The Inaugural Address: Transforming Human Experiences Through Design

The Role of Technology in Education’s Future

In June of 2022, I packed up my belongings and headed to Asia to help shape education and technology in the years to come.

For two productive and challenging years, I called Trenton, the capital of New Jersey, my home. As a small, impoverished city, I endeavored to make a positive impact by teaching martial arts, partnering with The College of New Jersey to create an after-school arts program, and organiszng educational activities for a high school that served underprivileged students.

Regretfully, the window of opportunity was too small, too fleeting, or otherwise inadequate. As I desired my efforts to have a greater impact and provide me with a chance for more significant personal growth, I searched for more significant audiences. As a result, I concluded our discussion. I separated from my partner, resigned from my job, and packed all my possessions. I felt completely lost about what to do. A few days later, the CEO of The Works and I found ourselves sitting side by side at a restaurant. Three weeks later, I embarked on a one-way journey to Singapore, which was five thousand miles from home. It was there that I encountered the life-altering opportunity I had been hoping for.

The Art of Designing for Positive Change in People

We are delighted to present the first instalment of our Designing for Human Transformation series. Through this series, we will explore the difficulties we encountered and the solutions we implemented while creating the world’s first immersive simulations program specifically designed for software developers. This program has enabled us to offer unparalleled development opportunities to a rapidly increasing population of professionals.

I boarded a flight to Singapore with the purpose of dedicating the remainder of my life to aiding the five percent of applicants who were accepted at Works to become the upcoming technologists. Over the past eighteen months, I have spearheaded an intensive soft skills education program, developed a team to establish a learning culture within our organization, and designed the Works Simulations program, a learning experience that draws on renowned training techniques from the military, medical and aviation fields to expedite the training of Asia’s premier software engineers.

Singapore and other Asian cities are at the cutting edge of educational development. Our company is dedicated to cultivating a talented workforce that can successfully design for change in the workplace. In this article, we will explain how our company nurtures its employees and how, with the right guidance, you too can become an agent of change in the corporate world.

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