The New and Improved Angular 12: 7 Essential Changes

Google’s Angular, the web framework written in TypeScript, has undergone a significant update in version 12. This revision is based on Google’s “Ivy Everywhere Approach,” which seeks to streamline software development. While the transition to Ivy represents a major change, Angular 12 also features substantial improvements to its style features, message-id format, nullish coalescing, ng API, and more. Moreover, Angular 12 has a host of tools and capabilities that are easy to install on Amazon Web Services. This article will provide an in-depth examination of Angular 12’s new features.

New in Angular 12: Ivy in every corner

As of version 12, Angular’s View Engine, a legacy compilation and rendering pipeline, is being deprecated and will be removed in future editions. Consequently, those libraries which are compatible with View Engine can still be used in conjunction with Angular’s new Ivy Rendering Pipeline.

With the implementation of a compatibility compiler and a clear upgrade path, the entire Angular 12 ecosystem can be transitioned to Ivy, enabling a much higher level of productivity. Thus, Ivy can be adopted universally to the benefit of all users.

Standardised Message-Identifier Format

In Angular 12, the message-id format was greatly enhanced, providing a more reliable and consistent translation experience. This development addressed issues with whitespace and translation invalidation that had been causing the legacy message-ids to be brittle and unpredictable in their translation capabilities.

When transitioning away from outdated frameworks, Angular 12 has been designed to reduce the problems associated with format templates and ICU expressions. By utilising modern methods, developers now have the ability to convert non-canonical localization IDs into canonical message-ids. This provides an efficient and effective means to localise and internationalise applications.

Nullish coalescing is one of Angular 12’s new features

The templates in Angular 12 may be used with nullish coalescing. Cleaner code may be created with the help of nullish coalescing operators (??).

Developers may enhance complicated conditionals by using the new syntax made possible by nullish coalescing.

For instance,

{{age !== null && age !== undefined ? age : calculateAge() }}

{{age ?? calculateAge() }}

The Strict Default in Angular 12

Thanks to the CLI’s strict mode being enabled by default in Angular 12, the process of detecting and addressing bugs has been made much more efficient. Moreover, the stringent mode ensures that the application review process is conducted in a timely manner.

The introduction of the `ng update` command in Angular 12 is a major enhancement to the existing strict mode. This update provides developers with more assurance when working on a new program or workspace.

Improved Next-Generation Application Programming Interface

The new troubleshooting API in Angular 12 offers a powerful way to gain insight into an application’s behaviour as it is being executed. Moreover, the addition of features like getDirectiveMetada and esetProfiler significantly enhances the range of options available for debugging APIs, allowing for a more streamlined debugging process.

The getDirectiveMetadata method can be utilised to obtain information about various directives and instructions. In contrast, the esetProfile can be employed to observe template lifetimes, alterations, and the execution of lifecycle hooks.

Updates for Angular 12 include: There is a new version of Typescript out there

TypeScript 4.2 has recently been released, and it introduces a range of enhancements that particularly benefit users of Angular 12. These include improvements to the operator, the introduction of type aliases, the implementation of tuple types, and the addition of abstract classes.

The latest version of TypeScript, 4.2, is equipped with an improved in-operator, guaranteeing that critical variables and other information are never displayed incorrectly. Not only will this new and enhanced version of TypeScript generate fewer incorrect and duplicate code examples, but also correctly identify aliases and types, resulting in a significant savings of time.

The readability of code and the level of support provided by tools are improved with the introduction of Tuples in Typescript 4.2. This new feature allows developers to work with optional, rest, and discretionary components, leading to more efficient coding. Additionally, when used with Angular 12, Typescript 4.2 helps to simplify class checking and makes it possible to include abstract modifiers in constructor signatures.

Modifications to the Look

In addition to the previously mentioned modifications, this version of Angular also has several improvements to its appearance. To begin with, the component decorator style field now supports inline Sass. Furthermore, a new Sass module structure has been implemented for use within Angular Material and Angular CDK. Even more, Angular 12 now has official support for the Tailwind CSS preprocessor, providing users with an even more comprehensive aesthetic experience.

Angular 12 has released a variety of new features, such as the ability to emit events, support for HTTP status codes, and compatibility with Webpack 5. There have also been some additional changes, including minified UMDs, redirected source files, and the implementation of strict null checks. All of these features combine to make Angular 12 a powerful and reliable platform for web development.

What’s different in Angular 12 from Angular 11?

The release of Angular 12 is a testament to the rapid pace of development for the framework. Following closely on the heels of Angular 11, there have been substantial developments, enhancements, and modifications made to the fundamental framework. Notable improvements to Angular 12 include the inclusion of TypeScript 4.2, support for Webpack 5.37, and the enablement of strict mode by default. The introduction of the optional service in Angular 11 has also been welcomed, along with the widespread use of IVY, which should help to avoid deprecation in future versions of the framework.


The latest version of Angular, Angular 12, provides developers with an enhanced experience by improving performance, language service, form validation, and compiler services. This version is considerably more dependable than the preceding version, and could serve as the foundation for future adaptations of Zoneless Angular and the Angular Marquee Project’s Zone.js options.

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