The Promise to Push Oneself to Their Absolute Potential Was Renewed This Year for Another Year of Birthday Celebrations

In the previous year, I had suggested refraining from using the word “yes” to redirect our attention towards fulfilling our duties here at Works. Having experienced its efficacy, I am renewing this endeavour for the upcoming year. My faith in the organisation’s objectives and my colleagues’ capacity to create a substantial impact on the technology and social integration sectors make me take this decision. Furthermore, the distinctive culture of Works also promotes maximal contribution from each member. Consequently, by uniting our efforts, we can continue progress and surpass expectations.

Here at Works, we operate under a few fundamental principles that we don’t just preach or leave as mere words on a wall. On the contrary, we inspire and motivate one another to incorporate these principles into our daily activities. To achieve optimal outcomes, we engage in discussions and deliberations with each other and face external challenges head-on. This obliges us to bring our personal perspective to these core principles, thus rendering our workplace a haven of ease and gratification for all.


Here at Works, we often use the acronym YOYO – which stands for “You Own Your Own” – to underscore the notion that your diligence and effort determine your path in life. Here, I wish to elaborate on how I maintain my individuality while contributing to the progress of our organisation. Blogging about my involvement and the Information Technology sector not only adds to my expertise but also helps promote our team’s success. It’s an advantageous situation where I enhance my knowledge while simultaneously assisting in publicising our business.

Here at Works, we pursue greatness through our unwavering adhesion to these four essential principles: excellence, passion, integrity, and teamwork.

To all of us here, they are not vacuous words.

This is a routine activity for you.


At Works, we are resolute in our pursuit of excellence in all aspects of our work. We approach our assignments with intense focus and awareness, and we scrutinise our output closely, swiftly identifying and correcting any shortcomings. This routine of analysing, pondering, and refining is ceaseless, and we take pride in our commitment to outstanding quality. We acknowledge that excellence necessitates attentive diligence and strenuous effort, and we deem it a pursuit, a code of behaviour, and a vocation for those who are passionate about producing exceptional work.


One can find their passion in diverse pursuits. However, at Works, we believe that being passionate about one’s job is a vital requisite. This ardour can stem from coding intricacies, the fruitful completion of a transaction or any job component, and it is a fundamental characteristic of our workplace culture. Our associates, developers, managers, and even our Twitter followers all contribute to the ambiance that fosters our fervour. In this setting, any lack of bona fide enthusiasm or indifference stands out noticeably. In this environment, disinterest is a flaw and passion is a permanent fixture.


Integrity is not merely a stringent moral code but also a proactive course of action. We are aware that there can be instances where it may seem convenient to circumvent the rules or prioritise personal interests over others’. However, we acknowledge that this would be a regressive approach. In its place, we make endeavours to discern the reason behind such impulses and act in a manner that benefits everyone involved. Consequently, we unwaveringly adhere to doing what is right, under any circumstances.


Working collaboratively can be challenging but is ultimately pivotal and rewarding. Our workplace fosters a congenial environment, where individuals can confidently offer ideas, form trustworthy relationships, and impart knowledge, transcending cultural or geographic barriers. This unified method has empowered us to function as a single team with a shared goal, overcoming any obstacles that may arise. Regardless of the complexities, the benefits of working together have far outweighed any efforts invested.


The basic tenets that we follow each day have bestowed upon me an immeasurable recognition of the world, humanity, my capabilities, and a group’s collective influence in shaping the course of events and broadening perspectives. The fundamental principles of excellence, ardour, integrity, and collaboration, when practised in unison, form an EPIC (Excellence, Passion, Integrity, and Collaboration) statement that surpasses the sum of its components in its potency.

For those among you searching for a place to belong, a group to identify with, or a community to embrace as your own…

Do not concede to limitations imposed by others.

Identify what you value the most. Then, cultivate yourself into that individual.

I put my faith in humans. I strongly believe that there is no place on Earth where you are not an influential force.

At Works, we believe in the potential of humanity.

By adhering to this ethos, we can accomplish anything.

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