The Top Task Management Software for Remote Teams

Have you ever been sidetracked from the initial plan of your project? Do you struggle with assigning tasks and determining the correct sequence for their completion? If you can relate, read on! Our “Best Remote Team Tools” series delves into the realm of task management.

Effective communication is crucial for thriving remote teams. While working on projects as a dispersed team can be highly advantageous, it hinges on having reliable communication. By keeping each other consistently updated about progress and challenges faced, remote teams can fully leverage the perks of remote work.

Although verbal or written communication suffices for some topics, certain concepts are better communicated visually. Task management is a prime example. Employing a task management tool can offer an unambiguous breakdown of who is responsible for which tasks and how they are linked, effectively reducing the duration of daily stand-up meetings.

Choosing the right tool for your team and the complexity of your tasks is pivotal. We can offer guidance on tool selection, advise on ideal instances for their implementation, and provide insights on various team management applications available. If you are in the early stages of building your team, feel free to contact us for assistance.

Project Management Software: Its Functions

Numerous task management tools are at your disposal, such as kanban-inspired card structures or digital renditions of the conventional “to do” list. Although their appearances vary, their functions remain largely consistent. Read on for a roundup of the most prevalent features:


For any business, task management software is an indispensable tool that streamlines task creation, delegation, and labelling. Tasks can be divided among team members like paperwork orders or files, inclusive of any relevant information needed for their execution.

As a manager, it’s vital to keep abreast of your team’s activities. A brief evaluation of the current workload should unveil the task status, any challenges encountered, and steps being taken to surmount them. Besides, pertinent documentation should be uploaded at this stage, if required.

The ability to restrict task access or contributions to specific individuals is highly advantageous. You can save time by creating templates in select programs or personalising them for each assignment. When collaborating with sizeable teams, assigning a task to the entire team and granting access to all members is crucial.

Program Assistance

Task management software typically allows hyperlinking tasks, facilitating workload management. Moreover, top-tier applications often integrate with connectors, streamlining workdays. Popular file-sharing platforms like Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, and Google Drive are frequently supported.

Incorporating third-party services can prove advantageous. For instance, linking Github modifications ensures the team works on the correct code version, while using Harvest to track time streamlines the process. In addition, it’d be convenient if the task management software allowed users to access their company’s or team’s Slack channels, as well as share social media feeds. Ultimately, the software’s more features that can be performed within it, the more invested the team will be in its maintenance and improvement.


As these applications are web-based, they can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection and a web browser. It’s crucial to equip field operatives with mobile applications for smartphones and tablets, so they can relay their progress, irrespective of their location – whether they’re at a customer’s office or lounging poolside as digital nomads.

Templates and Automation

Even the most committed task manager can get weary from everyday routines. Luckily, many programs enable you to establish “task templates” that autofill the most frequent information, freeing up more time to check all details carefully. Automation can also assure that tasks are appropriately allocated to relevant teams, eliminating the need for a manual process every time.

Leading Online Project Management Software for Dispersed Teams


At Works, Trello is our preferred project management tool. Trello uses the Kanban style with a user-friendly interface, simplifying familiarisation for our globally dispersed workforce. Trello creates boards that specific users can view and contribute to while organising cards into lists contained within the respective boards.

Help can be requested by assigning individuals to cards or mentioning them in comments. We use lists to monitor our advancement, and as tasks draw to a close, we move them to the succeeding list. Time-sensitive projects can be maintained on schedule by scheduling due dates and utilizing Trello’s file-sharing platform integration to upload documents quickly.

Users can keep abreast of the latest updates on our website, Android, and iOS apps through our news feed, minimizing any chance of missing out on new information. Trello is an excellent tool for collaborative projects with clients or subcontractors since it’s free, which makes communication and teamwork cost-effective. While it may not be the most advanced option, it’s unquestionably effective for simpler projects.


If your procedure is more intricate or your team is extensive, Asana might be a better fit. Asana has a “to do” list as its default view, but it also provides a “kanban” arrangement that categorises tasks. This allows you to display your project’s progress more efficiently, including tasks and, if necessary, subtasks.

Individual deadlines can be allocated to each task or subtask, enabling users to generate Gannt charts in Asana. Additionally, Asana permits the creation of task dependencies, ensuring that a task can’t begin before another one has concluded.

To get input from the sales team about the latest features, access to the page is required without the capacity to make alterations. This prevents errors such as the one experienced previously with Joel and the spreadsheet. To ensure this, users can be granted comment-only permission, preventing any adjustments from being made.

Asana is a high-capacity tool for teams, with numerous functions including a chat feature and announcement posting. Furthermore, emails can be sent to the board directly from the app, and it can be integrated with Slack, Hipchat, and Gmail. Asana offers various levels of support depending on the individual subscriber’s requirements to simplify the learning process.

Our website’s task management app is an extraordinary solution, exactly as advertised – simple, visually pleasing, and incredibly user-friendly. The site’s design is neat and uncluttered, and the animations are captivating and immersive, making it an ideal tool for team members.

Instead of the conventional task, employs “Pulse” as its primary unit of measurement. This Pulse can represent any work or item, and naming it will keep it visible on the screen. Additionally, groups of Pulses can be utilized in place of boards or initiatives.

Starting with a template might be advantageous if the thought of creating a solution from scratch seems intimidating. After becoming familiar with, it can be customized to fit your needs. Monday is more akin to a spreadsheet than a traditional to-do list since calculations can be carried out on grouped pulses. For instance, by adding up the estimated hours for each coding component, you can determine when you can initiate a project.

Furthermore, So Much More

These task management apps were selected with great care because they are outstanding examples of their respective categories. If you admire their design and are seeking more features, you can effortlessly explore other alternatives by utilizing search engines like Google (or DuckDuckGo if you want to remain anonymous).

The efficacy of any task management system is significantly influenced by how efficiently it is implemented and utilized. Thus, it is crucial to identify a system that accommodates your team’s requirements. Furthermore, if you are searching for exceptional programmers for your business, feel free to contact us. We are happy to provide recruitment assistance by creating a task on our Trello board to ensure its timely completion.

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