The Top 6 Tech Recruiting Platforms to Boost Your Small Business’s Hiring Strategies

In the current job market, it is crucial to find and hire skilled individuals who align with the company’s values. However, this can prove to be a daunting task. Luckily, recruitment platforms have emerged as a solution, offering cost-effective access to talented individuals from all over the globe.

Within this article, we will explore the leading internet-based recruitment platforms and the resources they provide for acquiring the personnel your business requires.

Identifying and hiring the best IT professionals is an even more demanding task. With more than a decade of experience as a leading remote recruitment agency, Works is capable of helping businesses find and employ qualified experts from all corners of the world. Feel free to contact us to initiate the process.

Throughout the hiring process, Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) provide valuable assistance, including job ad placement and candidate selection. Additionally, Candidate Relationship Managers (CRM) offer the ability to store a candidate library for possible future career opportunities.

We trust that one of these distinguished recruitment platforms will suit your small business. Let us get started!


iCIMS delivers an all-encompassing web-based recruitment platform that features both Applicant Tracking Systems and Customer Relationship Management functions. The platform is extremely versatile and can be personalised to meet the specific requirements of your business.

iCIMS’s offerings cater to a diverse range of sectors, such as banking and finance, healthcare, manufacturing, retail and sales, software, construction, and transportation. As a result, iCIMS is an optimal choice for firms that operate on a seasonal basis – like hotels – as it provides options for hiring temporary staff.

iCIMS is highly rated, serving over 4,000 companies and 24 million users worldwide. Notable organisations including Uber, Microsoft, IBM, and UPS have selected iCIMS as their provider. It may be worthwhile to further investigate their offerings.

Available Services

  • Method for Tracking Potential Employees
  • Career sites offer businesses a service that connects them with potential employees. They establish a digital environment where employers can advertise job vacancies, accept, and manage online applications.
  • The Technique of Staying in Touch with Potential Candidates
  • Current digital assistants employ Artificial Intelligence (AI) to support automatic self-service, qualification screening, and scheduling appointments, among other time-saving features.
  • Recruiting New Employees
  • Opportunity Marketplace is a resource that might enable retention of valuable employees by creating additional opportunities for career advancement within the company.
  • Automated Marketing Solutions
  • Improve the recruitment process by utilising texting: Interact with potential candidates via their preferred chat and/or texting application.
  • The studio is arranged for creating videos in which employees can give their views on the organisation and its culture. Once finished, the application can be used to edit these videos and share them on social media or in recruitment communication.
  • Reporting and Data Analytics
  • Employing advanced technologies such as AI and ML to connect skilled individuals with their ideal job opportunities.
  • Dynamic Talent Profile can assist in making better recruitment decisions by consolidating a candidate’s data and history into a singular record.


Starting at $1700 per month with the pricing of your customised solution package open to negotiation with our sales team.

Human Resources Tools on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a popular professional social networking site that also offers LinkedIn Talent Solutions. It is an all-inclusive set of tools that can help businesses recruit and retain high-quality employees.

With over 750 million registered users, LinkedIn provides access to an extensive talent pool for businesses. Its broad user base has made it one of the top recruitment platforms, allowing employers to discover candidates with the desired knowledge and experience for their vacancies. LinkedIn’s services are used by major companies like Amazon, Dropbox, Nestlé, Siemens, and Unilever, among others.

Available Services

  • The Talent Insights platform grants access to data concerning your organisation’s workforce and that of other businesses, allowing you to gain greater insight into enhancing current staff development or identifying any potential skill gaps.
  • A Job board equipped with screening tools can help identify and interview the most suitable candidates for each position.
  • Recruiter is a LinkedIn application created to aid businesses in identifying and connecting with suitable candidates for available positions by utilising the platform’s extensive professional network.
  • LinkedIn Talent Hub—A.T.S for Professionals
  • Businesses can employ recruitment marketing strategies such as constructing dedicated websites or creating targeted advertising on LinkedIn to appeal to more suitable applicants.
  • Training opportunities enable employees to acquire and improve on their existing skills. Newly onboarded employees may also find value in viewing company-specific videos and incorporating them into a personalised training programme.
  • The Glint People Success Platform is a thorough system created to survey employees about their work experiences and overall perceptions of the organisation. In addition to supporting the implementation and communication of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) plans, it enables you to take steps to enhance the work environment for your workforce.


