The New Norm: Creating a Workforce Plan in Order to Deliver on Product Plans

The COVID-19 pandemic has marked a significant turning point in the scope of digital transformation. Companies are moving their internal and external operations and services to digital platforms. While providing adequate technology for remote employees is crucial, it is equally imperative to discover new ways of targeting customers who are currently in self-isolation and require access to goods and services via online channels.

The Consequences Are Significant

According to recent research conducted on a group of 1,000 esteemed technologists, 95% of the evaluated companies have reevaluated their technology priorities in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, 88% of engineers have shifted their attention to improving the digital customer experience. Surprisingly, 75% of respondents noted that initiatives related to digital transformation which would typically take more than a year to be approved have received authorisation within a fortnight.

Create a Talent Strategy for the New Normal

McKinsey analysts have emphasised the significance of taking a holistic approach toward human resources when undergoing digital transformation for the post-pandemic era. They suggested that companies should create intricate talent road maps, mirroring the level of detail found in technological ones, to accelerate the process. Additionally, an expert in the software industry reiterated that having a team of exceptional engineers is crucial, since such professionals are ten times more efficient than their less-skilled counterparts.

The global pandemic has had an immense impact on today’s world, making it an even greater challenge to recruit and retain top-tier software engineers than ever before. However, McKinsey forecasts that recruiters will discover novel techniques to leverage the worldwide talent pool, simplify the application process, and address the unevenness of labour supply. By doing so, they will be capable of identifying the most outstanding software engineers globally and give them the opportunity to work remotely, creating a more diverse and unbiased work environment.

Enhancements that Enhance Your Probability of Success

Remote staff augmentation for software engineering is a proven method for gaining access to specialised skills required to expedite the process of digital transformation. By collaborating with a staff augmentation company, firms can tap into a global talent pool of highly skilled engineers where there are limited opportunities. This approach enables companies to swiftly augment their teams by adding or removing members as needed and creating more agile software development teams. McKinsey & Company have consistently advocated for hiring top performers, and staff augmentation firms can assist organisations in achieving this objective.

To enhance productivity and quality in today’s environment, companies may consider two possible solutions: a) upskilling younger developers to improve their proficiency and effectiveness, or b) employing short-term contractors. However, both methods necessitate an extensive length of time – a commodity that many businesses are deficient in due to the current pandemic. Prior to the outbreak, the recruitment process for senior software engineers generally took months, and so Human Resources departments are currently encountering difficulties in keeping up with the demand. Additionally, neither of these methods provides the flexibility to supplement or eliminate competencies on an as-needed basis.

To meet the demands of your internal and external customers during these extraordinary times, it is advisable to transition your focus from facilitating remote work to providing value and delivering digital products and services. Hiring freelancers to supplement your in-house engineering team can be a great alternative to the time-consuming and expensive process of hiring a full-time team member and the associated uncertainties.

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