The Role of Diversity in the Rapid Development of the Business

Right from the start, our objective has been to attract the most proficient and knowledgeable professionals in the IT industry. In order to achieve this, we have implemented a challenging recruitment process that allows us to cherry-pick exceptional candidates from a massive pool of over 1.2 million applicants every year. At present, we utilise our proprietary AI-powered recruitment framework to ensure optimal precision.

Our success since 2009 is a clear reflection of the importance we place on skill and proficiency. At Works, we strongly believe in evaluating candidates solely on their abilities, irrespective of their identity or background. This philosophy has played a pivotal role in our ongoing accomplishments.

A Decade-Long Battle Against Prejudice

Until the inception of Works, there was a lot of scepticism surrounding the efficacy of remote and distributed teams. Many doubted our ability to keep team members connected, bring together individuals from diverse cultures, and ensure seamless communication and collaboration among them. Overcoming this disbelief was a major obstacle that we had to overcome.

We recognised that a fundamental element essential to the success of our chosen approach is the fusion of technical proficiency, extensive background in software development, and a diverse range of cultural viewpoints. In order to achieve this, we handpicked exceptional software engineers from all corners of the globe.

Adopting a progressive outlook towards recruitment and work processes allowed us to build highly capable and multifarious teams in the IT realm. This endeavour was immensely advantageous for our company, as the diverse array of perspectives and ideas contributed by our team helped us to enhance our customer service and elevate our operations.

In actuality, there were three key benefits to our choice of recruiting experts from different regions of the globe:

  • Insights from Multiple Sources

    With our emphasis on prioritising talent during the recruitment process, Works has been able to increase its workforce to over 5,000 employees in 600 sites across 36 countries. Our team comprises of a varied and experienced group of individuals from diverse backgrounds, who provide distinctive perspectives and invaluable insights in our current and future pursuits.
  • Enhanced Creativity

    Witnessing a team of individuals possessing extensive and versatile technical know-how working together towards a common objective is a unique and extraordinary experience. At Works, this has been made achievable, empowering us to unleash our imagination and expand the limits of what is achievable. The diversity of our team has enabled us to delve into innovative concepts and not settle for the first idea that comes to mind.
  • Exponential Business Growth

    It is evident that diversity is a key factor in Works’ development. This is not mere speculation, as studies indicate that diverse teams can aid business growth, resulting in heightened yearly growth in market share and assisting in the expansion into new markets.

Devoting One’s Life

We are continually making efforts to establish diverse teams and regularly evaluate our recruitment processes to eliminate bias. Our pledge is to offer all employees equitable opportunities for professional growth and progression. We persistently scout for fresh talent while exploring new and innovative techniques to achieve our objective.

Incorporating internal recruitment tactics has resulted in an instantaneous effect on our recruitment process. Our determination to elevate the representation of minority groups in the IT realm is reflected in our active pursuit of encouraging our team members to recommend suitable candidates for our company.

At Works, we are wholeheartedly committed to aiding the communities in which our offices are situated. Through our contributions to charities and organizations that facilitate access to technology training, resources, and services, we endeavor to enrich the lives of individuals and empower them. We firmly believe that each person should have equal opportunities to achieve their maximum potential and create a more benevolent world.

Our Giveback Program was initiated to extend our support for philanthropic causes on behalf of our clients. We have been gratified to contribute to various organizations, such as Girls Who Code, Child’s Play, Benetech,, and a plethora of local sports and community groups. The objective of the Giveback Program is to provide individuals with limited access to technology, the means to obtain tools needed to advance their career in the IT sector.

Our ultimate objective is to expand the multitude of underrepresented voices in the technology industry. This is because studies have illustrated that diversity can be advantageous for both IT companies and society at large.

It is evident that we must persist in our pursuit of excellence in promoting diversity. Works has dedicated to this cause and is constantly seeking new means to achieve it. Despite our achievements in fostering diverse teams, there is still more we can accomplish in sourcing proficient individuals. We are currently taking progressive measures not only for business expansion but also in making diversity one of our primary goals.

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