The Top 7 Apps Expected to Grow the Most by 2022

Which applications do you predict will see the most growth in the year 2022? What will 2022’s most popular app be?

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In the coming years, the use of technology in assessing workplace quality and in recruiting and retaining the highest quality personnel will become increasingly important. According to a survey conducted by Adobe Workfront, nearly half of American employees would consider leaving an organisation if they were unsatisfied with its technology.

The app market is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world. According to industry estimates, the global app market is projected to reach a staggering $613,433,000,000 in revenue by 2025. Currently, there are more than seven million applications available for download on Android and iOS, and this figure is expected to increase further in the coming years as the demand for remote workers increases.

In the modern business landscape, the success of any organisation is heavily reliant on the efficient collaboration of its employees and the protection of its assets. To ensure these outcomes, modern business applications have been developed to provide the necessary tools for organisations to reach their goals.

In recent years, popular and rapidly developing applications such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Workspace, Zoom, DocuSign, Salesforce, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have provided teams with a secure and effective workspace to promote communication and collaboration. By 2022, the revenue, distinct user base, industry, region, and customer count of programs like Notion, TripActions, Figma, Miro, Postman, and others are all projected to show significant growth.

The demand for comprehensive content collaboration and security solutions has seen a sharp rise since the start of the pandemic, and this growth trend is likely to continue. According to Okta’s Business at Work 2022 annual report, the number of businesses using content collaboration solutions has increased by 28%, while the adoption of security tools has grown by 31% from the previous year.

Over the period between 2017 and 2019, content collaboration solutions did not gain much traction as applications that were most frequently downloaded. However, five collaborative applications, namely Notion, Figma, Miro, Airtable, and, have been making a significant impact in the year 2022, showcasing remarkable growth even amidst the challenges posed by the pandemic.

Okta has over 14,000 clients worldwide, and their data was used to determine the seven fastest-growing applications of 2022.

What will be the most popular app in 2022?

  • Notion

    As of 2022, Notion had established itself as a highly regarded note-taking and code-free application with a user base of an impressive thirty million people. This user base has been utilising Notion for a variety of tasks, from research and note-taking to website creation and beyond.

    Notion is a digital workplace designed to accelerate collaboration among teams of all sizes and backgrounds. It synchronises all your apps, data, and teams in one place, allowing greater efficiency and productivity. With Notion, multicultural teams can work together more effectively, while also addressing challenges that affect everyone.

    The Value of Thinking
    • Easy and linked navigation facilitates open communication and cooperation between team members.
      An adaptable index that facilitates swift research
    • Having all of your work and expertise in one convenient location is the power of this product.
    • Embedding media, uploading photographs, and making lists are all viable options for enhancing your company’s online presence.
    • Workflows may be modified to fit the needs of the team using a simple drag-and-drop interface.
    • Community-made templates, events, and integrations are all part of this worldwide resource and support system.
  • TripActions

    TripActions is a premier, all-encompassing solution for business travel, corporate cards and expense management. Our innovative platform leverages the latest technologies to give customers the ability to plan, pay for and track their trips and associated expenses from their mobile phones. Our unified platform provides unparalleled support services that empower customers to make the most of their business trips.

    TripActions’ Many Perks
    • Establishing a high-functioning travel and expenditures program is a breeze.
    • This tool may be used by businesses to ensure their staff travel safely and economically.
    • Allows smart card-based booking and itinerary management for improved cost control.
    • Business travellers can choose flights, cars, trains, and hotels that meet their needs thanks to AI-driven customization.
    • All employee expenses may be seen in one place with our travel and expense dashboards.
    • Help from travel agents who are available 24/7 thanks to their worldwide connections.
  • Postman

    Postman is an API platform for developers, streamlining the development lifecycle and fostering collaboration between teams. With its extensive user base of 20 million developers and 500,000 businesses, Postman is the world’s highest rated API platform according to G2 Crowd.

    Benefits of Postman
    • Every API artefact can be stored in a single, cloud-based repository, allowing for the more efficient and effective management of all aspects of an API’s lifecycle, from its initial creation to its eventual retirement. This centralised repository can enable organisations to streamline their processes and ensure that APIs are managed in a consistent and reliable manner.
    • With Postman, you can quickly test, design, document, replicate, and inspect your API’s performance.
    • The use of Artificial Intelligence and other insights can quickly uncover potential security vulnerabilities, search application programming interfaces (APIs), collections, and work environments. This provides organisations with the ability to quickly identify and mitigate any potential risks and ensure the safety of their data and systems.
    • Improve operational management and have a better grasp on team resource use with the aid of API data.
    • The primary goal of Postman’s public, team, and individual workspaces is to promote the sharing and conversation about Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), as well as to enable effective collaboration and teamwork when working with APIs.
    • Postman connects to code repositories, making it easy to incorporate API development into the source code.
    • Numerous continuous integration and continuous delivery methods guarantee high standards during the whole development.
    • The APIs are effectively monitored with the aid of various integrations.
  • Figma

    When it comes to designing logos, websites, or apps, Figma is the go-to design tool as it simplifies the entire process, facilitates collaboration between teams, and makes it easier for everyone involved. Figma is becoming increasingly popular as it improves communication among team members throughout the design process and ensures both timely and high-quality output. Furthermore, Figma is a comprehensive set of tools that can be used across any web browser or operating system.

