The #GrowthWithWorks Decision Making Process for Engineers

This month, the #GrowWithWorks campaign has commenced, and we want to provide a comprehensive understanding of the role of software developers at Works. To gain further insight, we conducted a study over the past few weeks to determine the most significant considerations for engineers when seeking out a new job opportunity.

  1. Progress in one’s career and intellectual developmentJobs that allow for professional development and advancement are highly desired.
  2. Puzzles that are Both Familiar and Unique: The opportunity to contribute to initiatives that matter in the world. These projects are rigorous and interesting, and they make a difference.
  3. Modular Schedules and Telecommuting: Property and location shouldn’t be a hindrance to productivity. The location of employment is secondary to the completion of tasks.
  4. Advantageous Compensation and Perks: Getting paid fairly for one’s efforts is a popular measure, and for good reason.
  5. Culture of Fun + Top-Notch Engineering StaffWork culture and the quality of coworkers matter much since individuals spend more time at work than anyplace else (in person or online).

Our #GrowWithWorks campaign seeks to introduce software developers across the Asian continent to the advantages of working with Works. This is essential to the success of our business. Works is proud to employ some of the continent’s most accomplished engineers, many of whom are experienced in working remotely. Furthermore, Works has earned a reputation for being one of the best workplaces in Asia, according to numerous surveys.

The next few weeks will see Remote Heroes activities taking place in all of our offices. These events will provide an opportunity for tech sector executives and senior software developers to come together to discuss the current and future outlook of employment. Additionally, a few of our engineers will be present to offer insights into the roles they play in our organisation and the contributions they make.

At Works, we are committed to connecting businesses in the IT industry with highly skilled, talented engineers from across the globe. Our full suite of HR services – such as selection, invoicing, compliance and taxes – help streamline the remote hiring and onboarding process. By providing these services, we strive to make it easier for our clients to bring on board the best remote engineers they need to drive their organisation’s technology initiatives forward.

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