The Best Ways to Communicate with Your Web Developer

In the modern world, having a website can be crucial in ensuring the success of your company as it provides various benefits. It can function as an information hub or even a fully-fledged online store for customers to purchase your products or services. Depending on your company’s goals, it may also be utilised as a social network, news platform or database.

No matter its purpose, the website is a vital component to ensure the success of your company.

If you lack the technical knowledge and the required time to develop and maintain a website, outsourcing this task to a professional web design agency is highly recommended. Creating and managing websites necessitates expertise and a commitment to ensuring its currentness, both of which are essential for your business website to perform optimally.

It seems that you have chosen to delegate the task to a professional. At first, your collaboration with the web developer had been fruitful; they exhibited their competence and fulfilled your specifications. Nevertheless, after assessing the beta version of the website, you realised that it did not meet your expectations.

What led to the communication breakdown? Where did the developer make an error?

Instances like this are more common than one would imagine. The extent of stress caused by such scenarios is not surprising.

How can this situation be avoided?

The following suggestions can help you and your web developer steer clear of communication hiccups.

Choose and employ the right person in whom to place your trust.

It is crucial that you and the prospective web designer share a clear understanding of the project’s objectives right from the start. Unfortunately, the developer you hired lacks the requisite knowledge to build the intricate and dynamic website that you have in mind.

When conveying your needs, it is best to be precise and unambiguous. Instead of making a vague request like “I need a website”, it is advantageous to offer additional information about the prerequisites. This could include hiring a developer with specific abilities, such as building static pages or developing WordPress sites.

Selecting the right developer for the job is crucial when hiring. If you require a custom-built website with all the features and functionalities expected of a contemporary business website, it is imperative that you engage the services of a developer who possesses adeptness and a deep understanding of the relevant technologies, such as JavaScript, CSS, Java, and UX/UI design.

Learn where to look for the best offshore web developers before embarking on your search.

Effective communication is essential.

In website creation, delays are most often caused by inadequate communication. It is easy to assume that you have given your developer all the required information for developing the product you desire. However, the main issue lies not in the quantity or quality of the information, but in how it is communicated.

It is important to recognize that web developers have their own unique vocabulary that may impede effective communication. A solution to this is to provide your developer with sample code that showcases the desired behaviour. For example, you may like the navigation menu from one website but prefer the design of another. By collecting sufficient examples, you can make the end goal absolutely clear, thereby avoiding the inconvenience of dealing with a beta website that falls short of your expectations.

Maintaining an open line of communication between yourself and your web developer is crucial. Timely responses to any inquiries are essential for keeping the development of your website on schedule. A delayed response may lead to project delays.

Maintain Regular Communication with Each Other.

Arrange Several Initial Meetings

Moreover, concerning the topic of conversation.

After hiring a developer and having an initial phone conversation, the next step is to schedule a more comprehensive meeting, such as a video conference or an in-person session. It is advisable to have these meetings on a regular basis, ideally weekly, to keep track of progress before any development work begins.

While collaborating on the website’s layout, it is crucial to be mindful of any potential alterations and maintain communication with your developer regarding the advancement of your concepts. Skipping these meetings can lead to a misunderstanding of the design’s trajectory and derail the project. Consistent meetings, even if only for a short period of time, will prove to be advantageous in the long term.

Do not let the developer start building your site before you have discussed all the details with them.

Comparison of Web Design and Graphic Design

It is essential to note that website development and graphic design are unrelated fields. Believing that your web developer can create all the graphics for your website is a mistaken outlook. You must supply them with both written and visual content. To obtain the required visuals, hire a professional graphic designer or collaborate with your marketing department.

Directing your web designer to utilize any images they come across without specific guidance can have serious consequences. Firstly, there is the potential for copyright infringement, which could result in legal repercussions. Secondly, this approach risks creating a negative representation of your company or yourself, as the images used may not be of your own creation. To avoid these issues, it is crucial to provide your web designer with precise instructions on the images you want them to use.

With the increasing complexity of the task, it is vital to guarantee that the visuals utilized on your website are both mobile and web-friendly. If your website is not optimized for mobile use, you may be losing a significant portion of potential customers.

The Keys of the King

The answer to this question is contingent on the web host, and it can be challenging to determine. If your developer is also your hosting provider, you do not have to worry about this matter. However, if you have enlisted a separate hosting service, it is crucial to ensure that your developer has complete access to the hosting platform, allowing them to begin work without continuously depending on you for access.

To ensure maximum productivity and enable them to upload code, images, and other necessary content, it is imperative that the programmer has access to the hosting platform. Granting the developer complete control of the website will allow them to produce the best possible results. You can withdraw the developer’s access once the website is complete if you wish. However, if further work on the website is necessary, the developer must retain access to the hosting server.

One of the primary considerations for choosing a dependable developer is this.


For your company’s website development and maintenance to be successful, it is crucial to establish a strong relationship between yourself and your website designer. Building trust and maintaining clear communication, along with having a solid technical understanding, will ensure proper website functionality. Regularly and openly communicate any queries or feedback you have with your web developer, as this will be appreciated and can improve your website’s search engine rankings.

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