The Promise to Push Oneself to Their Absolute Potential Was Renewed This Year for Another Year of Birthday Celebrations

Last year, I proposed that we all refrain from saying “yes” in order to focus more on our responsibilities at Works. After a period of trial and success, I am renewing this commitment for the upcoming year. This is not only because I am confident in the organization’s goals and the capabilities of my colleagues to make a meaningful contribution to the technology and social inclusion sectors, but also because of the unique culture at Works. I believe that each of us has the potential to contribute to this culture and by doing so, we can continue to make significant progress and exceed expectations.

At Works, we are guided by a few core principles. However, we do not merely preach them or just leave them as written words on a wall. Instead, we actively encourage one another to bring these principles to life in our workplace. To achieve the best results, we not only converse and debate with each other, but also challenge and struggle against the external environment. This requires each and every one of us to give a unique interpretation to our core principles, so that our workplace is a place of comfort and contentment for all.


At Works, we often refer to the acronym YOYO – which stands for “You Own Your Own” – to emphasize the idea that you get out of life what you put into it. I wanted to take this opportunity to explain how I maintain my own sense of self while also contributing to the growth of our organization. By blogging about my business and the IT industry, I’m not only investing in myself but also in the success of our team. It’s a win-win situation: I gain knowledge and understanding while helping to spread the word about our business.

At Works, we strive for greatness via our dedication to these four core values: excellence, passion, integrity, and teamwork.

To us, they aren’t empty platitudes.

This is something that you do regularly.


At our company, we strive to achieve excellence in all that we do. We are deliberate and mindful in our design, speech, and evaluation of our work, and we are quick to identify anything that fails to meet our high standards. The process of observing, reflecting, and improving is ongoing, and we take pride in our commitment to excellence. We recognize that achieving excellence requires dedication and hard work, and we consider it a quest, a way of life, and a calling for those who are passionate about creating superior work.


It is possible that we can find our passion in a variety of places. Here at Works, we believe that having a passion for one’s work is an essential requirement. Whether this passion is found in the intricacies of coding or in the success of a completed transaction, it is integral to the culture of our workplace. Our partners, engineers, executives and Twitter followers all form part of the environment that encourages and enables us to express our enthusiasm. It is impossible to hide our true feelings in this atmosphere; eventually, our lack of interest or genuine enthusiasm will be revealed. In this setting, disinterest is a flaw, and zeal is the permanent patch.


Maintaining integrity is not just about having a strong moral code; it’s about taking action. We understand that there are moments when it may be tempting to take the easy route, to break the rules or prioritize our own interests above those of others. However, we recognize that this would ultimately be counter-productive. Instead, we strive to identify the underlying need and work to meet it in a way that benefits everyone. This means that, no matter what, we always do what is right.


Working collaboratively can be difficult, but is ultimately necessary and rewarding. We have created a supportive atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable to contribute ideas, build relationships of trust, and share their knowledge regardless of geographic or cultural differences. This unified approach has allowed us to come together as one team with a single purpose, in spite of the difficulties that may arise. Despite the complexity of the process, the rewards inherent in working together have proven to be well worth the effort.


The principles which we abide by on a daily basis have provided me with an invaluable appreciation for the world, for people, for my own capabilities, and for the collective power of a group to change the course of events and broaden perspectives. These core values of excellence, enthusiasm, integrity, and collaboration are powerful when expressed together, forming an EPIC (Excellence, Passion, Integrity, and Collaboration) statement that is greater than the sum of its parts.

For those of you still on the prowl for a group to call home, a community to call your own, a people to call your own…

Never accept limitations imposed by others.

Figure out what it is you hold dear. And then develop into that person.

When it comes to humans, I put my faith. There is no place on Earth where you are not a potent force, in my opinion.

At Works, we have faith in humanity.

And in this way, we can do anything.

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