The High Price of Inadequately Orienting Distributed Engineers

For engineering teams, the repercussions of an inadequate onboarding process can be severe. A study conducted by Bamboo revealed that approximately one-third of IT employees are likely to resign from their positions within the first six months, with 31% of departing employees citing insufficient onboarding as a contributing factor in their decision to depart. This data emphasises the need for organisations to ensure that their onboarding processes are properly implemented and optimised.

The high cost of poor employee retention rates is undeniable. According to Edify, a provider of onboarding software, it costs a remarkable $355,000 to replace a junior programmer with an annual salary of $98,000.

The consequences of inadequate employee onboarding are far-reaching. According to Steve Klein, CEO of Status Page, “the consequences of employee onboarding extend well beyond the initial start date and can have a profound impact on the entire organisation.” Poor onboarding can lead to a workforce that is significantly less productive than it could be, resulting in costly expenditures for replacement and diminished returns.

Proving Correct

Given the lack of a physical office, it is imperative to ensure that new engineers are properly onboarded despite the challenges posed by the current remote working environment. With millions of employees newly operating from home, onboarding remote employees is increasingly complex. It is important to recognise that onboarding remote employees requires an adapted approach compared to onboarding in a standard office setting.

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Get a Head Start

One of the most common errors that occur during the process of staff onboarding is a lack of proper preparation. When employees arrive at the workplace on their first day and management has not established a plan of action, it can significantly affect their morale. This feeling of being left to their own devices is even more demoralising when they are working from home.

It is recommended that any necessary computers be sent in advance, with all software pre-installed. To show appreciation and establish a productive relationship with new recruits, it is suggested that a designated individual meet them virtually and confirm that they have all the resources necessary to commence work.

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The Perfect Combination of Insight and Motivation

Successful remote employee onboarding programs should ensure that new recruits are educated and informed immediately about the team’s programming standards, culture, and expected performance. It is essential that all the information new team members need to be productive is well-documented and applicable. This will help them to adjust to their new roles quickly and efficiently.

It is essential to ensure that new employees are aware of the team’s objectives as soon as they join the organisation. Gathering the relevant information will enable you to make informed decisions and identify the purpose behind your work patterns. Providing your staff with the opportunity to feel as though they are making a meaningful contribution to the team and company will encourage them to stay motivated. Do not take for granted that their acceptance of the offer letter was enough to retain them.

Not Possible To Put Off

Recent research conducted by Kronos and The Human Capital Group has revealed that having a well-designed and executed recruitment process can represent a significant competitive advantage, even for organisations with limited resources in this area. By investing in a streamlined recruitment process, even businesses with few resources can make a big impact.

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