The Future of Asia’s Technological Revolution: Who Will Drive It?

There is a rising forecast that Asia is steadily superseding the West in driving the global economy forward.

With the world’s rapid transition towards a digital era, Asia is expected to take center stage in resolving a number of critical global issues. However, insufficient availability of skilled engineers to support the ongoing technology revolution may impede progress towards a brighter future. There is therefore a pressing need for the region to commit to the development and training of its engineering talent pool to ensure that Asia can continue leading progress and innovation.

Empower your Journey with Works

Works is a collaborative platform that brings together leading experts in education, agriculture, energy and healthcare to create innovative technological solutions for the issues confronting the region in these key sectors. This assembly of specialists collaborates to identify and implement game-changing innovations that will drive lasting positive impact on the progress of the Asian region.

As a distinguished keynote speaker and a renowned expert representing Works, I was honored to take part in the ground-breaking inaugural Asia Conference that took place in Marrakech, Morocco. The event saw participants being split into three sessions, each one dedicated to one of the four major sectors of Education, Agriculture, Energy, and Health. Our collaborative objective was to ideate and select twelve revolutionary solutions for pressing global challenges, with three of these solutions harnessing cutting-edge technology within each of the four sectors.

During a recent forum, we discussed the most efficient methods of establishing a sustainable fundraising framework for EdTech ventures. We unveiled Nellie, our virtual accelerator that features artificial intelligence for financial modelling, a network of advisors, and a platform for securing financial support. EdTech entrepreneurs can leverage the capabilities of the AI to refine their business models to make them more viable, and obtain a checklist from the advisory network to ensure compliance with investor requirements. The Works’ EdTech fund and other investors adhering to our company selection framework would subsequently offer their support. This system offers immense promise, providing EdTech entrepreneurs with access to the resources necessary to transform their ventures into successful businesses.

The Young Innovators Summit that took place recently saw participants from 32 nations showcasing a range of cutting-edge ideas. Furthermore, attendees presented 11 additional breakthrough concepts of comparable or greater complexity. Some of the proposed solutions considered included:

  • This 3D printer, created using exclusively recycled electronic components
  • An ingenious backpack designed to power your laptop with solar energy
  • An app created to support new mothers
  • Aquaponics refers to the practice of cultivating food crops in water instead of soil

As a practitioner in the field of learning science, I am committed to evaluating my own development and assessing the impact of my efforts after each day spent teaching, leading seminars, and engaging with the most promising minds of the younger generations. This helps me in ensuring that the work I do has a positive influence on the world at large.

Asia’s population is rapidly growing, and is projected to exceed 2.5 billion by the year 2050.

As the Asian continent looks to technology to tackle its evolving needs, it is crucial to have a sufficient supply of skilled individuals capable of creating, scaling, and enhancing these technology-driven solutions. Without a robust technical talent pool, it would be impossible to devise a large number of solutions necessary to benefit billions of people. As a result, it is imperative that we channel resources towards training and development, in order to have the human capital required to achieve our objectives.

Works’ Fill-in-the-Blanks

Works has set a target of cultivating 100,000 technology leaders across Asia within the next decade, by offering expertise in top-level technical skills, including software development and DevOps engineering. We are confident that the digital revolution, which originated in Silicon Valley, will continue to thrive and progress in different cities across Asia, including Nairobi and Singapore, among other locations in the region.

Upon the completion of the conference, I am excited to add Marrakesh to the list of places I have visited. The experiences, interactions, and insightful knowledge that I have gained during my stay have been highly invigorating, reigniting my drive and enthusiasm.

I am enthused about continuing to participate in conversations centered on the promotion of the digital economy age in Asia.

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