Our team can customise a solution to meet the unique requirements of your business. Please get in touch with our sales team to obtain a rough cost estimate for your desired solution.

Advantages of Zoho Recruit Usage

Zoho Recruit is a customer relationship management system similar to iCIMS. It offers scalable plans at competitive prices, enabling businesses to upgrade as their needs expand.

Over 8,000 companies, including Allianz, Bosch, and Deloitte, utilise the Zoho Recruit platform.

Available Services

  • Candidate sourcing entails identifying and connecting with appropriate individuals to fill job openings, whether it be for short-term or long-term positions.
  • Google AdWords and LinkedIn Recruiter can be employed to advertise job vacancies on various platforms, including LinkedIn, Monster, OLX, Twitter, and even on Google’s search engine results.
  • A careers site is an online platform where prospective applicants can view current job openings and submit their applications.
  • Source Booster can assist you in identifying individuals with precise skills and qualifications by scouring various job sites and consolidating their applications in a single convenient location.
  • “Employee referral” is a system that enables current staff to recommend eligible candidates for open positions.
  • Recruiting pipeline is a versatile dashboard that provides an overview of your team’s recruitment efforts.
  • We have integrated a resume parser to simplify the process of adding candidate information to our central recruitment database. Furthermore, we can import profiles from websites such as LinkedIn.
  • Recruiting analytics can assist you in tracking the key performance indicators (KPIs) that are most pertinent to your recruitment process and determining which channels generate the best outcomes for finding qualified candidates.
  • You can assess your candidates by administering tests and contrasting their outcomes.
  • One-way video interviews are a means for candidates and recruiters to conduct synchronous video recorded interviews, as well as live video interviews via Zoho’s integrated video conferencing capabilities.
  • Design document: Automating the recruitment process through the creation of a drag-and-drop sequence.
  • Integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into the recruitment process allows for a more discerning selection of candidates to be evaluated.
  • Dispatch and monitor who receives your personalised offer letters, complete with pertinent attachments and simple tracking features for recruiters.
  • Through the onboarding process, recruiters can convert potential hires into actual employees, demonstrating the effectiveness of their recruitment endeavours.


Zoho provides monthly subscription plans at four different price levels:

  • You can hold a full-time job at no cost. Perks:
    • Public job boards for employment opportunities
    • Administrative supervision of candidates
    • Email management
    • Scheduling interviews
  • The entry-level package (€25) enables you to manage up to one hundred active jobs. Includes all Free plan functionalities, and also
    • Discovering potential hires
    • Websites with high-quality job listings
    • Social media recruiting techniques
    • Building your resume
    • Candidate tracking
    • Pool of possible hires
    • Standardized dashboards and reports
  • By paying only €50, you can unlock our Professional plan and post up to 250 active job openings. This package comprises all the features of the Premium and Standard plans in addition to
    • Automated candidate matching
    • Data-driven approaches with a future-oriented perspective
    • Custom-built reports and dashboards
    • Websites for prospective job seekers
    • Virtual and on-site candidate screening and assessment
    • Background verification
    • Advanced security measures
    • Assignment-related compliance policies
  • Business (€75): Post up to 750 job listings per month. This plan includes all the features offered in the Professional version plus
    • Custom job positions and profiles
    • Customized settings and preferences
    • Customer-accessible online portals
    • Job boards for recruitment
    • Guidelines for using templates
    • Switchable tabs
    • Blueprint
    • Strategic coverage planning
    • Policy for advanced assignment
    • Automated responses


At the core of Works’ approach is the human factor. The various screening and interview tools are built to minimize prejudice. Works provides a dependable solution for implementing initiatives related to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in any organization.

Works is a widely-used platform by numerous companies including Tripadvisor, Evernote, Squarespace, Lyft, Taskdesk, SeatGeek, and Pinterest.

