The Secret Behind Headspace’s Stellar Customer Service

Headspace is committed to offering its users the most positive experience possible, and they understand that they must use an engineering solution to keep up with their ever-increasing customer base. With the use of guided meditation and mindfulness techniques, Headspace provides a portable, personal meditation guide to help its users live healthier, more relaxed lives with less stress, fewer distractions, enhanced concentration, and increased empathy.

Users Need More Customer Experience Tools

The Customer Experience team at Headspace anticipated an increased demand for assistance following the expansion of their services. To ensure that their existing support staff could manage the influx of inquiries in the same amount of time, they focused on creating efficient systems and resources, rather than simply recruiting more personnel.

As Product Manager, Clarissa Negrete was assigned the challenge of facilitating customer experience expansion. Unfortunately, she did not have the necessary resources to succeed, as the engineering team was lacking in size. She noted, “We have never had a sizable engineering team. We were attempting to achieve colossal goals with a minimal staff.

Headspace approached Works in pursuit of their initial remote software engineer, having come to the conclusion that they urgently required an experienced developer, yet lacked the resources to refine their recruitment process.

You Have a Talent Pipeline Ready to Grow

Looking back, Clarissa recalls that initially it was just her and the first developer of Works who were working on a tool for the Customer Experience (CX) team as well as a website Help Centre. As her role expanded beyond CX to include all internal tools, the firm recruited a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) to create an engineering management structure for a larger team of software engineers.

In order to expand their workforce despite their limited financial and temporal resources, as well as the highly competitive labour market in California, Headspace chose to collaborate with Works in order to gain access to a more diverse selection of qualified talent.

Headspace recently welcomed two new junior engineers to its team, who are dedicated to working on the customer experience (CX) tool. This increase in staff was made possible by the fast-paced recruitment, training, and onboarding process provided by Works. As a result, there are now only two Headspace engineers in-house, while the remaining crew works on other projects according to their availability.

A Strong, Decentralised Group

For Clarissa, it was critically important that everyone could collaborate and exchange data seamlessly. During her tenure, she has worked with Works engineers who have been nothing but amicable and accommodating. In her years of expertise, Clarissa has never encountered engineers as courteous, enthusiastic, eager to learn, and satisfied with the results as these. Compared to Headspace’s past remote experiences, which were transactional and impersonal, the engineers working on Works are valued as integral parts of the team. The team frequently holds lunch meetings and all-hands with them, which makes it feel like they are full-time employees, something that Clarissa has never observed with other remote engineering teams.

Developers undertaking difficult, foundational tasks require both collaboration and a positive outlook in order to be successful. This type of work is fundamental to the success of our organisation, even though it may not be the most exciting or apparent task.

Employer-Provided Training and Development Support

Over recent years, the use of programming languages has seen a significant rise, though some of these languages are either outdated or require a significant amount of time and dedication to learn. As such, we tend to seek out engineers who are already proficient in the language required for a particular role. The relationship between these programming languages and the workforce is quite remarkable.

Through on-the-job training, including in new languages, Works provides ongoing support and guidance to all its developers. By taking this opportunity to learn and build skills alongside their coworkers, developers can make use of the resources available through Works. This is beneficial for both the developers, as this knowledge can be put to use in their next career steps, and for the company, as it increases the value of its developers. Investing in their employees’ growth is a great way for Works to ensure its continued success.

Since 2022, Headspace has seen a significant increase in its corporate customer base, as the company has begun to offer its services directly to businesses. Their engineers are currently focusing on developing their primary platform, which is aiding Headspace in furthering their mission to bring mindfulness to people around the world.

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