The Mutually Beneficial Relationship Between Technology and Remote Workers

Technology facilitates the productiveness of those who must do their duties from afar.

In recent times, telecommuting and other forms of remote working have become increasingly more popular, largely due to the positive impact it has had on both employers and employees. From web design to healthcare, education to journalism, remote employees have been instrumental in pushing the boundaries of quality and efficiency in their respective industries. By transitioning from a standard 8-hour workday to a 24-hour one, organisations are able to become more productive and cost-effective in their operations.

With the rapid advances in communication technology, the number of remote employees is on the rise. This has heralded a new era of worker motivation, satisfaction and productivity, with companies now recognising the potential benefits of telecommuting and the ways in which technology can facilitate remote working. It is clear that this shift has the potential to shape the future of recruitment.

The Benefits of Using Remote Employees

Global Workplace Analytics found that 95% of companies benefit from remote employees because it increases employee retention.

It has been estimated that the cost of replacing employees who leave due to attrition can be upwards of £30,000. In addition to this, organisations must also invest in the training of new staff. It has been widely recognised that taking time off for illness or personal matters can have a detrimental effect on productivity. However, studies have found that allowing employees to work remotely can help to reduce this, as they are not required to spend as much time commuting and can control their own schedules. Furthermore, remote working has been demonstrated to lead to fewer days missed due to personal matters, and those who are unwell can return to work more quickly or continue their tasks from the comfort of their own homes without affecting their colleagues.

The Rise of Productivity

Research has demonstrated that workers who have the ability to work from home tend to be more productive and generally more satisfied with their lives. Studies have shown that remote employees are 13.5% more productive than their in-office counterparts, as well as being less likely to quit their jobs. Furthermore, these advantages come with the added benefit of avoiding the cost of paying a salary for an employee. As content staff are more likely to remain loyal to their employer, the potential cost savings and increased productivity make remote working a valuable asset to any organisation.

Developing a Larger Pool of Potential Employees

Recruiting and employing exceptional employees used to be a challenge when it came to finding individuals with specific skill sets within a local workforce. Companies would often look to entice workers from other regions with financial incentives. However, with the introduction of remote working and with the help of online placement firms such as Works, businesses now have the opportunity to access a global pool of qualified IT professionals. For SMEs, hiring in-house developers and programmers is often impractical. Remote hiring provides an opportunity to select from a culturally diverse range of individual developers, designers and programmers, who have both the vision and qualifications to benefit their product offering, whilst remaining within their budget.

Organisations of all sizes have recognised the advantages of remote recruitment, as it allows them to find the right candidate for the job, without having to pay more than necessary or hire part-time or freelance staff who may not be fully committed to the project. Thanks to modern communication technologies, it is not only possible to complete IT tasks remotely but also to locate highly skilled professionals who can produce excellent results with minimal effort.

Adjusting to a Bigger Market

Nowadays, many businesses are selling their products and services on a global level. Having a product that can appeal to a range of cultures and nuances is a great way to attract new customers, retain existing ones and boost the chance of them purchasing. The cultural diversity and insights that remote workers can bring to the table are highly valued and may not be something that a local employee can offer. Keeping up with competitors in terms of product or service development is an effective way to gain market share, as well as demonstrating your organisation’s forward-thinking nature and understanding of international consumer needs.

The Benefits of Having Full-Time IT Employees Work Remotely

The Information Technology sector is certainly not exempt from the ongoing trend of hiring remote employees. In recent times, there has been an increase in the sourcing of IT personnel from around the world for remote work. In the present interconnected and globalised economy, it is increasingly important for businesses to be able to effectively respond to their customers, no matter their location or specific requirements. Therefore, it is becoming increasingly attractive to businesses to utilise distributed teams and remote personnel sourced through a reputable remote staffing agency in order to access highly qualified personnel at a reasonable cost.

Our team works hard to find the best employees to suit your needs. We place a high value on experience, qualifications, and employment history to ensure that we select only the most highly qualified candidates. Our unique remote staffing approach specialises in recruiting a global workforce of talented and dependable individuals, perfect for hiring managers and corporate CEOs who wish to incorporate remote personnel into their full-time IT team. To learn more about the benefits of remote workers, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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