The Top Task Management Software for Remote Teams

Do you ever find yourself drifting away from the original plan for your project? Are you unsure of who is responsible for each part or whether tasks must be completed in a particular order? If so, then this article will be of great interest to you. Our “Best Remote Team Tools” series continues with an exploration of task management.

The significance of having reliable communication in distributed teams cannot be underestimated. Undertaking projects as part of a dispersed team can be immensely rewarding, however, the key to success is having an effective means of communication. If everyone involved in a distributed team is consistently providing updates regarding their work and any potential issues they may encounter, they can take full advantage of the benefits associated with remote working.

Despite this, there are certain topics which are better explained through a visual medium as opposed to spoken or written communication. One such example is task administration. A task management application can provide a clear overview of who is carrying out what duties and how those duties are interrelated, thereby saving you a great deal of time during your daily stand-up meetings.

The size of your team and the complexity of the tasks you are responsible for will influence the choice of the most appropriate tool to use. We can provide advice on how to use these tools, and explain when they are most suitable. Additionally, we can provide you with information about different applications that can help with team management. If you are just beginning to assemble your team, please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance.

The Functions of Project Management Software

There are a variety of solutions available for task management, ranging from kanban-inspired ‘card’ structures to digital versions of the traditional “to do” list. Whilst the appearance of these tools may differ, their capabilities are essentially universal. Some of the most common features are outlined below:


Task management software is an essential tool for any business, as it provides the ability to easily create tasks that can be delegated to team members and labelled accordingly. These tasks can be shared amongst employees in the same way that a paperwork order or file would be, and all relevant information necessary for completion should be included.

As a manager, it is important to stay up to date on what is happening within your team. A quick assessment of the current workload should reveal the current status of tasks, any issues that may have arisen, and actions being taken to address them. In addition, if there is any relevant documentation which needs to be uploaded, it should be done at this point.

The capability of limiting who can view or contribute to certain tasks is immensely beneficial. To save time, you can establish templates in specific programs or customise them for each job. Having the ability to assign a task to a team and enable all members to view it is essential when working with a large team.

Help for Programs

Task management software usually provides the ability to add links to tasks, making it easier to manage your workload. Furthermore, the popular applications often have connectors, which simplifies the workday. Popular file-sharing services such as Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, and Google Drive are commonly supported.

Integrating with third-party services could prove to be beneficial. For example, linking Github changes ensures that the team is working on the correct version of the code, while monitoring time using Harvest streamlines the process. Furthermore, it would be convenient if the task management software allowed users to access their company’s or team’s Slack channels and share their social media feeds. Ultimately, the more functions the software has that can be performed within the application itself, the more engaged the team will be in its upkeep and enhancement.


All of these applications are web-based, meaning they can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection and a web browser. It is essential to equip field workers with mobile applications for smartphones and tablets, so they can report on their progress, regardless of their location – whether they are at a client’s office or, as a digital nomad, at a poolside bar.

Automation and Pre-Made Templates

Even the most committed task manager can become fatigued by the same daily activities. Fortunately, many programs allow you to set up “task templates” which will automatically populate the most common data, giving you more time to double-check all details. Automation can also guarantee that tasks are correctly assigned to the relevant teams, eliminating the need for someone to manually carry out this process every time.

Top Online Project Management Software for Distributed Groups


At Works, we have chosen Trello as our primary project management tool. Trello is a Kanban-style system which has a user-friendly interface, meaning that our employees around the world can become familiar with it quickly. Trello allows you to create boards and appoint specific people to view and participate in them. The cards are organised into lists, which are contained within each board.

It is possible to request help by assigning people to cards or mentioning them in comments. We use lists to track our progress, and when tasks are close to being finished, they are moved from one list to the next. Time-sensitive projects can be kept on track by setting due dates and taking advantage of Trello’s integration with file-sharing services to quickly upload documents.

Users can stay up to date with the latest developments on our website, Android and iOS applications, and through our news feed. Therefore, there is no reason to miss out on any new information. Trello is a great tool for collaborative projects with customers or subcontractors, as it can be used for free, making it a cost-effective way to communicate and work together. Whilst it may not be the most sophisticated option, it is certainly effective for simpler projects.


If your process is more complex or your team is larger, Asana may be the better choice. Asana’s default view is a “to do” list, but it also offers a “kanban” layout that organises tasks into categories. This enables you to demonstrate the progress of your project more effectively, with the inclusion of tasks and, if required, subtasks.

Deadlines may be assigned to each individual task or subtask, providing users with the ability to create Gannt charts. Furthermore, Asana also allows users to set dependencies between tasks, ensuring that one task cannot commence until another has been completed.

In order to obtain feedback from the sales team about the latest feature, it is necessary to provide access to the page without allowing changes to be made. This is to avoid any mistakes from occurring, such as the one previously seen with Joel and the spreadsheet. To ensure this, it is possible to allow users to comment only, thus preventing them from making any alterations.

Asana is a powerful tool for teams, offering a range of features such as a chat function and the ability to post announcements. In addition, it is possible to send emails to the board directly from the app, and it can be integrated with Slack, Hipchat, and Gmail. To ease the learning process, Asana provides varying levels of support depending on the individual subscriber’s needs.

Our website’s task management application is a truly remarkable solution; it is exactly as it is advertised – simple, visually pleasing and incredibly easy to use. The design of the site is sleek and uncluttered and the animations are eye-catching and engaging, making it an ideal tool for workers. has a “Pulse” as its primary unit of measurement, rather than the traditional task. This Pulse can represent a job, or indeed anything else; simply giving the Pulse a name will ensure it remains visible on the screen. Furthermore, groups of Pulses can be used as a substitute for boards or initiatives.

If the idea of creating a solution from scratch appears daunting, it may be beneficial to start with a template. Once you and your colleagues have had the chance to familiarise yourselves with Monday, you can tweak the settings to make the experience more tailored to your requirements. Monday is more like a spreadsheet than a traditional to-do list due to the ability to make calculations on grouped pulses; for example, you can work out when you can launch a project by adding together the estimated hours for each component of coding.

Plus, Much More

We have carefully chosen these task management applications as they are exemplary of their respective types. If you appreciate their design but are looking for more functionalities, you can easily explore other options using search engines such as Google (or DuckDuckGo if you would prefer to remain untraceable).

The success of any task management system is highly dependent on its effective implementation and utilisation. Therefore, it is essential to identify a system that is compatible with your team’s needs. Additionally, if you are seeking to recruit star programmers for your organisation, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We are also pleased to offer our assistance with hiring; we can generate a task on our Trello board and ensure that it is completed in a timely manner.

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