The Most Popular 10 React Apps Used by Massive Websites

The digital landscape is continually evolving, making it increasingly challenging to remain abreast of the latest trends. However, the leading companies in the industry are managing to stay ahead of the game. While the internet is perpetually in flux, one trend has become increasingly prominent in recent times: the development of React applications using ReactJS. This cutting-edge technology allows for the creation of dynamic user interfaces that are both user-friendly and highly responsive.

The potential of ReactJS is undeniable. With the ever-growing number of resources taking advantage of the technology’s advantages, ReactJS has become a popular choice among developers. For example, the ReactJS framework is a prime example of this, and in this article, we will be exploring the best examples of this technology.

Big names are on the way… just in case you were wondering.

How do you define ReactJS?

ReactJS is an extensive library for the JavaScript programming language, which is specifically designed for the development of user interfaces. ReactJS allows developers to create complex web applications without the need for the user to constantly refresh the page, as the data is constantly changing in real-time. Its main objectives are speed, simplicity, and scalability, which makes ReactJS an efficient and uncomplicated way to execute programs on a personal computer. Furthermore, because ReactJS is a JavaScript runtime, it is capable of processing the user interface for applications.

Why do businesses utilise React Native apps?

As businesses look to build cross-platform applications, many are turning to React Native to facilitate the process. This is due to the considerable advantages it provides, such as the ability to reuse much of the codebase without any additional effort. This means that businesses can launch their apps to customers much faster and with minimal delay. React Native also offers greater adaptability and a simpler user experience, making it an ideal choice for building next generation mobile applications across multiple platforms.

Internet behemoths rely on the React framework


Facebook utilises ReactJS as the foundation of its website, which allows the application code to function optimally. React Native, a framework developed on top of ReactJS, is the technology utilised to create the mobile app. React Native is responsible for displaying native iOS and Android components instead of Document Object Model (DOM) elements.

It is worth noting that Facebook is the creator of the ReactJS library, which is why it would be logical for the app to incorporate this library. Facebook has now released a beta version of React Fibre, which is a rewritten version of ReactJS.


Moreover, ReactJS has been utilised by Netflix, particularly on the Gibbon platform, which was created to substitute the Document Object Model (DOM) of web browsers for low-performance television sets. ReactJS has had a positive impact for Netflix, including in startup time, runtime efficiency, modularity, and more, as outlined in an official blog post by the renowned streaming service.


PayPal has integrated ReactJS into its payment system in order to optimise the user experience across mobile devices. The addition of ReactJS allows customers to access their payment system on the go, thus providing greater convenience and flexibility.

The PayPal payment button in a website app and the companion script PayPalExpressCheckOut.js are the two primary code bases used by PayPal.


Reddit, a widely popular social news website, was constructed using the React framework. Users can submit information on any given subject, and other users can then respond by upvoting or downvoting the post, along with providing further discussion or debate on the issue based on its current level of popularity.

If you are in search of a platform that offers support for React, Reddit is the perfect choice for you. Reddit utilises the ReactJS program, which allows users to quickly generate content and facilitates the process of sharing it.


WhatsApp uses Underscore.js and Velocity in addition to ReactJS to build its Facebook-based user interfaces.

Recently, the brand-new WhatsApp Web app has started using React, much like the Facebook online experience we just covered.


Instagram has adopted ReactJS for many of its features and functions, such as its integration with Google Maps APIs and geolocation services, its precise search capabilities, and its ability to source tags without the use of hashtags. The API that supports these components is highly impressive and provides an unparalleled level of functionality.

Instagram is a totally React-based app, which gives its users access to all of its amazing features.


Dropbox, a long-standing platform, initially implemented ReactJS to capitalise on the library’s advantages, such as decreased file sizes and faster refresh rates. These features enabled enhanced usability for users.

Many companies, like Dropbox, have made the transition to ReactJS because of the online backup options and cloud storage it provides.


Discord is a social networking platform that provides gamers with the ability to share in-game media such as images and videos with each other. React applications give users access to a range of features and functions, with a remarkable 98% of Discord’s code being built on top of the ReactJS framework to facilitate a more engaging player-to-player communication experience while gaming in other applications. The React framework also ensures that the application is highly responsive and intuitive to use on any mobile device, regardless of the operating system (whether Android or iOS).


Airbnb has implemented ReactJS technology across its website in order to enhance the user experience, particularly with regards to the search and chat functionalities. The research team at Airbnb was responsible for assigning sixty developers the task of constructing the company’s React-based application. Subsequently, these developers modified the ReactJS code for alternative applications.


Pinterest is an innovative social media and content curation platform that is built on the React image-sharing website and accompanying app. Through this platform, users can view any type of media, including GIFs, pictures, and videos, that they have saved to their personal pinboards. With React being the programming language that the app is written in, all of these features are made possible.


In today’s market, companies are faced with the challenge of providing their customers with the best possible applications. As a result, many large organisations have begun to either develop React applications or incorporate React into their existing software. This is due to the many advantages that React offers, which are well worth the time and money required to update the framework. Ultimately, React applications provide an unparalleled user experience, making the investment in React a sound business decision.

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