The Talent Series: A Guide to Keeping Your Most Valuable Employees

At Works, we recognise the vital role that talent plays in the success of contemporary businesses, and we examine it from an array of angles. Our aim is to gain a deeper understanding of the significance of talent in the workplace, how to incentivise and leverage it, and the factors that contribute to triumph in these domains.

When Lionel Messi, widely regarded as one of the greatest footballers to have graced the sport, expressed his desire to depart Barcelona and explore alternative options, the repercussions were felt across the globe. Throughout his tenure with Barça, Messi had emerged as an iconic figure, spearheading the team to a record-breaking tally of 34 titles during his illustrious career.

The announcement surrounding Lionel Messi’s future at Barcelona sent shockwaves through the sporting world, leading the mayor of Barcelona to plead with the player to stay with the team. Professional athletes, journalists, actors, artists and politicians alike have all weighed in on what the future may hold for Messi. Following weeks of uncertainty, the contractual obligations meant that he would remain with the club.

During an exclusive interview, Lionel Messi confirmed his ongoing affiliation with Barcelona, registering his grievances with the club’s management whilst simultaneously pledging his full commitment to the team for the impending season. Recent reports indicate that he has returned to the fold with his previous formidable skillset, coupled with an increased level of determination. There is optimism that this combination will pave the way for a favourable outcome.

For the time being, the supporters of the club are relieved that their cherished player will continue to grace the field in the upcoming season. However, the underlying problem still endures, which is the uncertainty surrounding Lionel Messi’s long-term future. While he remains an integral part of the Barcelona team, Messi will undoubtedly devote his full attention and effort to the cause. Nonetheless, this does not automatically indicate that he is content with his current situation or that he will remain with the team indefinitely.

Keeping a Vigilant Watch

The Lionel Messi saga is emblematic of the prevalent dilemma that businesses encounter worldwide. It is not unusual for exceptionally skilled workers to express their intent to depart from their present employers, and this does not always signify an issue. Typically, exceptional talents are drawn towards enterprises that provide prospects for career advancement along with engaging work environments.

It is disconcerting to observe that our most esteemed staff members are departing because of their opposition to the direction we are pursuing and the choices we are making.

Lionel Messi has been vocal about his disagreements with the Barcelona board throughout the year, yet his unwavering commitment to stay put has remained constant. Despite the discord between the club and the player, Messi has opted to stay on at Barcelona and is unlikely to depart due to these disparities. Nonetheless, the situation has engendered a challenging predicament for all parties involved, as resolving such issues has become increasingly intricate.

A multitude of factors may contribute to the perception that your business is the most successful. Perhaps you have the most extensive workforce, the highest salaries, or operate within a unique niche. However, if you fail to take care of your employees, none of these accomplishments will hold value. This is particularly relevant when dealing with gifted individuals who will invariably seek out alternative avenues if their requirements are not satisfied.

It is imperative to remain vigilant and alert for any potential indications of discomfort or worry from colleagues. These signals may be subdued or overt, but it is critical to remain aware and perceptive. Neglecting to do so may result in possible risks. Accordingly, it is essential to exercise caution and avoid behaving similarly to the board of directors of Barcelona.

It is crucial to implement an efficient plan for talent retention that can be modified as necessary. In previous instances, we have deliberated on approaches to uphold top-tier personnel; nevertheless, using the example of Messi provides an opportunity to probe further into understanding what to avoid. However, it is crucial to remain watchful without becoming excessively anxious.

Take Time to Contemplate Your Skillset

The Barcelona Board has faced censure for not factoring in the legitimate apprehensions of Lionel Messi throughout the years. The Argentine superstar has consistently contended that the team required more quality to be able to compete at the highest level. However, the club has made their own judgements by purchasing overpriced players, hiring subpar managers, and releasing promising players.

It is evident that Barcelona’s performance has been declining, as evidenced by their loss of the La Liga title and elimination from the UEFA Champions League in the previous three seasons. Lionel Messi’s observations that the team was not as robust as it used to be have been substantiated, yet the officials have overlooked these signals.

