The Top 7 Apps Expected to Grow the Most by 2022

What are your projections for the fastest-growing applications in 2022? Which app do you anticipate will be the most popular in 2022?

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In the upcoming years, technology usage to evaluate job environment and to recruit and retain high-quality staff will gain more significance. Approximately 50% of American workers, as per an Adobe Workfront study, would contemplate quitting an organization if they were unhappy about its technology.

The application market is one of the most rapidly expanding sectors globally. As per industry projections, the worldwide application market is anticipated to generate an astounding $613,433,000,000 in revenue by 2025. Presently, there are over seven million apps accessible for downloading on Android and iOS, and this number is set to swell in the impending years as remote work demand rises.

In the contemporary business environment, an organisation’s success is dependent on its employees’ efficient collaboration and safeguarding its resources. To accomplish these objectives, contemporary business apps have been created to deliver the required tools for organisations to achieve their targets.

Over the past few years, prevalent and promptly evolving applications like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Workspace, Zoom, DocuSign, Salesforce, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have furnished teams with a secure and functional workspace to encourage communication and collaboration. By 2022, expected growth in revenue, user base, industry, region and customer count among apps like Notion, TripActions, Figma, Miro, Postman, and other similar ones will be noteworthy.

The desire for comprehensive security and content collaboration solutions has increased substantially since the pandemic’s inception, and this surge is anticipated to persist. As per Okta’s annual Business at Work 2022 report, content collaboration solution employment at businesses has grown 28%, whereas security tool adoption has risen 31% from the preceding year.

Between 2017 and 2019, content collaboration solutions did not garner significant attention as the most downloaded apps. However, in the year 2022, five collaborative apps – Notion, Figma, Miro, Airtable, and – have demonstrated exceptional growth and impact, even amid the pandemic’s difficulties.

With over 14,000 clients across the globe, Okta’s data was utilised to identify the seven apps with the fastest growth in 2022.

Which app is anticipated to be the most popular in 2022?

  • Notion

    As of 2022, Notion has established itself as an acclaimed note-taking and code-free application with a substantial user base of thirty million people. These users utilise Notion for several tasks, including research, note-taking, and website creation, among others.

    Notion is a digital workplace designed to boost teamwork among teams of all sizes and backgrounds. It unifies all your apps, data, and teams in one place, which fosters better productivity and efficiency. Notion facilitates more effective teamwork among diverse teams and resolves obstacles that impact everyone.

    Importance of Contemplation
    • Effortless and interconnected navigation simplifies open communication and collaboration among team members.
      A flexible index enables quick and efficient research.
    • The convenience of having all your work and expertise in a single accessible location is the strength of this product.
    • Integrating media, uploading images, and creating lists are all effective choices for enriching your organisation’s online presence.
    • Team workflows can be customised easily using a drag-and-drop interface to accommodate specific requirements.
    • A global support system encompasses community-made templates, events, and integrations as significant features.
  • TripActions

    TripActions is a leading comprehensive solution for corporate cards, expense management, and business travel. Our innovative platform utilises cutting-edge technology, enabling users to plan, pay, and track their trips and related expenses using their mobile phones. Our unified platform offers unparalleled customer support, empowering users to maximise their business travel.

    Advantages of TripActions
    • Developing an effective travel and expenses program is effortless with this platform.
    • Businesses can leverage this tool to ensure safe and cost-effective travel for their employees.
    • Facilitates intelligent card-based booking and itinerary management to enhance cost management.
    • With AI-powered customisation, business travellers can select flights, cars, trains, and hotels that suit their requirements.
    • Our travel and expense dashboards enable comprehensive tracking of all employee expenses in one place.
    • With global connections, travel agents are available 24/7 to provide assistance.
  • Postman

    Postman is a developer-oriented API platform that simplifies the development process and encourages team collaboration. Postman boasts 20 million developers and 500,000 businesses in its extensive user base, making it the world’s top-rated API platform according to G2 Crowd.

    Advantages of Postman
    • Storing every API artefact in a single, cloud-based repository enables more efficient and effective management of an API’s lifecycle, from creation to retirement. Organisations can streamline processes and maintain consistent and reliable API management using this centralised repository.
    • Postman enables rapid testing, design, documentation, replication, and performance analysis of your APIs.
    • Using Artificial Intelligence and other insights, potential security vulnerabilities, APIs, collections, and work environments can be quickly identified. This empowers organisations to promptly detect and mitigate any potential risks, ensuring the protection of their data and systems.
    • API data can enhance operational management and provide better visibility into team resource utilisation.
    • Postman’s public, team, and individual workspaces are designed to encourage sharing and discussion of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), as well as to facilitate seamless collaboration and teamwork when working with APIs.
    • Postman seamlessly integrates with code repositories to simplify the integration of API development into source code.
    • A wide range of continuous integration and continuous delivery techniques ensure top-quality standards throughout the development process.
    • APIs are efficiently monitored through a variety of integrations.
  • Figma

    When it comes to designing logos, websites, or apps, Figma is the preferred design tool for simplifying the process, promoting collaboration between teams, and facilitating the work of all involved. Figma is rapidly gaining popularity because it enhances communication among team members during the design process, resulting in timely and high-quality output. Additionally, Figma provides a comprehensive set of tools that work across any web browser or operating system.

