and Small Businesses

In most situations, a company’s precise requirements and available resources will determine whether it opts to employ a freelance developer or take advantage of a remote developer supplied by a vendor. While working with remote freelance developers comes with several benefits, such as cost efficiency, a broader applicant base, and increased flexibility, there are also some potential risks associated with this kind of collaboration. These include difficulty concentrating on a single task, having to manage multiple projects simultaneously, a lack of commitment to the company’s objectives, difficulties with loyalty and workflow, etc.

For companies looking for a more permanent solution than a single, time-limited project, a freelance developer might not be the best fit. If your company requires developers to be fully integrated into the workflow, serve as a foundation for growth, work on multiple tasks, and collaborate with staff, then it might be wise to consider recruiting full-time employees. Freelancers may not be able to provide the same level of commitment, or have the same sense of belonging that comes from being part of the team.

Investing in remote professionals supplied by vendors to work for you full time is an advantageous option in terms of both quality of output and financial return. This strategy offers a number of advantages, such as cost savings in comparison to engaging independent contractors, access to a more diverse range of skills, and increased productivity. Additionally, by providing full-time work for remote professionals, you can create more satisfying and rewarding opportunities for them. In short, remote professionals supplied by vendors are a worthwhile investment for any business.

In the world of startups and small businesses, the gap between freelancing and full-time engineers might be wider than you would expect.

Gains in efficiency and output quality

The vendor supplies remote professionals who are attuned to the unique culture and methods of your organization, ensuring optimal outcomes. Freelancers, meanwhile, are reliable in providing the necessary work and nothing beyond that.

Deficiencies in Security

As a business owner, it is essential to ensure that remote employees working for you full-time are bound by confidentiality requirements. This will ensure that customer confidence is maintained and that promises made to customers are kept. To ensure this, written agreements and contracts should be established. It is important to note that freelance contractors are not provided the same protections as employees and, therefore, should not be given access to sensitive customer data.


Vendors who provide remote specialists should be held to the same expectations as any other employee. It is important that these remote specialists synchronize their availability with that of the company, even if they are in a different time zone or have more flexible hours. Conversely, freelancers are not required to adhere to the company’s schedule as they are functioning independently.

Developing a Procedure

Hiring full-time remote developers to work for your company allows them to become familiar with your company culture and procedures. These developers are expected to carry out their duties in accordance with the processes already established by your team. On the other hand, when working with freelance developers, they are not part of your team and you cannot demand that they adhere to specific methods or workflows. Instead, they work according to their own methods and workflow.

Making connections that will stay

Organizations that are looking to provide good customer service should consider investing in a team of remote developers to help them foster brand loyalty and repeat business. Unlike freelancers, remote developers are dedicated to the success of the company and its clients, as they are employed full-time and have a vested interest in the company’s well-being. As such, companies that employ remote developers on a full-time basis may receive significant benefits from their services.

Enjoyment of the Outcome

Employing a dedicated team of remote developers for your organization could be hugely beneficial for your output. Unlike freelancers, this team would be able to dedicate all of their time and focus to your project, ensuring that it is completed efficiently and to a high standard. Freelancers, on the other hand, may find themselves stretched across a number of clients and competing projects, meaning they are unable to give your project their full attention, which could ultimately result in a substandard outcome. To avoid any potential disappointments, it is advised to assume the worst when it comes to freelancers.

Consequently, it can be highly beneficial for startups and small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to hire a remote developer to work full-time. In the event that an individual task needs to be completed, it may be wise to consider the option of employing an expert freelancer. However, when more substantial or long-term assistance is required, it is important to consider the advantages of utilizing the remote workers that a vendor can provide.

Help Locating Remote Programmers

Once you have determined that a remote developer is the best option for your business needs and you have determined the specific skillset required, it is time to consider your options for finding the ideal candidate. To assist you in this process, let us explore the most popular developer recruiting platforms and evaluate their services, features, and advantages/disadvantages.

Works is a comprehensive job board that facilitates companies in locating experienced remote software engineers. Our reliable verification system gives you access to a wide selection of top-notch, remote software professionals.

