The Cutting-Edge Methods that Product Managers Are Using to Expand Their Companies

The Crucial Role of Product Managers in Driving Growth

The prominence of product management has significantly increased due to the rise of technology-dependent businesses. With the adoption of DevOps and Agile methodologies, there is a growing demand for efficient decision-making processes. This has led to the requirement for a dedicated product manager role, responsible for steering the direction and progress of each product to align with the business objectives.

The Product Manager is often regarded as a miniature version of a CEO, given their decision-making authority and accountability for the product’s direction. Similar to a CEO’s role, a Product Manager must have a comprehensive knowledge of the people and processes involved in achieving the business goal.

Multiple Areas Benefit from Successful Product Strategy

The financial impact of a product’s performance can be substantial, depending on the type of product. Given its importance, it is crucial to hire the right candidates for this role. Additionally, the product manager serves as a crucial link between the product team and relevant business departments, with their choices playing a pivotal role in driving company growth.

In order to effectively drive growth and expansion of a company, Product Managers must maintain a broad perspective and balance competing priorities associated with the product. This may include making decisions that have a significant impact on key performance indicators like revenue and customer growth, taking into account the organization’s long-term objectives and near-term development plans. For commercially sold products, the Product Manager may also establish a suitable pricing strategy, in addition to prioritizing the development of features that enhance the customer experience or increase profits.

The CEO of their Own Company

The comparison between a Product Manager and CEO highlights the role of the former in aligning product development with the business and customer needs, regardless of the size or user base of the product. This underscores the Product Manager’s responsibility to drive the product’s success in meeting these requirements.

It is not uncommon to see former product managers at the helm of highly successful companies like Microsoft and Google, given the widespread impact of their work. There is no one definitive path to a career in product management, which is becoming increasingly evident. While some companies may prioritize commercial experience, others may seek extensive technical expertise, or a combination of the two. Nonetheless, a clear understanding of a product’s commercial value is paramount for leveraging it to drive corporate growth. To aid in their development and progress, we are teaming up with Knowledge Officer to give our network access to their training programs and job opportunities through the Works network.

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