The Development of Works’s Brand

Works was founded in 2022 with a mission to link innovative organisations with proficient technicians worldwide. Initially, we functioned as a training camp and agency, which then evolved to include a network of talented individuals, and now, we operate as a comprehensive marketplace, providing a diverse range of services and a direct platform for connecting customers with our talented workforce.

Following our announcement on securing Series E funding, we have initiated a revamping of Works’ brand image and approach to ensure we are well-suited for the future of remote work. In late 2022, we commenced the rebranding process with the support of Motto, the agency we collaborated with throughout the transition. As the art director, I led a team of skilled creatives at Works to establish a modern style and vibe while remaining authentic to our underlying principles.

We searched for a name that would mirror our growth and evolve alongside us

Glenn Tay, CEO of Works, shared that the company’s name has gained significant recognition. It has served as a source of motivation for several innovative software developers worldwide who share a belief in equal intelligence distribution. Furthermore, brands must develop alongside the growth of the business. As Works expands its digital operations to a global audience, it’s crucial that its branding adjusts accordingly. Glenn conveyed his satisfaction with the progression and is eagerly anticipating the reveal of Works’ latest version to the public.

Since our establishment, the community of technologists at Works has expanded to include over 175,000 members. Our initial efforts concentrated on building a high-calibre talent network in Asia. However, as we continue to grow exponentially, we believe it’s essential to have a name that embodies our potential for long-term success.

We have conducted a thorough rebranding initiative that covers every aspect, from colour palette and typefaces to our tone of voice, with the goal of fulfilling our original objective of linking individuals with opportunities for advancement. We’re thrilled to introduce our revitalised logo that signifies the strength of collaboration, both internally and externally at Works.

The Brand Archetype of Works as The Sage

We are excited to introduce The Sage as Works’ brand archetype. At the heart of our philosophy lies the conviction that with the correct mindset, anyone can achieve exceptional growth and transformation. Our brand archetype mirrors our dedication to assisting individuals in fulfilling their potential and sharing our wisdom to support others.

In addition to the visual elements of our rebranding, the language used was equally crucial in characterising Works’ identity. It took us several months of exchanging ideas before we established the linguistic foundations that we wanted to foster. We have high aspirations for Works, but we also recognise the significance of concentrating on our strengths and improving from that point. Essentially, Works operates as a platform that links businesses with experts, allowing them to utilise their unique competitive edge through the application of knowledge on a large scale.

Our objectives, aims and aspirations have always gone beyond the pursuit of increased profits at Works. We have always communicated with a sense of purpose and a determination to enhance the lives of one and all. We believe that it’s our innate inquisitiveness that propels us as a species towards advancement.

So Many Colours to Choose From, So Little Time

Following comprehensive online focus groups and stakeholder analysis, we have carefully chosen our new brand colours. This guarantees that our colour palette will be utilised uniformly across all communication channels, enhancing brand recognition while establishing a coherent visual identity Works.

The internet, as a collective, has been predominantly designed with a blue colour palette, which is linked with trustworthiness. Nonetheless, we opted for the Sage colour scheme to cultivate a more welcoming ambiance. The colours we have selected are intended to elicit emotions of development and sustainability. We take great pride in our refined green colour palette, which is known for producing a soothing environment.

In an effort to amplify our core colour palette, we have derived inspiration from our three voice pillars (Solid, Upbeat, and Inquisitive) at Works. Our supplementary colour scheme enables us to differentiate ourselves from competitors, instil assurance in our offerings, and honour the original Works Blue and Gold.

Works Celebrates Genuine Individuals’ Authentic Accomplishments Worldwide

At Works, we believe that individuals should be at the heart of all our endeavours. We are thrilled to exhibit additional photographic works that encapsulate the lives, experiences, and perspectives of people within our community. As we endeavour to connect innovation with opportunities worldwide, we wanted our new Works brand to celebrate the exceptional abilities and brilliance of those who have contributed to the company’s accomplishments, ranging from our technologically savvy team to our most highly esteemed clients.

We firmly believe that individuals, no matter where they reside, can have a positive influence if they possess the drive to do so. Using geotagged images provides Works with a distinctive opportunity to showcase the diversity and worldwide impact of its community. Rather than obscuring the identities and whereabouts of those who enable transformative change, we opted for greater authenticity and disclosed their images and geographical locations.

The Uprising Has Only Just Begun

We endeavoured to establish new visual designs for Works that mirrored the company’s momentum as it prepares for its rocket launch. We are of the opinion that the world’s potential knows no bounds when obstructions are removed and individuals are able to interact and communicate with one another. We integrated this notion of progress into our design by drawing inspiration from our emblem to symbolise the ever-expanding globe.

The Driving Force Behind Making It Happen

Works’ Creative Department played a pivotal role in achieving these outstanding and significant accomplishments. While various teams put forth commendable efforts, the core team of the Creative Department deserves specific acknowledgement for their contributions.

To guarantee that each stage of the process was executed with efficiency, we engaged the services of Motto, a branding firm. Throughout the entire journey, from identifying target audiences to finalising the presentation, we prioritised maintaining the reflection of our group’s aims, values, and history. We placed emphasis on meeting the requirements of our customers, including those who benefit from our services and those who support our team through their abilities or resources.

Join Us as We Blaze into the Future at the Speed of Light

Right from the beginning, we knew that undertaking this rebranding project would be a daunting challenge, but our determination to complete it successfully never faltered. Our objective was to establish a brand name that embodies a sense of positivity and advancement towards a thriving future for our clients. We have been diligently working on a new brand that advocates for environmental accountability, one that will be intrinsically associated with Works for many years to come.

Throughout our journey, we have been unwaveringly committed to people and this philosophy remains unchanged with our new name. People are a vital component of our brand and we utilise ‘Works‘ as a platform to facilitate meaningful and enduring transformations in the world, both professionally and beyond.

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