The Kinds of Builders to Watch for in 2023

With 2023 fast approaching, it’s crucial for businesses to adopt a futuristic approach to augment their profits, hasten product development and bolster client relationships. Regardless of how well-thought-out the strategies are, sourcing new talent will invariably be a vital prerequisite.

It might prove advantageous for your company to contemplate enlarging the range of services it offers, modernising its website or internal operations software, or investing in fresh infrastructure to cater for business expansion. An adept team of programmers would be indispensable to facilitate such growth and progress.

While commencing your hunt for new developers, it’s crucial to deliberate upon which competencies and programming languages are highly coveted by corporate giants. Let’s delve into some of the possibilities at hand.

However, prior to that, I have a further question.

Can you guide me about the places to scout for adept programmers?

There are several ways to discover proficient engineers for your enterprise, such as publicizing in the press, sharing job vacancies on social media, asking present employees to disseminate the news, or engaging with an expert recruitment agency.

Outsourcing is an option that needs to be considered. Depending on where you are located, you can hire developers either onshore, nearshore or offshore. Each of these options has a plethora of advantages to offer, such as cost reduction, access to top-notch talent, and an extensive array of potential candidates to choose from.

To locate the exact developer (or team of developers) you require, you need not search beyond an outsourcing development firm.

Now that we have settled that, let’s discuss the attributes one should look for in engineers.

Developers of Native Applications

While it’s reasonable to anticipate a discussion about web app developers, it’s vital to recognise the significance of native app developers. There will always be a need for developers who can fashion applications for specific platforms and devices like Android, iOS, macOS, Windows and Linux. For this reason, it is crucial that your enterprise has employees who can cater to these needs.

In order to retain a competitive edge and run a prosperous enterprise, it is imperative to employ native app developers in 2023. Native applications are a dependable and sustainable solution, and should not be disregarded as a choice in the current scenario.

Programmers who are Easy to Modify

We are seeking seasoned engineers who possess the adaptability to work with various programming languages and software. With the second half of 2023 beckoning, the landscape is ever-evolving, and it is expected that edge and IoT computing will gain increasing importance. Therefore, it is crucial that engineers have the ability to make a quick shift from native app development to edge/IoT development.

If there is a need for a complete revamp of your manufacturing and delivery procedures by your suppliers or patrons, how swiftly can your developers resolve any potential glitches that might arise?

While it may be alluring to hire engineers having proficiency in certain programming languages, it is possible to achieve far greater success with the addition of engineers who are versatile.

Both Node.js and React.js

It is improbable that Node.js will be retiring anytime soon, as JavaScript can also be executed outside of the web browser using a backend runtime. Node.js is utilised to create command-line tools and scripts that generate dynamic content beforehand, which enhances website loading times. Additionally, Node.js is extremely scalable and can cater to a broad spectrum of tasks.

Node.js isn’t the sole JavaScript library that can be employed to add interactivity and attractiveness to websites. Another library, React, can be used to impart a contemporary, user-friendly vibe to websites and enable enterprises to showcase their products effectively.

When these two elements are merged, developers can come up with websites that are not just potent, but also captivating and visually delightful for visitors. If your website seems antiquated, your customers may depart promptly. As this demographic typically prefers contemporary, mobile-friendly websites, Node.js and React may be employed to aid in achieving this.

Referring to Big Data and NoSQL

If your enterprise pertains to the business sector, it’s imperative to possess access to copious amounts of data. To guarantee seamless functioning of analytical and visualisation programmes, it is imperative to employ databases that are equipped to manage the high levels of traffic and demands.

When your conventional database reaches its limit handling large volumes of data, or presenting it in a meaningful manner, transitioning to a NoSQL database becomes an imperative to break through the obstacle.

It’s beneficial to explore alternatives to conventional relational databases, such as MongoDB, RavenDB, Redis, Couchbase, and Cassandra. To ensure the effectiveness of transitioning to NoSQL, if you already have database administrators, it’s essential to confirm if they have proficiency in NoSQL.


Rust continues to be among the top 10 programming languages and isn’t likely to lose its charm soon. It furnishes engineers with a quick, memory-safe, and parallel language, prioritising speed, and enabling them to design games, operating systems, file systems, browser add-ons and features, and simulation engines. With Microsoft evaluating the adoption of Rust, it’s expected to witness even more popularity in 2023.

Therefore, if you don’t already have any, you ought to be searching for some Rust developers.

The proliferation of Containers

To maintain agility and productivity, it’s indispensable for enterprises to possess experts in container technology, including Docker and Kubernetes.

Containers and clusters grant the capability to swiftly roll out applications and services, in addition to establishing automation systems to uphold efficient operations, seamlessly scaling up and down, and self-repairing.

Competent programmers are necessary to operate containers. Familiarity with clustering and container runtimes, atop comprehension of YAML and other languages, is vital.

To stay competitive in your industry, it’s indispensable that your business organisation evaluates the integration of containers into its development pipeline.


The tech industry is incessantly transforming and adjusting. The pace of technological advancement seems to be intensifying each year. Although this list of factors will likely become obsolete by mid-2023, it should aid you and your enterprise in staying ahead of the curve until then.

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