The Development of an AI Sense of Smell Is Currently Being Developed

Advances in engineering have only recently enabled machines to see and act upon their sight. Now, through the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and digital olfaction, a company based in Grenoble is taking this technology to the next level by creating a service that can detect and analyse odours in the same way that a human would. This service provides clients with the ability to transform the data collected into valuable insights.

How Digital Scents Work

The human nose is capable of detecting odour molecules given off by both inorganic and organic substances. When the energy of the molecules is increased, their odour dissipates, allowing for easier inhalation and absorption of the molecules into the nasal canal.

Digital olfaction operates on similar principles. Biosensors are utilised to acquire olfactory signatures, which are then analysed using specialised software solutions and presented to the user. To facilitate the interpretation and categorization of the collected signatures, a database of previously collected odours is consulted and utilised with artificial intelligence.

According to the Chief Executive Officer in a recent interview, digital olfaction shares many of the same characteristics as the way a human nose functions in terms of its ability to accurately detect various smells and fragrances.

Applications of Digital Smell Technology

Business odour analytics may perform the following:

  • Create the perfect “new vehicle” odour for the auto industry.
  • Prevent food waste with home gadgets that detect rotting
  • Raw material supply approval/rejection
  • Shorter periods of research and development are needed for novel meals and drinks.
  • Develop olfactory sensing health monitors and alarm systems for personal care products.

One of the possible uses for this technology is to develop gadgets which can help those affected by COVID-19 to regain their sense of smell. Such devices could potentially have a significant impact on the quality of life of those affected by the virus.

More information on this technology can be found here.

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