The Top 5 Traits for Successful Telecommuting

The majority of people, given the option, would prefer to exchange their traditional nine-to-five job for the autonomy of working from home while wearing their snuggie cape. It is true that not everyone is comfortable in a co-habiting environment. It appears that some personalities are more suited to working remotely than others, and it can be difficult for hiring managers to distinguish between those who will excel in a remote environment and those who will be prone to procrastination, based solely on appearances.

When interviewing for a role which requires remote working, it is important to identify whether the candidate is suitable for the role. After all, the prospect of working from home is an attractive one for many people. Therefore, it is necessary to consider certain qualities that may assist in determining whether the interviewee is a suitable fit for a remote working environment.


One may find it difficult to comprehend how those who thrive in a group environment could also be suited to the solitary lifestyle of working from home. Nevertheless, those who can sustain their energy levels and avoid falling into a state of isolation can indeed find this way of working beneficial.

It is clear that extroverts have the capability to thrive in the solitude of working from home, just as much as introverts. Both introverts and extroverts have an essential role to play in keeping the morale of a virtual team high. Extroverts, however, are likely to possess greater energy and enthusiasm when it comes to collaborating online and forming meaningful relationships with colleagues who they have not met in person.

Free as a Bird, so to Speak

The number of external commitments held by a remote worker is another factor to consider when attempting to predict the amount of time and effort they will be able to provide. A study published in the Journal of Management in 2023 found that people without major responsibilities, such as having children, are more likely to be productive and less likely to engage in idle behavior.

Social loafing is a psychological phenomenon that occurs when an individual puts in less effort towards a shared goal or objective when working in a group, compared to when they are working alone.

Due to the fact that having a few people who are more relaxed within a team can help those with a lot of familial commitments to stay on course and maintain a connection with their colleagues, it is essential to include some people who do not take everything too seriously within virtual teams. This can help to create a balance between those who are highly driven and those who are more laid-back, enabling the team to function efficiently and effectively.

Communication: Noun

It is vitally important to remember the significance of effective written communication, particularly in the current climate of remote working. Without the opportunity to interact in person, much of the subtlety which is usually present in conversation is lost, making it essential to select individuals who are able to communicate clearly, concisely and professionally through written platforms. The question remains, however, of where one can find such talented people?

Examining emails and memos exchanged with a candidate before the interview can provide insight into their ability to comprehend and adhere to written instructions. If there is still uncertainty, there are a vast number of online communication tests that can be administered, or alternatively a bespoke test can be created.


It is evident that, without the structure of a physical office and on-site staff, it can be challenging to maintain key performance indicators (KPIs). Therefore, it is crucial to recruit highly accurate and self-motivated personnel for remote roles. It is important to select individuals who are always able to meet deadlines and guarantee delivery.

When searching for the perfect employee for a remote role, it is a great idea to start by evaluating a potential candidate’s Judging vs. Perceiving Myers-Briggs type. Individuals with strong Judging tendencies tend to be ideal for remote working. These individuals are often highly motivated, punctual, and demonstrate attention to detail. They also have a strong sense of responsibility and make sure to meet their obligations, making them the perfect fit for an online working environment.

Accustomed to Ambiguity

Given the unpredictable nature of remote working, it is important to ensure that your managers and team leaders are supported by staff who are comfortable with this situation. When hiring, it is important to look for individuals who have the ability to take initiative and make decisions independently, even when there is no clear guidance or policy. This will help to streamline operations and ensure that tasks are completed efficiently.

It has been duly noted that the Myers-Briggs Personality Test indicates that those who score higher on the Intuition scale of the test, rather than the Sensing scale, are better suited to certain situational requirements. Those with a strong intuitive faculty can be relied upon to be able to read between the lines, remain composed when faced with uncertainly, and take advantage of flexible environments – for example, working from home – to make their own schedules.

Employing and putting together virtual teams should be less of a headache the next time around if you keep the aforementioned advice in mind.

As an alternative, it could be beneficial to consider having prospective employees complete a Leadership Quotient test to evaluate whether they are suited for remote working. Rather than simply reading about it, why not give it a go and share your experience with the rest of us in the comments? After I took the test, the results showed that I would be an ideal candidate for working from home.

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