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We have recently delved into various tools that can aid in leading a dispersed team, such as video conferencing, chat and file sharing platforms. A brief rundown of each has been compiled to assist you in selecting the most appropriate choice. With an abundance of information available, topic-specific summaries have been provided for clarity.

In contrast to our usual articles, this piece will concentrate on a selection of less conventional resources that may come in handy when working remotely. While these tools or items often serve a sole purpose or involve an aspect of competition, they are not necessarily mandatory. Nonetheless, they are likely to enhance the remote working journey.

It is widely acknowledged that leading a remote team does not necessitate any additional expertise beyond what is needed for traditional management roles, as the fundamental principles remain the same regardless of the team’s physical location. However, managing a team that is dispersed across multiple locations does bring some unique challenges. Managers must take into account differing time zones, cultural backgrounds, and individual objectives to ensure success.

It is evident that productivity levels cannot be determined based on a particular location. We suggest that the efficiency of your remote developer should not be measured solely by the amount of time they spend in front of a computer, but by the quality of their output. If your exceptional programmer prefers to hit the gym at 10:30 in the morning or work into the late hours of the night, it should be permitted. Such freedom offers an opportunity for greater progress compared to imposing other types of objectives.

Now that I have expressed my frustration, I will furnish you with the resources.


When team members are dispersed across different regions, finding a mutually convenient time for all to be available online can be a challenge. provides a handy tool to simplify this process – creating a personalised global clock that allows swift time-checking in all locations. is the ultimate solution for scheduling meetings across multiple time zones. Utilizing a simple slider and a basic understanding of geography, users can effortlessly determine which time zones are active or dormant during their working hours.

For those interested in working together on scheduling but wish to steer clear of administrative duties, Doodle provides an excellent solution. Establish the hours and days that suit your meeting, and instruct team members to indicate their availability using a checkbox. You can then pick the ideal time for the majority or the key individuals.


Asynchronous communication offers numerous benefits, particularly when team members are spread across varying time zones. Slack represents an ideal option for teams seeking a simple means to remain connected, with a host of chatbots available to facilitate communication and foster connection between individuals in disparate locations. Here are a few instances of what Slack has to offer:

  • To avoid forgetting anyone’s birthday on your team, we have created BirthdayBot. However, we suggest adding birthdays to your schedule and sending messages personally to ensure no one is overlooked, especially if time is limited.
  • GameMonk presents an enjoyable and engaging approach for colleagues to become more acquainted during meetings. Our tool enables teams to participate in 90-second games at any point in the day, creating a fun diversion from work and potentially easing stress levels.
  • Geekbot offers the ability to use Slack for daily stand-up meetings. In this manner, Geekbot handles all aspects, eliminating the need for someone to be active on the channel constantly.
  • With BusyOn, you can effortlessly coordinate your team’s tasks, receive consistent updates, and track everyone’s development without departing from Slack.
  • Employ TaskOnBot to manage and allocate tasks, enhance employee productivity, minimize mundane assignments, and evaluate Slack performance statistics for team members.
  • LeavesOnBot+ serves as a Slack bot for processing employee leave applications, monitoring daily attendance, and swiftly responding to common inquiries.
  • Through EventOnBot+, creating events, sending invitations, and conducting surveys couldn’t be easier. With only one click, you can establish your event and keep everyone updated. Additionally, you can synchronize your Google Calendar so that any changes made are automatically updated. Running your event seamlessly has never been simpler!
  • Welcome, Taco! This programme allows your team to convey their appreciation to one another in a digital format. Though these tacos may not be genuine, they serve as an outstanding and healthy option!
  • Polly represents the ideal platform for obtaining insight into important matters, such as those concerning your enterprise, or settling the debate regarding whether pineapple is a suitable pizza topping. By leveraging Polly, you can devise customized surveys and questionnaires to acquire feedback from your intended audience.

For those employing alternative chat services, refer to to identify which bots are compatible with your platform.

Deciphering Emotions

We highly recommend giving priority to frequent communication with your remote team members. The most effective means to assess team morale is by asking them directly, as opposed to solely relying on surveys or other approaches. If you haven’t done so already, we suggest reaching out to your team without delay.

Despite initial doubts, there might be potential in employing mood monitoring tools. An illustration of this would be TeamMood, which sends weekly emails to personnel to evaluate their satisfaction with their position. Moreover, TeamMood enables individuals to anonymously provide their feedback, allowing them to express their genuine sentiments without fear of retribution. The information gathered is then gathered and conveyed to the employer.

We trust that you have extracted as much knowledge as possible from these anonymous comments. If it appears that your employees are more willing to broach issues without directly attributing them to any specific individual, it implies that trust issues require attention. Taking the necessary measures to resolve this concern is critical for ensuring lasting success for your enterprise.

TeamMood draws its inspiration from the Agile method of Niko-Niko, which prompts employees to choose an emoticon that accurately represents their current emotional state. Though a comment isn’t obligatory, it would be beneficial. To simplify the interpretation of results, a summary email with visually appealing graphics will be supplied.

Available Resources for Your Team

Numerous individuals possess the inherent ability to operate independently from home, displaying remarkable self-discipline that enables them to concentrate on tasks for prolonged periods without being sidetracked by outlets such as social media. However, others may benefit from taking brief breaks during their workday to provide a moment of relaxation or stress relief. Nonetheless, it’s important to remember that meeting the desired outcome is the top priority. If one of your team members is struggling to maintain their focus, using a programme like ColdTurkey may prove advantageous.

The application’s calendar functionality enables you to select times when ColdTurkey will halt access to specific websites. You have the option of blocking all websites, solely social media platforms, or even games during working hours. Whichever choice you make, the app provides the necessary flexibility to govern your web access independently.

It’s crucial to verify that team members are taking care of their physical and mental well-being. Unfortunately, some individuals may become so consumed with their work that they overlook fundamental needs such as hydration and nutrition. To avoid experiencing burnout, it may be prudent to contemplate the adoption of TakeaBreakPlease. This benevolent programme locks the computer after a set period and reminds users to take a break.


Lastly, I recommend acquiring a tool to support your initiatives. The ideal tool may differ depending on your team’s makeup; nevertheless, concluding a hectic workday by arranging an online game session is an outstanding method of unwinding and relaxing, replacing traditional means such as pubs.

With the increasing popularity of online gaming, there is a plethora of choices available. Nonetheless, if you and your friends lack the latest XBox or PlayStation consoles, opting for a PC-based alternative is necessary. To ensure inclusivity regardless of hardware, selecting a classic game title could be a good idea.

In light of the advent of free-to-play games, it’s easy to overlook classic titles that have existed for decades. Even today, teams of players unite in Quake, released in 1996, to vanquish adversaries. For those seeking a more fantastical setting, the free-to-play Dungeons and Dragons game of Neverwinter could serve as the perfect choice. Alternatively, various science fiction video games, such as Star Wars, Star Trek, and others, epitomise teamwork and provide an excellent way of spending time with friends. Regardless of which game you decide to play, it’s essential to remember that taking time to partake in the company of friends is key to setting the groundwork for strong relationships and an enjoyable gaming experience.

What Has Proven Effective?

In the final analysis, you and your team are the ultimate authorities in identifying the best-suited tools for your project. Fortunately, there exists a range of tools that can make even the most inexperienced remote developers feel proficient and confident while working with a remote team.

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