The Top Programs for Coordinating Dispersed Groups in the New Year

It seems that you are inclined towards the concept of future workplaces, given that you are already adopting remote methods for hiring and onboarding employees. So why wait any longer? We recommend reaching out to Works at the earliest to expedite the process with maximum efficiency.

To establish a thriving virtual workplace for your distributed team, it’s crucial to familiarise yourself with the available resources and tools. Leveraging the advantages of the remote economy can unlock the potential of a self-driven and committed remote workforce. By investing in appropriate strategies and tools, you can ensure a productive and successful virtual work environment. Check out our blog post to discover how virtual reality is boosting efficiency in remote teams.

At Works, we are constantly exploring and experimenting with novel tools to enhance our virtual workplace. Our authors Angela and Ria have thoroughly evaluated various tools, weighing their pros and cons, and created comprehensive tutorials covering all essential aspects for setting up a functional virtual work environment. We maintain a regularly updated list of all successful participants over the past few months, including any latest developments.

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In 2023, Slack is predicted to become the most favoured application for distributed teams.

Effective communication is essential for the success of remote teams. Without it, all other productivity measures may fall short. A productive work environment thrives on transparent discussions and information sharing. It’s crucial to maintain open lines of communication to ensure everyone is on the same page and aware of expectations. Additionally, successful communication can tap into the collective knowledge, ideas and opinions of the team, unlocking its true potential.

Improving communication strategies can significantly contribute to the success of businesses in achieving their goals. Rocketcat Games is a prime example of this, having achieved remarkable success in the cut-throat mobile gaming industry. It all started with a virtual computer game, showcasing that success doesn’t always require enormous resources. However, we acknowledge that replicating this may not be feasible for all. At Works, we have experimented with diverse communication methods to keep our customers informed and updated on the latest news. Check out our blog post to learn how to enhance your website’s user experience in the coming years.

We consistently explore varied communication tools and techniques. Periodically, a team at Works tests a new communication method by incorporating it into their daily routine for two weeks.

Last year, we were highly impressed with Bitrix 24 and recommended it to our customers. However, subsequent testing left us with a different perspective. The features that initially appealed to us lost their significance upon further examination. While the concept of a comprehensive office social network was compelling, it ultimately became a time-consuming task as we had to spend considerable time searching for information that could have been easily accessible through Slack with a simple click or search. As it turned out, the old adage “less is more” held true.

Looks like it’s Slack once again. Although we’re not particularly fond of its pricing structure, it remains fully functional. However, it may pose difficulties for early-stage teams.

The expression “It simply works.” is absolutely appropriate!

If you’re not a fan of Slack, there are alternatives available. During our tests, we experimented with:

  • Bitrix24
  • Azendoo
  • Yammer and Skype for communication

Angela has provided a comprehensive breakdown of each platform, and you can peruse her analysis here.

Our Top Pick for Video Conferencing Mobile App in 2023: Zoom

Frequent video conferences with remote employees are crucial for effective management. As previously mentioned, using video conferencing software can foster a sense of unity and collaboration amongst distant staff, potentially benefiting the business in numerous ways. Moreover, it can help resolve any miscommunications that may have occurred through written interactions.

Written resources may provide greater utility as they are easier to search and share widely. Nonetheless, video content can be highly advantageous for teams in enhancing clarity and fostering team culture.

Video calls are essential for businesses to function efficiently. At our organisation, we hold daily 15-minute video standup meetings that enable our teams to remain current with each other. Additionally, we hold longer weekly meetings to review the previous week’s accomplishments and hurdles, as well as plan for the upcoming week.

When offering positive feedback or seeking to elucidate a concept to someone individually, we must consider our manner of communication. Not only are the words we use important, but our facial expressions and body language can also convey a powerful message and are equally significant.

At Works, we have consistently found Zoom to be the most reliable video conferencing software we’ve tested. It functions flawlessly, necessitating no promotion or advertisement from us. Clients and candidates frequently remark on its simple setup and ease of use during their first meeting with us over the platform. All you need is a meeting link, which the host can send, and then you can join the session. It’s as if the internet has been imbued with magic.

Zoom’s impressive array of features is what convinced us to adopt it for internal use. It allows for recording, supports large meetings, and is accessible from virtually any device (with the exception of the Nintendo Switch). Additionally, the option to screen share is seamless and highly effective.

If you’re not fond of Zoom, take a look at these alternatives:

Curious about how these options compare? Check out our job listing for more information.

The Best Project Management App for Remote Teams in 2023: Trello

Once you’ve refined your team communication skills both in writing and verbally, the next step in creating a complete virtual office environment is…

Indeed, it’s crucial to have a system in place for monitoring task progress and completion by responsible parties. For this, you will require the use of a project management tool.

Given the abundance of choices available for project management tools, it can be challenging to determine which option is best suited for your needs. Some tools may showcase functionalities akin to those found in widely-used messaging apps, while others are geared towards programmers. Additionally, there are platforms designed to cater to the needs of marketing teams and those that provide a more formal and professional approach. Alternatively, some tools offer a more visual and innovative approach.

At Works, we adhere to the practice of testing out new products before making long-term commitments, which is why we always undertake a two-week trial period. Despite investing considerable time and resources into researching other tools, we consistently find ourselves returning to Trello as our favored choice.