How do you determine whether a developer is qualified for remote work?

Once you have posted your job ad on developer recruiting networks, you should anticipate receiving applications and responses from remote professionals. After reviewing the applications, the next step is to select the top contenders. This selection process requires you to take the overall objectives of your business into account, such as the need to add a new member to the team, bolstering a certain skill set, or expanding expertise in a specific area. It is essential that you consider your desired end goal when making your selection.

In order to identify a remote programmer that meets all of your needs, it is important to implement a multi-step selection process. This process should include screening, interviewing, and evaluation based on various criteria. To begin this process, it is necessary to take the initial steps.

Stage 1. Initial Detection

Once you have identified the most suitable applicants, it is now time to initiate the hiring process with a video call interview. During this stage, it is essential to gain an understanding of the candidate’s professional capabilities, and evaluate how they could benefit your organization. It is important to consider the various skills and qualities they bring to the table, and how they can help to further your organization’s goals.

In order to accurately assess the developer’s intangible assets, it is essential to ascertain their suitability at this stage. By posing pertinent questions, it is possible to establish whether the developer is a viable candidate for collaboration, if they have the necessary qualities to become a valued member of the team, and if their individual qualities are conducive to the culture of the business.

Stage 2. Auditing on a Technical Level

The next step in the recruitment process is to conduct a technical interview. This serves as an assessment of the applicant’s technical competencies and practical experience, including their portfolio, challenges they have overcome, theoretical understanding, professional aptitude and real-world projects they have worked on. Through the technical screening, we will be able to determine if the applicant’s skill set and qualifications are suitable for our project.

At this stage of assessment, it is recommended that you evaluate the developer’s work directly. This can be achieved by asking questions about the position and giving them a range of practical tests and exams to assess their performance under pressure. This approach can provide a more comprehensive evaluation of the skills of freelance developers working from a remote location. To ensure a thorough assessment, it is suggested that you take a sample programming test, create an assessment to gauge the scope and level of the candidate’s technical knowledge and experience, and hold a pair programming session.

Stage 3. Closing Meeting

Congratulations! After thorough consideration, you have made it to the final round of the recruitment process. This is your chance to discuss the terms of collaboration with the applicant who is the best suited for your project. During the interview, it is important to discuss details related to remuneration, working hours and other requirements for a successful partnership.

Ask Them When Hiring Remote Developers To Get Stuff Done

  1. Do you have any experience working remotely?
  2. Tell me what you liked most about living apart from everyone else. Describe the most difficult aspect and how you overcame it.
  3. Just how would you go about getting started on this undertaking?
  4. Why should we hire you?
  5. To what timeframe can you commit to work?
  6. The project manager needs to know how you intend to interact with them. Among the group?
  7. How well do you function with little to no oversight from others?
  8. How do you decide what tasks are most important? When do you typically start work?
  9. In the past, what kinds of programmes and software did you create?
  10. How advanced is your technology?
  11. How can you overcome obstacles when you feel stuck?
  12. Specifically, what are you doing to improve your abilities?

Guide for Business Owners Seeking to Employ a Remote Software Engineer

Ultimately, it is essential to create a comprehensive guide to effectively locate and hire remote programmers. The primary question to consider is, “What steps must be taken to find and recruit remote developers?” To effectively answer this query, the following steps must be taken:

  1. Analyze the current market for remote developers. Consider the various skill sets that are available and the various costs associated with hiring remote developers.
  2. Develop an effective recruitment strategy. Identify the key areas of focus, such as the type of programming language, the desired level of experience, and the budget.
  3. Utilize a variety of recruiting methods to attract qualified remote developers. Consider using social media, online job boards, and other online resources such as coding forums.
  4. Utilize a comprehensive screening process to ensure the right fit. This process should consider the technical skills of the candidate as well as the cultural fit with the team.
  5. Develop an attractive compensation package to incentivize the right remote developer to join the team. By following these steps, employers can effectively locate and hire the right remote programmer for their organization.
  1. Establish development requirements, objectives, and priorities.