    Benefits of Using Figma
    • FigJam enables effective team brainstorming sessions.
    • Leverage FigJam’s design libraries to simplify and streamline procedures and workflows.
    • Create add-ons to enhance and expedite processes.
    • Enables distributed teams operating in different locations to interact in real-time.
    • A dynamic design system ensures that the company’s designs are consistently accessible to all employees.
    • Managers with multiple employees can track their teams’ progress in real-time by using a single centralized file.
  • Miro

    Miro is an online whiteboard tool that enables real-time collaboration from anywhere. With over 35 million users, Miro has become the preferred application for those seeking a user-friendly and intuitive whiteboard experience. With its elegant design and engaging features, Miro is ideal for any collaborative workspace.

    Benefits of Using Miro
    • Creative and captivating workshop materials
    • Online meetings that feel authentic can be productive just like face-to-face meetings.
    • Brainstorming applications that highlight creativity for spontaneous team collaboration
    • Enhances the team’s ability for design thinking by offering a collection of well-organized and reusable templates
    • Beneficial materials for actualizing a team’s plans
    • Enables seamless team collaboration from any location by supporting strategic and engaging planning sessions
  • Keeper

    When it comes to reliable password management and security software that safeguards companies and their customers against data breaches, Keeper Security is among the fastest-growing solutions. Keeper is a trustworthy and effective security suite that ensures the safety of your passwords. Their rapid expansion and success demonstrate their dedication to delivering top-notch service and protection.

    Advantages of Using Keeper
    • Offers comprehensive protection, supervision, and control over all users and devices for businesses
    • The password management and security platform keeps shared user credentials of employees safe
    • Effortlessly enhance data and system security with easy-to-use solutions
  • Airtable

    Airtable is an intuitive and easily accessible, yet powerful and dependable platform designed to simplify database creation. It is a highly advanced spreadsheet that offers versatile field choices, integrations, customizable templates, and more, making it a premier solution for database management.

    Benefits of Airtable
    • Dedicated building components and sample designs for creating custom user interfaces
    • Excellent, user-friendly tools for collaboration, task delegation, progress tracking, and sharing relevant information.
    • Immediate access to a collection of top-notch, adjustable designs
    • Users have a range of data views to choose from, including Grid, Kanban, Gnatt, Calendar, and Form views.
    • Workflow automation saves customers time and enhances the quality of their workflow.
    • Teams can improve collaboration by keeping track of updates on their individual tables.

Looking ahead to 2022, which application do you predict will experience the highest growth?

The use of the seven applications mentioned above is widely recognized as advantageous for businesses, especially in the context of remote work, as they enhance efficiency and promote collaboration. Many organisations now rely on these essential tools to remain connected and work smoothly, despite being geographically separated.

Your opinion is highly valued. We would greatly appreciate your insights regarding the application that you believe will have the most significant user growth in 2022. We invite you to share your feedback, experiences, and thoughts about the applications that are gaining popularity, whether you are using them for personal or professional purposes.

For developers, applications can be a valuable asset that promotes creativity, enhances communication and collaboration among colleagues, and streamlines workflow – particularly advantageous in today’s reality, as many organisations are transitioning to remote work.

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  • What is the future of app design in the mobile technology industry?

    According to Statista, global revenue from mobile applications is projected to exceed an incredible $613,433 million by 2025. In today’s world, apps are seen as essential for businesses to operate efficiently. As a result, the following elements will be critical for app designers to consider when building apps:
    • Cloud Services and the Internet of Things
    • The Synergy between Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Artificial Intelligence
    • Multi-Platform Programming
    • Introduction of 5G Mobile Networks
    • Blockchain
    • Wearables
  • Will we witness further advancements in mobile app development in the near future?

    It is projected that by 2022, there will be approximately 6.648 billion smartphone users around the world. This ongoing increase in smartphone adoption highlights the rapidly growing industry of mobile application development. As a result, businesses are increasingly leveraging mobile apps to reach their target audiences.

    The following are some of the most significant trends in mobile app development:
    • Enhanced Communication and Interaction
    • Increasing Internet Accessibility
    • The widespread availability of mobile games has led to an increase in their popularity.
    • Advanced Capabilities and Features

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