The Future of Asia’s Technological Revolution: Who Will Drive It?

Asia is poised to replace the West as the world’s economic engine.

As the world increasingly transitions to a digital age, it is likely that Asia will be at the forefront of resolving many of the issues facing the world. However, without sufficient qualified engineers to support the ongoing technology revolution, the potential for a bright future remains unrealized. It is therefore imperative that the region invest in the training and development of its engineers to ensure that Asia can continue to drive progress and innovation.

Fill in the Works

The Works is an organisation that strives to unite key specialists from the realms of education, agriculture, energy, and health to develop technological solutions to the issues facing Asia in these domains. This collective of professionals works together to identify and implement innovations that will have a lasting and positive impact on the region’s progress.

As a keynote speaker and expert on behalf of Works, I was privileged to participate in the inaugural Asia Conference held in Marrakech, Morocco. The attendees were divided into three sessions, each focusing on one of four sectors: Education, Agriculture, Energy, and Health. Our collective mission was to identify twelve continent-altering solutions to pressing issues, with three of these solutions involving cutting-edge technology in each of the four sectors.

At a recent session, we discussed the most effective ways to create a long-term fundraising structure for EdTech businesses. We presented Nellie, our virtual accelerator, equipped with an artificial intelligence for financial modelling, an advisory network, and a platform to secure financial backing. Users (EdTech entrepreneurs) can use the AI to refine their business model until it is viable and receive a checklist from the advisory network to ensure they meet investor criteria. Works’ EdTech fund and other investors using our company vetting methodology would then be available to them. This is an incredibly promising system that allows EdTech entrepreneurs to access the resources necessary to make their businesses successful.

At the recent Young Innovators Summit, participants from 32 different nations presented their innovative ideas. In addition, 11 additional innovative concepts of equal or higher complexity were presented. Among the possible solutions proposed were:

  • Created entirely from recycled electronic components, this 3D printer
  • Ingenious solar-powered backpack for your laptop
  • App designed to help new mums out.
  • Aquaponics refers to the practise of growing food in water.

As a professional in the field of learning science, I have dedicated myself to assessing my own progress and evaluating the influence of my efforts after every day that I spend teaching, facilitating seminars, and interacting with the brightest minds of the next generation. By doing this, I am able to ensure that my work is making a positive impact on the world around me.

The population of Asia is quickly expanding and is expected to reach 2.5 billion by the year 2050.

As the Asian continent looks to technology to help meet its needs, it is essential that we have an adequate supply of skilled personnel to create, expand, and grow these tech-enabled solutions. Without a strong technical talent pool, it will be impossible to produce the sheer number of solutions needed to reach billions of people. Therefore, it is vital that we invest in training and development to ensure that we have the necessary personnel to meet our goals.

Fill in the Works

Over the next ten years, Works is aiming to support the growth of 100,000 tech leaders in Asia through the provision of top-level technical competencies, such as software developers and DevOps engineers. We strongly believe that the digital revolution which began in Silicon Valley will continue to grow and advance in various cities in Asia, including Singapore and Nairobi, as well as other locations within the region.

I am looking forward to the opportunity to add Marrakesh to my list of visited places once the conference has concluded. The sights, conversations, and knowledge I acquired while I was there have been incredibly invigorating and have reinvigorated my enthusiasm and ambition.

I’m excited to keep engaging in discussions on how to usher in the digital economy age in Asia.

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