Available Services

  • Recruiting
    • Effortlessly search and optimize job listings on over a thousand major and minor job boards
    • Recommendations grounded on analysis of previous outcomes and the performance of comparable organizations.
    • Contact potential customers, personalize your communications, and systemize your follow-ups.
    • Assign specific access controls to involved parties, empowering them to do their part, and keep them on schedule with notifications, assignments, and alerts.
    • Maintain a record of the connections history among applicants.
    • Start new job listings by setting up fields to gather essential information from HR, which will help in making informed recruitment decisions.
    • Collaborate seamlessly with the recruitment team in a centralized location where you can collectively review candidate applications, approve job listings, and accept offers.
    • Creating a clear and comprehensive interview process is essential for ensuring the success of new job listings and candidates.
    • Establishing a set of success criteria early on is essential to ensure that all candidates are assessed consistently.
    • To ensure that interviewers are assessing the relevant skills, qualities, and qualifications, it is advisable to establish a systematic approach.
    • Consider automating a survey to gain insight into how candidates perceive the application process.
    • Analyse and distribute over 30 vital reports for rapid insights.
    • Machine learning and predictive analytics can be utilized to determine the likelihood of hiring a candidate on schedule.
  • Onboarding
    • Create a centralized database of useful information.
    • Introducing Members
    • Help in familiarizing new hires with the company’s culture and practices.
    • Employ various automated tasks and notifications to align all team members and ensure that they have a complete understanding of their role in the onboarding process.
    • Ensure that all stakeholders involved in the onboarding of new staff take responsibility for their actions.
    • Establish an automated email series to keep new hires updated on their expected responsibilities.
    • Establish a system to guarantee the timely completion of all necessary documentation and data collection.
    • Implement and oversee procedures by allocating suitable onboarding tasks to new staff based on their job function, division, location, and/or employment standing.
    • Delegating responsibilities, issuing notifications, and scheduling timely reminders all aid in completing tasks.


Greenhouse does not publicly disclose pricing information. However, we do offer a summary of the plans and corresponding advantages on our website. For more information, kindly contact our sales team directly.


  • Essential
    • Centralized Recruitment:
      • Track Application Progress
      • Structured Approach to Recruitment
      • Collaborative Endeavours
      • Automated Task Management
      • Sourcing from Diverse Channels
      • Previous Employment Record of Candidate
      • Essential Documentation
      • Mobile Equipment
      • Interconnected System Network
    • In the case of a single event, CRM is imperative.
    • Improved Privacy and Anonymity
    • Compliant with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
    • Secure and Efficient Measures
    • Inclusive Features that promote Diversity and Equality
  • In addition to the essentials, the Advanced version also includes:
    • CRM Required for 10 or More Events
    • Scalable Workflows with Ease
    • Excellent Informational Setup
    • Link Multiple Accounts with a Single Sign-in
    • Detailed Reports
    • Advanced Settings for Online Resumes
  • Included with all the features of the Advanced tier, the Expert tier offers:
    • Excellent Limitless CRM Professional
    • Enhanced Protection and Efficiency
    • Professional Configuration of Data Setup
    • Programming Playground
    • Business Intelligence Interface
    • An Empowering Expert Feature Set to Foster Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


  • Welcome
    • Harmonizing Greenhouse Management and Recruitment
    • Favourable Encounter
    • Effective Onboarding Methodology for New Employees
      • Feedback
      • Emails
      • Effortless Task Management
    • Reporting
  • Additionally, “Onboarding” comprises of the following content apart from “Welcome”:
    • Steps for Introducing New Employees
      • Official Signing of the Employment Contract by the New Employee
      • Countersignature
      • Customized Collection of Document Data
    • Integrated System Network


Works provides a holistic recruitment platform, inclusive of Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology, at affordable prices for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Over 20,000 companies, including reputable brands such as Ryanair, Sephora, Forbes, Eurobank, and Moodle, make use of Works.

Available Services

  • Branded Job Websites:

    Pages exclusively for job listings, offering wide-ranging personalization options.
  • Employee Referrals:

    Automate the process of employees referring contacts to your company.
  • Sourcing:

    Works presents an AI-powered recruiter, capable of evaluating a job opening and providing recommendations of suitable candidates even before the job is posted.
  • Text Messaging:

    Conduct interviews of prospective hires through direct messages.
  • Assessments:

    Identify the most eligible candidate for a position by conducting a test and analysing their performance.
  • Equal Respect for All:

    Works offers various resources and tools to eradicate discriminatory practices during recruitment, such as concealing the candidate’s identity.
  • Interview Scheduling:

    Schedule interviews with pre-composed email messages.
  • Video Conferencing:

    Interlinked with Google Hangouts and Zoom, and equipped with the ability to receive and assess one-way video interviews.
  • Offer Letters:

    Generate offer letters automatically by utilising predefined templates and digital signatures.
  • Recruitment Reporting:

    Analyse recruitment data to identify challenges and evaluate key performance metrics of the hiring process with department-specific reports.


