The Best Resources to Foster Agile Development in Your Company

It is essential that you exert every effort to preserve your enterprise’s agility.

Maintaining agility entails the ability to swiftly conform to market variations. It necessitates prompt modification of corporate tactics to align with fluctuations in consumer patterns and market conditions. Excessive contemplation and the need for countless meetings should not hinder this process.

In an agile setup, keeping teams prepared may pose a challenge. Teams may focus too much on the system development, testing, and implementation procedures, overlooking the alteration that may lead to setbacks in their advancement.

Fortunately, there are tools at our disposal to streamline the adoption of agile transformations. Let us delve into some of the available tools.


Mind mapping software are gaining popularity in aiding companies to visually map out their concepts and cooperate on intricate undertakings. This incorporates several aspects such as functionality, supply chain, suppliers, audience, processes, languages, frameworks, user experience, and dependencies. Among the various mind mapping tools available, Mindmeister stands out due its efficacy in formulating thriving business strategies.

Sketch out an effective mind map to organize your views, and then transform it into presentations using Google Slides or incorporate it into a project management system, MeisterTask, for maximum efficiency.

One of the significant advantages of employing mind mapping software is the ability to promptly amend perspectives in response to unanticipated information or viewpoints. Reformatting your mind map from a conventional networking tool to a cloud-native platform will facilitate a holistic comprehension of the requisite actions.

Mindmeister provides a swift and efficient approach to representing, collaborating, overseeing, and distributing your concepts, allowing you to effortlessly pivot without squandering time.


When contemplating business Kanban software, LeanKit outshines Trello. LeanKit offers substantial benefits, including a project kanban board with enterprise-grade functionalities such as private cloud hosting and compliance with more than 300 other applications and services.

LeanKit serves as an agile enterprise solution that furnishes organizations with process and work visualizations, digital kanban boards, real-time work progress updates, risk recognition, correlation of work across teams, process limitations, work scheduling and delivery, kanban models, obvious process protocols, contextual collaboration, lean and agile measurements, advanced reporting, targeted notifications, and personalized security.

If you seek an agile, comprehensive project management solution, LeanKit is the optimal software to employ.


Efficient communication channels are necessary for an organization to function smoothly and preserve agility. This becomes even more crucial when working collaboratively in teams on any task or project.

Slack is widely regarded as the foremost team communication tool for businesses. Its array of functionalities, including direct messages (DMs), threads, keyword notifications, file exchange, customizations, integrations, bots, and several others, render it an exceptionally efficient medium for teams to stay interconnected.

The integration of Screenhero with Slack represents a significant stride towards promoting more efficient teamwork. Slack persistently introduces novel functionalities and integrations to aid corporations in establishing and sustaining an agile work atmosphere.


For developers aiming to attain the utmost agility in their work, using GitHub is highly recommended. Beyond just serving as a code repository and version control system, GitHub is an invaluable tool that can be integrated with several automation tools that facilitate a seamless transition to DevOps. By adopting DevOps as a core element of the software lifecycle, faster and more dependable deployment is achieved, while also providing the flexibility to adjust the content and technique of deliveries.


For an engineering team requiring effective communication and project management tools, Scrum, which is founded on Git, is the most beneficial option. GitScrum is a platform that empowers tracking project development progress through the utilization of both Kanban boards and Gantt Chart views.

For agile enterprises, the Sprint characteristic of GitScrum proves to be an indispensable tool. A Sprint entails a defined duration in which a particular amount of development and evaluation must be executed. GitScrum simplifies the planning and implementation of these cycles significantly.

Sprints facilitate defining project deliverables and monitoring the time assigned to individual tasks and the advancement of the project in general. Assign points to each task based on its relative complexity and monitor the progress of each sprint by utilizing the corresponding burndown chart.


Businesses can now access a vast array of resources to aid in the successful transition towards an agile work culture and guarantee uninterrupted operations as they conform to fluctuating market situations. It’s probable that your organization may require more than one of these resources.

As you put these components into effect, it’s vital for your staff to have adequate time to integrate them into their work practices. While transitioning to an agile approach can’t be accomplished instantaneously, it does allow for swift modifications.

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