It is unclear whether the circumstances would have been altered if they had paid attention to Messi’s viewpoint. Nonetheless, the most effective approach to demonstrate to Messi that his perspectives were appreciated would have been to lend him an attentive ear and respond accordingly. This is a characteristic of a distinguished leader: taking into account the sentiments of their staff members.

It is critical to furnish channels for your team to offer feedback. While it may not be obligatory for an individual of Messi’s eminence to avail these avenues, it is imperative to display, to both corporations and diverse talents, that you are receptive to receiving critiques and suggestions regarding your enterprise’s operations.

Be Mindful of Your Abilities and Enhance Them

Lionel Messi is unquestionably one of the globe’s most skilled athletes, as demonstrated by his third-place ranking on Forbes’ list of highest-paid athletes. However, it is not just financial allocation that is required to uphold Messi’s ability, but considerable allocation in other domains as well. Hence, it is improbable for Messi to depart Barcelona due to a paucity of monetary investment.

The Barcelona board could have made more significant investments in the club if they had invested more effort in retaining Neymar, the Brazilian superstar who has since migrated to Paris Saint-Germain, or if they had built a more substantial youth development system to foster their first team. However, the executives chose to pursue an impulsive approach to player buying and trading, lacking a cohesive strategy, and as a result, permitted promising young talents to leave owing to space limitations.

It is crucial to exhibit to your team of proficient individuals that they have your backing. Even if you provide a salary that surpasses the industry norm, a skilled employee may still decide to work for a competitor that offers more. Hence, it is recommended to allocate resources towards building a robust team in which talented individuals feel valued.

It is crucial to match high-performers with other exceptional performers or with prospective young team members. Additionally, granting access to cutting-edge technology and employee perks such as flexible schedules, remote collaboration, and recognition is indispensable to guarantee triumph.

Set Clear Objectives and Tactics

Lionel Messi’s aspiration for triumph was a pivotal element in his choice to leave Barcelona. Clearly, akin to numerous driven individuals, he wished for the team to excel in all competitions. Nevertheless, due to the inadequate guidance from the club’s executives, this objective was not achieved, and the team failed to reap the benefits of Messi’s diligence, notwithstanding having some of the finest players and managers in the league, and a remarkable history of accomplishments.

Numerous Messi enthusiasts believed that he would eventually return to Manchester City, where his former coach Josep “Pep” Guardiola presently manages the Premier League club. As per most of these sources, Messi’s objective was to reunite with Guardiola and replicate the triumphs they garnered together at Barcelona. Nonetheless, Pep’s presence was only one potential incentive for Lionel to mull over relocating to Manchester.

Scarcely any teams worldwide have the fiscal capability to meet the conditions of Lionel Messi’s contract, yet Manchester City had an ambitious initiative that fused seasoned talent such as Messi’s countryman and comrade Sergio Agüero with prospective juveniles and a playing style that was ideally suited to Messi’s skills. One could contend that Messi wished to relocate due to a perceived deficit of progression at his former club, FC Barcelona.

As a professional, you bear the responsibility to guarantee that your abilities are leveraged to their maximum potential to enable you to make a significant contribution to a successful team. To ensure that your skills are enhanced, it is vital to undertake work that challenges you and propels you to the limits of your capabilities. Additionally, offering training programs in up-to-the-minute tools and techniques can enable employees to learn and develop in their positions. Lastly, it is crucial to acknowledge the endeavors of employees with rewards such as promotions and pay raises so that they are aware of their significance to the enterprise.

Put Your Heart and Soul into It

In the end, it is plausible that a few highly proficient employees may decide to depart from your enterprise, notwithstanding any preventive measures taken. Nevertheless, by adhering to the aforementioned recommendations, it is expected that the number of resignations could be limited.

It is up to you to determine whether you think your enterprise is the premier workplace and that you are furnishing adequate perks to your employees. Nevertheless, this cannot guarantee the retention of your most exceptional employees. There is always scope for enhancing the work atmosphere, and when your top-tier employees discern that optimal conditions are not being offered, they may contemplate departing.

It is apparent that there is turmoil in Barcelona despite Lionel Messi’s allegiance to the team and his remarkable accomplishments. It is probable that the greatest player in the world will represent another club in the upcoming season. Is this a desired outcome for you?

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