The Best Ways to Communicate with Your Web Developer

It is highly likely that a website will prove instrumental in the success of your company. The website may serve a variety of purposes, from being an information resource to a fully functional online store where customers can purchase products and services. Alternatively, you may be running a social network, news platform or database.

Regardless of its function, your website is an essential part of your company’s success.

Unless you have the technical expertise and the time to dedicate to developing and maintaining a website, it is highly recommended to outsource this task to a professional web design agency. Building and maintaining a website requires specialist knowledge and a dedication to keeping it up-to-date; without these qualities, your business website will not reach its full potential.

It is clear that you have decided to entrust the task to an expert. Initially, your relationship with the web developer appeared productive, as their proficiency and ability to meet your requirements had been demonstrated. However, upon reviewing the beta version of the site, you discovered that the result did not match your expectations.

Why is there a gulf in communication? Where did the programmer go wrong?

What happens here occurs more often than you may think. You probably wouldn’t be shocked by the amount of tension it causes when it occurs.

How do you stay clear of it?

These guidelines can assist you and your web developer avoid communication breakdowns.

Put your trust in the proper individual and hire them.

It is important that you and the web designer you are considering have a clear understanding of the objectives of the project from the outset. Unfortunately, the developer you have employed does not have the necessary expertise to create the complex and dynamic website that you envisage.

It is important to be clear and concise when communicating your needs. Rather than making a generic statement like “I need a website”, it is beneficial to provide further information regarding the requirements. This may involve hiring a developer with specified skills, such as one who is able to create static pages or develop WordPress sites.

When hiring a developer, it is essential to ensure that the right person is selected for the task. If you are looking for a bespoke website which includes all the features and functionalities expected of a modern business website, it is vital that you secure the services of a developer who is skilled and knowledgeable in the relevant technologies, such as JavaScript, CSS, Java, and UX/UI design.

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One must communicate effectively.

Poor communication is the most frequent cause of delays when it comes to website creation. If you are working with a developer, you may think that you have provided them with all the necessary information for creating the product you have in mind. The issue, however, does not lie in the amount or detail of the information, but rather in the way it is expressed.

It is essential to be aware that web developers have their own particular terminology, which could be an obstacle to successful communication. To avoid this, you could supply your developer with sample code that demonstrates the required behaviour. For instance, you may prefer the navigation menu from one website, but favour the design from another. If you are able to compile enough examples, it will make it extremely clear what the desired outcome is, thereby saving the hassle of dealing with a beta website that is nothing like your expectations.

It is essential to maintain an active channel of communication between you and your web developer. Prompt responses to any queries are necessary in order to ensure that the development of your website remains on track. Failure to respond in a timely manner may result in delays to the project.

Keep in Constant Contact with One Another.

Schedule a number of preliminary gatherings

And while we’re on the subject of talking.

Once you have hired a developer and have had an initial telephone conversation, it is time to move onto a more in-depth meeting arrangement such as a video conference or an in-person session. This is best done on a regular basis, preferably weekly, so that progress can be monitored before any actual development takes place.

As you work together on the site’s layout, it is essential that you remain aware of any potential changes and keep in touch with your developer regarding the progress of your ideas. It is important that you do not skip these meetings as they are essential in ensuring that both parties have a clear understanding of the direction in which the design of the site is heading and that it is on the right track. Having regular meetings, even if they are only for twenty to thirty minutes, will be beneficial in the long run.

Avoid having the developer begin developing your site before you’ve had a chance to discuss any and all details with them.

Web design vs. graphic design

It is important to emphasise that website development and graphic design are distinct disciplines. Assuming that your web developer can create all of the imagery for your website is a misguided approach. You will need to provide them with both written and visual content. To obtain the necessary visuals, you should either engage a professional graphic designer or enlist the help of your marketing department.

Instructing your web designer to use any images they can find without any specific guidance could have severe consequences. Firstly, there is the potential for copyright infringement, which could result in legal repercussions. Secondly, this approach runs the risk of your website representing your company or yourself in an unfavourable manner, as the images used may not be of your own creation. To avoid these issues, it is essential that you provide your web designer with detailed instructions on the images you would like them to use.

As the complexity of the task increases, it is essential to ensure that the visuals used on your website are both web and mobile friendly. If your website is not optimised for mobile use, then it is likely that you are missing out on a large proportion of potential customers.

The king’s keys

It can be difficult to determine what the answer is to this question, as it is dependent on the web host. If your developer is also the host, you will not have to be concerned with this issue. However, if you have engaged a separate hosting provider, it is important to ensure that your developer has all the necessary access to the hosting platform. This way, they can begin work without having to constantly rely on you for access.

It is essential that the programmer is granted access to the hosting platform in order to ensure optimal productivity and for them to be able to upload code, images, and any other content required. Giving the developer full control over the website will allow them to achieve the best possible results. Once the website is complete, you may revoke the developer’s access if desired. However, if further work is to be done on the website then the developer will need to retain access to the hosting server.

One of the main factors in selecting a reliable developer is this.


It is important that there is a strong relationship between yourself and your website designer in order for the development and maintenance of your company’s website to be a success. Establishing open lines of communication and mutual trust, as well as having a good understanding of the technical side of things, will help to ensure the smooth running of your website. Be sure to communicate any queries or feedback that you have to your web developer regularly and openly, as this will be greatly appreciated and will help to improve your website’s rankings in search results.

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