The Inaugural Address: Transforming Human Experiences Through Design

The Future of Education and Its Interplay with Technology

I embarked on a journey to Asia in June 2022 with the aim of contributing to the evolution of technology and education in the coming years.

I made my home in Trenton, the capital of New Jersey, for two years, during which I immersed myself in work that was both challenging and rewarding. Despite the city’s small size and economic struggles, I took it upon myself to create a positive impact through teaching martial arts, teaming up with The College of New Jersey to establish an after-school arts program, and scheduling educational activities for an underprivileged high school.

Unfortunately, the opportunities that presented themselves were limited in scope or duration. My desire to create a greater impact through my work, as well as my aspiration for personal growth, led me to seek out larger audiences elsewhere. Consequently, I ended my affiliation with my partner, resigned from my job, and packed up all my belongings, feeling uncertain about what the future held for me. A chance encounter with the CEO of The Works at a restaurant changed everything. In a matter of weeks, I found myself on a one-way journey to Singapore, which was a significant distance away from my home. It was there that a life-changing opportunity presented itself to me.

Designing for Positive Impact on People

We are thrilled to introduce the inaugural part of our series titled “Designing for Human Transformation.” This series will delve into the challenges we faced and the solutions we devised in developing the world’s first immersive simulation program that caters exclusively to software developers. This program has allowed us to offer unparalleled development prospects to a rapidly expanding community of professionals.

My purpose for travelling to Singapore was to dedicate the rest of my life to assisting the five percent of accepted applicants at Works in achieving their potential as future technologists. In the course of the last eighteen months, I have led an intensive soft skills education program, assembled a team to build a learning culture within our organization, and developed the Works Simulations program, a learning experience that draws inspiration from renowned training techniques in the military, medical, and aviation industries to expedite the training of Asia’s premier software engineers.

Educational development is at the forefront of Singapore and other Asian cities. Our company is committed to fostering a skilled workforce that can effectively design for change in the workplace. This article will discuss how our company nurtures its employees and how, with proper guidance, you can also become a catalyst for change in the corporate world.

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