    The Good Things About Figma
    • FigJam facilitates productive team brainstorming sessions.
    • Use the FigJam design libraries to create simple and straightforward procedures and workflows.
    • Make add-ons to improve and speed up processes.
    • Allows for real-time interaction between distributed teams operating in different locations.
    • With a dynamic design system, the company’s designs will be more uniformly available to all employees.
    • Managers of Several Employees May Keep Tabs on Their Teams’ Progress in Real Time by Using a Single Centralised File.
  • Miro

    Miro is a web-based whiteboard application that enables people to collaborate in real-time from any location. With a user base of over 35 million people, Miro has become the go-to application for those looking for an easy-to-use and intuitive whiteboard experience. With a sleek design and features that make it fun to use, Miro is the perfect choice for any collaborative environment.

    Miro’s Advantages
    • Innovative and engaging workshop resources
    • It is possible to have productive meetings online that feel like the real thing.
    • Creativity-showcasing brainstorming apps for in-the-moment group work
    • Improves the group’s capacity for design thinking by providing a set of reusable, well-organised templates
    • Helpful resources for putting a group’s plans into action
    • Allows Teams to Collaborate Effectively from Anywhere by Facilitating Strategic and Interesting Planning Sessions
  • Keeper

    When it comes to applications that provide reliable password management and security software to protect companies and their customers from data breaches, Keeper Security is one of the most rapidly growing solutions. You can rest assured knowing that your passwords are secure in the hands of Keeper, a dependable and effective security suite. Their rapid growth and success are testament to their commitment to providing the highest quality of service and protection.

    Positive Aspects of Using Keeper
    • Provides businesses with full protection, oversight, and command over all users and devices
    • The platform for managing and securing passwords keeps employees’ shared credentials safe.
    • Solutions that Are Simple to Use and Increase Data and System Safety with Little Effort
  • Airtable

    Airtable is a powerful and reliable platform which is intuitive and easy to learn, designed to expedite the process of creating databases. It is a sophisticated spreadsheet with advanced features such as flexible field selections, integrations, pre-built templates and more, making it a top-of-the-line solution for database organisation.

    Perks of Using an Airtable
    • Specialised building blocks and sample layouts for making your own user interface
    • Superb user-friendly collaboration tools for delegating tasks, reporting progress, and locating and sharing pertinent information.
    • Instant access to a library of high-quality, customizable layouts
    • A variety of user-selected data views, including Grid, Kanban, Gnatt view, Calendar, and Form, are made available to users.
    • As a result, customers are able to save time and see improvements in workflow quality thanks to workflow automation.
    • Teams may better collaborate by keeping track of updates on their own tables.

Now that we’re in 2022, which app do you think will see the most growth?

It is widely accepted that the use of the seven aforementioned applications is beneficial to businesses in terms of improving efficiency and fostering collaboration, especially in a remote working environment. These applications have become essential tools for many organisations, allowing them to stay connected and work together effectively, despite being geographically distant.

We would be extremely grateful if you could provide us with your opinion on which application you believe will experience the most rapid user growth in 2022. We welcome your input and would love to hear your experiences and reflections regarding any of the applications that are growing in popularity, regardless of whether you are using them for business or leisure.

Applications can be a great asset for developers, enabling them to enhance their creativity, improve communication and collaboration with colleagues, and streamline their workflow – particularly beneficial in the current climate as many organisations are transitioning to remote working.

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  • When it comes to mobile technology, what does the future hold for app designers?

    It is forecasted that the worldwide revenue generated from mobile applications will reach an astonishing $613,433 million by the year 2025, as estimated by Statista. In the modern world, apps are considered a necessity for businesses to function properly. Therefore, when constructing applications, the following aspects will be of utmost importance:
    • The Internet of Things and Cloud Services
    • Synergism Between Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality
    • Programming for many platforms
    • Introducing 5G Mobile Networks
    • Blockchain
    • Wearables
  • Can we expect to see further progress made in mobile app creation in the near future?

    By 2022, it is estimated that there will be approximately 6.648 billion smartphone users across the globe. This trend of increasing smartphone adoption each year demonstrates the rapidly growing industry of mobile application development. As a result, businesses are increasingly turning to mobile applications to reach their target audiences.

    The following are some of the most important trends in mobile app development:
    • More effective interaction
    • A growing number of people have access to the internet.
    • Because of their widespread availability, mobile games have become more popular.
    • Powerful new capabilities

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