The Kinds of Builders to Watch for in 2023

As we approach 2023, it is essential for businesses to begin looking ahead and preparing for ways to enhance their profits, expedite product development and strengthen customer relationships. One thing that is virtually guaranteed, no matter how well-organised the plans are, is the need to source new development talent.

It may be beneficial for your organisation to consider broadening the services it provides, updating its website or internal operations software, or investing in new infrastructure to accommodate for business growth. A dedicated team of programmers would be essential to support such expansion and growth.

When beginning your search for new developers, it is important to consider which skills and languages are most sought-after by multinational organisations. Let us explore some of the options available.

But before we get to it, I have another inquiry.

Can You Tell Me Where to Look for Qualified Programmers?

Finding qualified engineers for your business can be achieved in a number of ways, including advertising in the press, posting job openings on social media, having current employees spread the word, or consulting a specialist hiring agency.

Outsourcing should not be overlooked as an option. Depending on your location, you have the opportunity to recruit developers both onshore, nearshore, or offshore. There are many benefits to each of these options, such as reduced costs, access to high-calibre talent, and a broad selection of potential candidates.

To discover the precise developer (or team of developers) you need, go no further than an outsource development firm.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s talk about the qualities you should seek for in engineers.

Creators of Native Apps

It is understandable to expect that we will be discussing web app developers; however, it is important to acknowledge that native app developers should not be disregarded. There will always be a demand for developers who can create applications for specific platforms and devices such as Android, iOS, macOS, Windows and Linux. It is therefore essential that your business has personnel who are able to meet these requirements.

It is essential to hire native app developers in 2023 in order to remain competitive and maintain a successful business. Native applications are a reliable and long-term solution, and should not be overlooked as an option in the current climate.

Easily Modified Programmers

We are looking for experienced engineers who have the flexibility to work with a range of programming languages and software. As the second half of 2023 approaches, the environment is ever-changing, and it is expected that edge and IoT computing will become increasingly important. Therefore, it is essential that engineers have the capability to transition quickly from native application development to edge/IoT development.

If your suppliers or customers require a complete overhaul of your production and delivery processes, how quickly can your developers resolve any issues that may arise?

It is tempting to consider recruiting engineers with specific programming language skills, yet there is potential to be far more successful with the inclusion of engineers who are adaptable.

Both Node.JS and React

It is unlikely that Node.JS will be retired in the near future, as JavaScript is also able to be executed beyond the web browser with the use of a backend runtime. Node.JS is used to create command-line tools and scripts which produce dynamic content before it is sent to a web browser, improving the speed of website loading times. Furthermore, Node.JS is highly scalable, and is capable of handling a wide range of tasks.

Node.JS is not the only JavaScript library that can be used to make websites more interactive and engaging. React is another library which can be utilised to give websites a modern, user-friendly feel and allow businesses to effectively display their products.

When these two components are combined, developers can create websites that are not only powerful, but also engaging and aesthetically pleasing to visitors. If your website appears outdated, your clientele may quickly leave. As this audience tends to favour modern, mobile-friendly websites, Node.JS and React can be utilised to help achieve this.

Big Data and NoSQL

If your business operates in the enterprise sector, it is important to have access to large volumes of data. To ensure the smooth running of analytical and visualisation programmes, it is essential to use databases that are equipped to handle the high levels of traffic and requirements.

When your traditional database is no longer able to cope with the large amount of data, or display it in a meaningful way, you may find yourself facing a barrier until you transition to a NoSQL database.

It is worthwhile exploring alternatives to traditional relational databases, such as MongoDB, RavenDB, Redis, Couchbase and Cassandra. If there are already database administrators in place, it is beneficial to ensure they have familiarity with NoSQL.


Rust remains one of the top 10 programming languages and is unlikely to fall out of favour any time soon. It provides engineers with a fast, memory-safe and parallel language, with a focus on speed, allowing them to create games, operating systems, file systems, browser add-ons and features, and simulation engines. As Microsoft is considering adopting Rust, it is likely to become even more popular in 2023.

Thus, you should be on the hunt for some Rust developers if you don’t currently employ any.

The Use of Containers Will Expand

It is essential for businesses to remain agile and productive that they have developers with expertise in container technology, such as Docker and Kubernetes.

Containers and clusters provide the ability to quickly deploy applications and services, as well as create automation systems to maintain efficient operations, scale up and down, and self-repair.

Skilled programmers are required to work with containers. Proficiency with clustering and container runtimes, alongside knowledge of YAML and other languages, is essential.

In order to remain competitive in your sector, it is essential that your business organisation considers the incorporation of containers into its development pipeline.


The technology sector is constantly evolving and adapting. It appears that the rate of technological progress is accelerating year on year. It is likely that this list of considerations will be outdated by mid-2023, however, until then, this checklist should assist you and your business in staying ahead of the curve.

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