Works provides three different service levels, and the pricing for the most basic level is indicated below. For detailed information on pricing for your specific requirements, please refer to our pricing website.

  • Pay-As-You-Go:

    A flexible payment plan for occasional staffing needs, priced at $129 per month.
    • Job posting on over 200 international job boards.
    • Creation of a dedicated career site for potential candidates.
    • Sourcing powered by Artificial Intelligence.
    • Integration with Google Mail, Microsoft Outlook, and Zoom.
    • Automated self-scheduling processes.
    • Convert offers into electronic format and secure digital signatures.
    • We are delighted to inform you that compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation, Equal Employment Opportunity/Fair Credit Reporting Act, and the California Consumer Privacy Act is now fully automated.
    • Automated onboarding process.
  • Standard:

    (starting from $279 per month or $3,348 per year) This plan includes everything in the Pay-As-You-Go plan and additional features.
    • Creating prosperity for all.
    • Supported onboarding at your own pace.
  • Premier:

    (starting from $659 per month or $7,908 per year) This plan includes everything in the Standard plan and more.
    • Hiring strategy.
    • Requesting permission to make a request.
    • Selection of native language options.
    • Linking multiple accounts through a single sign-in.
    • Dedicated sales representative for your account.
    • Personalized training.

Furthermore, they offer additional tools as optional add-ons at every pricing level:

  • Video Conversations:

    (monthly fees starting from $159; annual fees displayed)
  • Text messaging:

    (monthly fees starting from $99, billed annually)
  • Evaluations:

    (monthly fees starting from $119 billed annually)


SmartRecruiters is a cutting-edge platform that combines Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functionalities to help teams acquire and recruit the best possible talent.

Impressively, SmartRecruiters boasts a customer list that includes LinkedIn, McDonald’s, Visa, Skechers, Etsy, Airbus, T-Mobile, Ubisoft, and Gameloft.

Available Services

  • The system includes automated tools to simplify and oversee the onboarding process of new hires.
  • Applicant Tracking: Record the qualifications of each candidate to facilitate unbiased evaluation.
  • Post job openings on diverse websites including LinkedIn, Monster, Indeed, Craigslist, SEEK and Glassdoor, and analyze the data to pinpoint the top-performing sites.
  • “Career sites” that specialize in locating potential candidates often offer substantial customization options for job postings.
  • Aspiring job seekers can stay up-to-date on our company’s events, meetups, and hiring expositions by utilizing our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools.
  • Integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the recruitment process provides an opportunity to automatically review resumes and align candidates with suitable job openings, enabling a more specific emphasis on the most relevant details of applicants.
  • Textual recruitment involves engaging with prospective job seekers through messaging apps such as WhatsApp or SMS, while maintaining all conversations and contact details organized on a centralized control panel.


Get in touch with SmartRecruiters sales team to receive a quotation customized to meet your unique requirements.

SmartRecruiters’ platform is built on their Application Tracking Module which offers a range of features including integrated Recruitment Marketing, Applicant Tracking, Candidate Assessment, and Job Offer Tools.

Hire Now!

Discovering the perfect recruitment system for your enterprise can be demanding. Despite the abundance of available systems, their features and abilities often overlap. Ultimately, the most suitable platform for your company is one that aligns with your current processes and systems.

In the end, it is crucial to scrutinize the intricate details of the services offered by each job search tool to determine the most fitting one. Despite appearing minor, these details might prove to be crucial. Most of these sites offer trial periods that can be used to evaluate if they contain the required features.

When selecting a technology recruitment platform, it is vital to involve the HR department for guidance. Seeking their input will offer priceless insight, enabling you to make the best decision for your company.

The Works platform is designed to assist you in sourcing experienced and skilled programmers that match your company’s requirements and projects. We can assist you in discovering and recruiting the most qualified offshore developers by contacting us. Our extensive knowledge of technical solutions and our ability to adapt to the demands of each project make us an ideal partner. Do not delay in connecting with our expertise pool.

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