Trello is renowned for its impressive flexibility and responsiveness. It’s an excellent fit for the Scrumban philosophy we adhere to, but it can also be successfully implemented in environments that don’t operate under Agile. Taking inspiration from the post-it board, Trello is exceptionally versatile and can cater to nearly any requirement. Although primarily a visual solution, it’s also capable of storing a vast amount of data, files, and checklists.

Although we acknowledge that Trello has the same issue as Slack regarding increasing prices as team sizes grow, we are content with paying the current rate as long as we’re able to tailor the product to fit our specific requirements.

We have thoroughly enjoyed using the following:

  • Monday

  • Atlassian’s Confluence

  • Redbooth

  • Jira, Atlassian’s Project Management Software

  • Zoho’s Team Assembling Tool

If you’re interested in learning more about these tools, our staff writer Ria has got you covered with additional information.

By 2023, Google’s Email Service (G Suite) Will Emerge as the Premier Cloud-based Office App for Remote Teams

During our last interaction, we were thoroughly impressed with the services offered by Zoho last year. Their impressive range of tools notwithstanding, we exhibited a tendency to stick to our accustomed habits when faced with pressure. Despite acknowledging the potential of Zoho, we continued to rely on G Suite as our preferred choice.

Initially, we were drawn to Zoho’s supplementary applications and communication features. Nevertheless, upon evaluation, we determined that our existing communication systems were adequate to fulfil our requirements, and that Zoho essentially served as a superficial layer.

Therefore, our preferred choice remains G Suite. We value the ease of using Google’s single sign-on with our selected applications, along with the opportunity to link our corporate email accounts to Gmail. Furthermore, sharing files across the organisation is straightforward. In case any file-related discussion cannot be conducted through Trello or Slack, G Suite’s comment and suggestion capabilities function seamlessly.

Undoubtedly, there may be instances where you require more specialised software than what is provided by G Suite. In such cases, we recommend trying out any of these:

  • Zoho
  • Box

Would you like to explore why the features of the Top Cloud-Based Productivity Tools for Distributed Groups outperform those of G Suite? We would be delighted to furnish you with additional details on this subject.

Sharing Screens for Remote Teams in 2023: Zoom Leads the Way

I am sorry, but I cannot rephrase this as it is an incomplete sentence and does not convey any specific message or context.

We previously acknowledged Zoom’s award-winning performance as a video conferencing tool. However, wasn’t Mikogo the market leader in screen sharing last year? It seems as if the world has gone topsy-turvy.

No matter what, Mikogo is exceptionally user-friendly and offers an array of impressive features, which was evident a year ago and still holds true today. With Mikogo, screen sharing is made easy with just a single click, while we also employ Zoom for video conversations, which grants an added layer of strength and stability. Our team meetings have seldomly experienced latency problems, even with 4G connections.

While creating your digital workspace, it is crucial to ensure maximum efficiency. While Zoho appears to provide numerous features, it can become excessively complex and work akin to a ‘Swiss Army knife’. Nonetheless, we strive to use software that can handle multiple tasks whenever it is feasible to do so.

If you haven’t tried screen sharing applications yet, we highly recommend switching to Mikogo. You may also consider alternatives such as Teamviewer and, which are equally impressive. For advanced features, Zoom has been a successful solution for the Works group.

Looking for a specialised tool tailored to your requirements? Check out our comprehensive article: Top 5 Screen Sharing Tools for Distributed Teams.

Distributed Teams in 2023 will Benefit from Realtimeboard as the Leading Whiteboard App

Drawing a giraffe or other illustrations can be helpful in getting your idea across, even if you’re using screen sharing or video chat.

Although remote work has grown in popularity, one disadvantage of remote meetings is the inability to share and collaborate using a physical whiteboard and pen. Fortunately, several applications can provide a similar experience in a digital format. We highly recommend RealTimeBoard as it combines the features of digital media with the simplicity of physical whiteboards to create a powerful tool.

Infinity is simply priceless, but it is certainly not the most affordable software available.

For those of you looking for more budget-friendly options, there are viable alternatives:

  • This app is truly fantastic
  • Digital Chalkboard

For an in-depth analysis of the top online whiteboards for remote teams, check out our comparison here. The article covers the advantages and disadvantages of each tool.

Works: The Leading Global Recruitment Agency for Mobile Apps

I must confess that our opinions may be slightly biased. You’ll have to take our word for it.

Using an online job board may seem like an affordable and convenient option, but it may not lead to the best results. Employees found through such platforms may not be the best fit for the company’s culture and values, nor may they have an interest in developing their skills. Instead, the company may end up with a pool of employees that require rigorous supervision and have a passive attitude towards work.

Another option is to use an online bidding platform to find someone who is willing to do the job for a price lower than that of a Big Mac. However, keep in mind that there is a possibility that someone with a much larger budget, such as Burger King, could enter the bidding process and outbid you for the services.

Are you considering hiring full-time committed staff who work during your business hours, follow your policies and procedures, and take pride in their work? Are you looking for creative, enthusiastic, and independent contributors to the success of your organisation? Additionally, are you open to paying salaries lower than the usual rates for IT workers in North America? What are your thoughts on these questions?

This is exactly how Works operates. Get in touch with us, and we’ll help you set up your own virtual team.

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