The New Edition of Works’ Generosity Program Helps Foster the Next Generation of Tech Professionals

At Works, we strongly advocate for equal opportunities for all individuals to receive recognition and support. It is with great pleasure that we inform you of the latest progress of our Works Giveback Programme, which is now geared towards supporting people who come from less privileged backgrounds. This semi-annual initiative involves working together with our clients to make charitable donations to non-profit organisations, thereby helping to bridge the gap between talented individuals and the opportunities they need to achieve success.

Works is committed to cultivating and expanding digital skills globally, while staying true to our principles of inclusiveness, openness and diversity in selecting the non-profit organisations for different causes. We firmly believe that companies need to join forces on sustainable endeavours to ensure their triumph. To increase awareness about the issues we encounter, we are extending an opportunity to our clients to nominate a social initiative, to which we would contribute as a token of appreciation for their patronage.

As partners, we are taking an additional measure by providing non-profit organisations with the tools to fuel talent development globally. With valuable input from our clients, we are playing our role in cultivating the IT industry and paving the way for the workforce of tomorrow.

We are thrilled to announce that our Works Giveback Programme has received the Bronze award in the Corporate Social Responsibility Program of the Year category at the 20th annual 2023 American Business Awards presented by the Stevie Awards. This accolade is a testament to our team’s unwavering commitment and dedication, and we are humbled to be acknowledged. To learn more about this initiative, please click here.

Enabling constructive transformation for artistic individuals on a global scale

This year, the focus of our Works Giveback Programme is on cultivating aspiring tech innovators. We have selected several non-profit organisations that share our goal of establishing a digital industry that is open and available to individuals from diverse backgrounds, to ensure that equal opportunities for triumph are accessible to all. The organisations we are supporting are:

  • Warrior Women:

    A platform aimed at financing more women-led start-ups to facilitate competition in sectors that have traditionally been male-dominated such as technology.
  • EveryoneOn:

    An enterprise that offers families with lower income levels access to computers, internet, and digital literacy classes.
  • NPower:

    A scheme adept at assisting underprivileged individuals enter the middle-class bracket by providing them with technical instruction and viable employment prospects.
  • Fill in the Blanks:

    A non-governmental organisation (NGO) that offers second-hand computers to charitable organisations and schools in need worldwide.
  • LaunchCode:

    This non-profit seeks to expand the IT workforce by providing free technology instruction and job placement services accessible to individuals from all backgrounds.

The impact of outcomes extends significantly in the software engineering field

Our B-Grants Programme is now known as the ‘Works Giveback Programme.’ Our objective is to provide aid to non-profit organisations that strive to advance technology and foster access to prosperous career opportunities for gifted individuals worldwide. We are convinced that the best approach to making a genuine difference is through providing education and resources. This serves as the most effective way to overcome inequities and empower people from less privileged backgrounds to enter the dynamic technology industry.

Browse through our previous initiatives and ongoing efforts of our Giveback Programme here.

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