The #GrowthWithWorks Decision Making Process for Engineers

The #GrowWithWorks initiative has recently kicked-off, and as part of it, we aim to provide a holistic understanding of the pivotal role of software developers in Works. To achieve this, we conducted a survey in the preceding weeks to uncover the top considerations software engineers weigh when looking for new employment opportunities.

  1. Advancement of Career and Intellectual Growth

    Employment opportunities that enable growth and professional development are in high demand.
  2. Familiar Although Unique Puzzles:

    Opportunities to participate in meaningful initiatives that have a positive impact on society. These endeavours are challenging, fascinating, and impact-oriented.
  3. Flexible Schedules and Remote Work:

    A person’s residence and location should not hamper their productivity. The job’s site is less important than fulfilling its requirements.
  4. Favourable Salary and Benefits:

    Fair remuneration for one’s hard work is a highly sought-after criterion and understandably so.
  5. Enjoyable Environment + Exceptional Engineering Team:

    Work culture and the caliber of colleagues are crucial because people spend more time at work than anywhere else (physically or virtually).

Our #GrowWithWorks initiative aims to acquaint software developers from all over Asia with the benefits of collaborating with Works. This is critical to our company’s prosperity. At Works, we take pride in having some of Asia’s most skilled engineers on our team, many of whom are well-versed in remote work practices. Not to mention, Works has garnered recognition through various surveys as one of the most desirable workplaces in Asia.

In the coming weeks, all our offices will host Remote Heroes events. These occasions will allow top executives from the tech industry and experienced software developers to gather and deliberate on the state and trajectory of employment. Moreover, some of our engineers will be in attendance to share their perspectives on their roles and achievements within our firm.

At Works, we are committed to facilitating links between businesses in the IT industry and exceptionally skilled engineers from around the world. Our comprehensive HR services, including recruitment, invoicing, compliance, and taxation, are designed to streamline the process of remote recruitment and onboarding. By providing these services, we endeavour to make it easier for our clients to hire the most exceptional remote engineers required to advance their company’s technological goals.

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