    In order to identify the best remote developer for your project, it is important to list out your needs for the project both in the long-term and short-term. This list should include the requirements of the project and the desired qualifications of the remote developer. Once you have compiled this list, priorities it according to the importance of each element. By taking the time to properly assess and organize your needs, you will be in a better position to identify the most suitable remote developer for the job.
  2. Have a notion of what you’re looking for, and articulate your ideal applicant.

    In order to ensure that your search is as effective as possible, it is important to establish the criteria that you are looking for in a potential hire. Take the time to sit down and create an in-depth profile of the individual that would be the best fit for the role. Consider both the necessary qualifications as well as any desired attributes. Once you have this information in place, you will be able to conduct a more targeted search. Knowing in advance who or what you are looking for will make the process of locating the appropriate candidate much simpler.
  3. Try to find applicants who are open to a variety of job offers.

    At this stage, it is time to commence your search for a suitable individual to fill the position. Utilize all the online resources accessible to you, such as job boards and online marketplaces for independent contractors, to advertise the vacancy. Select the most appropriate platforms to post the job ad in order to attract the most qualified candidates. Moreover, you may want to consider utilising social searching, attending tech conferences, or requesting a reference as additional methods to identify qualified applicants. With these measures in place, you can rest assured that you will be able to find the right candidate for the job.
  4. We must now begin the process of vetting potential applicants.

    After selecting the most suitable experts for the position, the next step is to ensure that the best possible candidates are chosen. To this end, a comprehensive evaluation of each applicant needs to be conducted. This should include a preliminary assessment of their communication skills, an in-depth analysis of their technical knowledge, and a final face-to-face interview. By taking these steps, we can ensure that we select the best candidates to rise to the top.
  5. Publish a job posting

    The ideal candidate for this role should be able to engage in a meaningful dialogue about all aspects of the working relationship. Once a satisfactory agreement has been reached, it is important to make a formal offer of employment. Furthermore, following the settlement of an agreement with your chosen expert, it is essential to provide feedback to all parties involved.

What Works Offers New and Small Businesses

Finding and hiring talented engineers who are willing to work remotely is of great importance to the success and productivity of any company. The first and foremost step to achieving this goal is to select a reliable technology partner. This partner should have a track record of delivering top-notch engineering solutions, and should be capable of providing the necessary resources to ensure a successful remote working experience. Furthermore, they should also be able to offer guidance and assistance in order to ensure that the company’s management team is able to make the best decisions in their recruitment efforts.

Are you trying to find a more effective way of finding and hiring software developers than the typical approach of posting on job boards or relying on social media networks? If so, Works is here to help. We provide an alternative solution that can help you locate and recruit the best software developers for your organization.

At Works, we provide comprehensive services to assist employers in finding, vetting, and hiring remote employees. We go beyond the traditional hiring process, ensuring the safety and reliability of the employee, tracking their productivity, volume, and team activities, and assessing the overall quality of their work. Additionally, we work closely with employers to address any potential risks and issues that may arise, and we report on the progress of the employee to ensure that their objectives are being met. We strive to make the process of identifying and hiring remote workers as hassle-free as possible, and we are committed to helping employers navigate the unique challenges of managing remote staff.

The following are the pillars upon which we stand:

  • assisting in the establishment of project objectives and evaluation of the activities involved;
  • emphasizing the importance of technological methods that really work;
  • monitoring progress at every level;
  • strictly adhering to the predetermined order of operations.

Employ Works as your outsourced development team, and we will implement all of your company ideas, no matter how far away they may be.


The use of remote experts to address various issues is becoming increasingly common, and is expected to continue to grow in the future. The success of a remote project is dependent on the talent of those selected for the job, regardless of the complexity, duration, or specifics of the endeavor. Therefore, it is essential to select the most suitable professionals for the task at hand.

No longer do you need to spend hours searching for, interviewing and employing remote developers. Works can put together a team of the highest caliber to ensure that your most important jobs are completed with utmost accuracy and efficiency.

Are you a talented programmer looking for an opportunity to grow professionally and financially? Consider giving Works a try! With Works, you can kickstart your ideal engineering career without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

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