The Software Engineer’s Quest for Self-Directed Education

At Works, we put the power of knowledge in your hands.

During the onboarding process at Works, you’ll often hear the seven words “You’re On Your Own” (YOYO). This phrase is more than just a casual expression, it’s a reminder that your learning journey is just beginning. After a long and tiring recruitment process, it might be tempting to take a break once you’re accepted. But YOYO encourages you to stay focused and keep striving for progress.

In the field of software engineering, it’s a widely acknowledged fact that the learning process never ends. This is especially true in the constantly evolving world of technology, where new systems and technologies are regularly introduced while existing ones are constantly updated. As a result, programming languages are always changing, with some becoming more widely used while others fade away.

If you’re seeking to advance your career as a software engineer with Works, one of the most beneficial approaches is to follow the company’s recommended home study program. This program enables you to get exposure to the primary technology stacks and tools used at Works. Moreover, self-study is a valuable skill to develop as it’ll help you in your future career as a software engineer. To prepare and gain practice, you can utilise various online platforms such as Codecademy, Udemy, Edx, and Udacity.

Stack Overflow’s yearly survey of software development trends provides insightful data on various aspects, including languages and frameworks, technology, techniques, developer profiles, and the software industry overall. This trustworthy source of information serves as an reliable record of the market state throughout the year. Additionally, these surveys offer a valuable opportunity to understand current trends and potential future ones in the near future. As you become more familiar with the field, you may find that these surveys are essential in helping you stay informed of the latest software engineering developments.

Dedicating specific time for studying is crucial to succeed in your pursuit of a Software Engineer position at Works. Not only will it help you secure the position, but it also enables you to develop a strong study routine and continuously improve your skills. In the competitive engineering industry, successful teams are always searching for talented individuals to join them. Therefore, it’s crucial to prepare and give yourself the best chance of success.

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