The “Techxodus” from California Is Happening

The gate test is a method of analysing human migration patterns; specifically, it is used to observe the effects of a state opening its gates to the public. The 2020 global pandemic has exacerbated an upward trend of outmigration from California, resulting in the state’s population decreasing for the first time in its history, and subsequently losing a Congressional seat.

Two people leave the Bay Area for every newcomer

The Bay Area of California has experienced an accelerated tech exodus since the start of the pandemic, with twice as many people leaving than arriving. According to data collected since September 2020, the net outflow has averaged 49.8 percent, meaning that for every new Bay Area resident, two have departed. The most commonly cited reasons for this outmigration are the desire for a better family environment and the potential to reduce the cost of living. This shift away from traditional tech clusters has been widely observed and discussed in the tech industry.

If they could work remotely, tech professionals would quit the Bay Area

A recent poll revealed that a majority of IT professionals would consider relocating if they could work remotely. Specifically, two out of every three IT professionals indicated that they would leave the Bay Area. Of these, 36% said they would move to a different part of the country, while 16% said they would even consider leaving the country altogether.

Silicon Valley will need to become remote in order to attract and retain great people

Experts predict that many computer professionals will want the option to work remotely.

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