The Difficulties that Intergiro’s CEO, Who Works Remotely, Overcame

As the overseer of a far-reaching enterprise, Nick manages a team of 140 individuals stationed in almost every European nation. Intergiro, founded in 2022, has enabled its employees to operate from home or local workspaces in a bid to cut down on expenditures. Intergiro is an excellent example of a flexible work arrangement.

Avoid Overburdening Your Team

Nick acknowledges that while remote work during the pandemic has improved productivity, it has also led to increased team stress. To prevent burnout, the company has implemented additional measures to regulate work hours.

Intergiro has made it a requirement for its employees to take time off during weekends and holidays to prioritize their mental well-being. In these uncertain times, taking care of one’s mental health is crucial.

Effective Leadership is More Than Just Tools and Technology

Intergiro employees make use of collaborative tools and a comprehensive Human Resources system to meet employment regulations in all the countries where they operate. However, Nick also prioritizes effective management principles.

Nick understands that demonstrating empathy towards his staff and being attentive to their concerns is crucial for effective management and maintaining high productivity levels. Managing a home-based business differs from managing other types of ventures so Nick has had to adapt his leadership style. To ensure that his management approach is beneficial to all parties involved, Nick has undergone rigorous training and testing.

Combining In-Person and Online Meetings for an Enriched Social Experience

Whenever feasible, the company promotes physical gatherings among its staff. Although the entire team has yet to convene in person, regular regional meetings provide a pleasant and relaxed environment.

To foster better communication among its employees, Intergiro has tried various remote team-building activities. While an attempt to have virtual cocktails on Fridays was unsuccessful, a virtual book club proved fruitful in allowing coworkers to develop stronger relationships outside of work. The key is to understand the unique characteristics of each team and ensure that all members are appropriately accommodated.

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