The Talent Series: A Guide to Keeping Your Most Valuable Employees

We focus on this essential element of every successful modern business and analyze it from various perspectives. Why? To gain further insight into the importance of talent in the workplace, how to motivate and benefit from it, and the elements that lead to success in these areas.

The announcement that Lionel Messi, widely regarded as one of the greatest footballers of all time, wished to leave Barcelona and pursue opportunities with other clubs sent shockwaves around the world. During his time with Barça, Messi had become an iconic figure, leading the team to an unprecedented 34 titles over the course of his career.

The news of Lionel Messi’s future at Barcelona caused widespread shock, prompting the Mayor of Barcelona to urge the player to remain with the team. Professional athletes, journalists, actors, artists and politicians have all shared their thoughts on what lies ahead for Messi. After weeks of speculation, the player was contractually obligated to remain with the club.

In an exclusive interview, Lionel Messi confirmed his continued stay with Barcelona, expressing his criticism of the club’s leadership but also committing to give his all for the team for the upcoming season. Reports suggest that he has returned to the club with all his previous skills and possibly even more dedication. It is hoped that this will result in a positive outcome.

As far as the club’s supporters are concerned, this is a positive conclusion for the time being, as they will be able to continue enjoying their favorite player’s performances for another season. However, if we look beyond this, the root issue remains: there is still an air of uncertainty surrounding Lionel Messi’s future. The talented Messi will give his all to the Barcelona team while he is still a part of it. Nevertheless, this does not necessarily mean he is currently content or that he will remain there indefinitely.

Maintaining a Sharp Eye

The case of Lionel Messi is a prime example of a widespread issue affecting businesses across the globe. It is not uncommon for highly skilled workers to express their desire to leave their current employer, and this does not always signify a problem. Talented individuals tend to gravitate towards companies that offer opportunities for professional development, as well as engaging work.

It is concerning to note that our most valued employees are leaving due to their disagreement with the direction we are taking and the decisions we are making.

Lionel Messi has made it clear throughout the year that he has had disagreements with the board at Barcelona, yet his decision to stay put has remained consistent. In spite of the issues between the club and the player, Messi has chosen to remain at Barcelona and is unlikely to leave due to these differences. Nevertheless, the situation has created a difficult scenario for all involved, as the resolution of such matters has become increasingly complex.

There are various elements that may lead you to believe you are the most successful business. You may have the most employees, the highest wages or you might be one of the few companies operating in a specific area. Nonetheless, if you do not look after your employees, none of these things will matter. This is especially true when dealing with talented individuals who will always find alternative options if their needs are not met.

It is important to remain alert and observant of potential signs of concern from colleagues. These may be subtle or more obvious, but it is essential to stay aware and attuned. Failing to do so may result in potential risks. Therefore, it is crucial to be vigilant and not act in the same way as the board of directors of Barcelona.

It is important to have an effective talent retention plan in place that can be adapted as needed. Previously, we have discussed strategies to retain quality employees; however, it is worth exploring further through the example of Messi to understand what not to do. Nonetheless, it is essential to remain vigilant without becoming overly paranoid.

Give some Thought to Your Skills

The Board at Barcelona have been criticized for not taking into account the valid concerns of Lionel Messi over the years. The Argentinian talisman has repeatedly argued that the squad needed more quality to be competitive on the biggest stages. Instead, the club have made their own decisions by choosing to buy overpriced players, appointing below-par managers, and trading away promising players.

It is clear that Barcelona have not been performing as well as they have in the past, evidenced by their loss of the La Liga title and their elimination from the UEFA Champions League for the past three seasons. Lionel Messi’s assertions that the club was not as strong as it once was have been validated, yet the executives have failed to take notice.

It is uncertain whether the situation would have been any different had they taken heed of Messi’s opinion. Nevertheless, the best way to show Messi that his views were valued would have been to give him an attentive ear and act accordingly. This is a trait of an outstanding leader: taking into consideration the thoughts of their employees.

It is essential that you provide opportunities for your team to give you feedback. Although it may not be necessary for someone of Messi’s stature to utilize such avenues, it is vital to show, both to corporate entities and various talent, that you are open to hearing criticism and ideas about how your business operates.

Pay Attention to Your Skills and Develop Them

It is evident that Lionel Messi is one of the world’s most talented sportsmen, as evidenced by his third highest-paid athlete ranking according to Forbes. However, it is not only monetary investment that is necessary to retain Messi’s skill, but also considerable investment in other areas. For this reason, it is unlikely that Messi will leave Barcelona due to a lack of financial investment.

The Barcelona board could have made more substantial investments in the club had they put in more effort to retain Neymar, the Brazilian superstar who has now moved to Paris Saint-Germain, or if they had developed a more robust youth system to help cultivate their first team. However, the directors opted for an impulsive approach to player trading and buying, without a coherent strategy, and consequently allowed promising young talent to leave due to space constraints.

It is essential to demonstrate to your team of skilled individuals that they have your support. Even if you provide a salary that is significantly higher than the industry average, a talented employee may still choose to work for a rival that is willing to offer more. Therefore, it is advisable to invest resources into developing a strong team where talented people feel valued.

It is essential to pair top performers with other top performers or with potential younger staff members. Furthermore, providing access to the latest technology and employee benefits such as flexible hours, remote work and recognition is essential to ensure success.

Establish Definable Goals and Strategies

Lionel Messi’s ambition for success was a major factor in his decision to depart Barcelona. Evidently, like many highly motivated individuals, he desired the team to perform well in all competitions. However, due to the lack of effective management from the club’s board, this was not realized and the team did not reap the rewards of Messi’s hard work, despite having some of the best players and managers in the league and a notable history of success.

Many Messi supporters were of the opinion that his future would involve a return to Manchester City, where his former coach Josep “Pep” Guardiola is now manager of the Premier League team. According to most of these sources, Messi’s desired end goal was to be reunited with Guardiola and recreate the successes they achieved together at Barcelona. However, Pep’s presence was only one potential motivation for Lionel to contemplate a move to Manchester.

Few teams globally have the financial capacity to meet the terms of Lionel Messi’s contract, yet Manchester City had an ambitious project that combined established talent such as Messi’s compatriot and friend Sergio Agüero with promising youngsters and a style of play that was perfectly suited to Messi’s abilities. It could be argued that Messi wanted to move due to a perceived lack of development at his former club, FC Barcelona.

As a professional, it is your responsibility to ensure that your skills are utilized to their fullest potential, so that you can contribute to a successful team. To ensure that your skills are advanced, you should ensure that you are kept busy with work that challenges you and pushes you to your limits. Additionally, providing access to training in cutting-edge tools and techniques can ensure that employees are able to learn and grow in their roles. Finally, it is important to recognize the efforts of employees with rewards such as promotions and raises, so that they are aware of their value to the business.

Give It Your All

Ultimately, it is possible that some highly skilled employees may choose to leave your company, regardless of any preventative measures taken. However, if the advice given is followed, it is hoped that the number of resignations could be minimized.

It is your decision to decide whether you believe your company is the best place to work and that you are providing enough benefits to your employees. However, this may not prevent your best employees from leaving. There is always room for improvement, and when your top employees realize that you are not offering them the best possible conditions, they may consider leaving.

It is evident that there is unrest in Barcelona despite Lionel Messi’s dedication to the team and his impressive achievements. It is possible that the greatest player in the world will be playing for another team next season. Is this outcome something that you would prefer to happen?

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