The Top Tech Skills for US Businesses in 2022

According to research conducted by Works, a leading provider of data-driven insights for IT businesses in the United States, the most in-demand software talents for 2022 are React, Node, Python, AWS, JavaScript, Typescript, PostgreSQL, Java, GraphQL, and React Native. The need for these software talents was determined by analysing the hiring requirements of both fast-growing startups and prominent corporations. This research provides valuable insights into the software development projects that will be most beneficial in the coming year.

The five most important technological advancements are as follows:

Most in-demand talents in 2022: React.js is by far the most in-demand programming language

React.js has been identified as the most sought-after programming language in the United States, with 12% of the top 50 programming talents according to the Works list requiring proficiency in the language, and it accounts for over 40% of all front-end positions in the top 50. Since the 2020 report indicated that React accounted for 12% of all positions, it has maintained its current standing. The popularity of React among leading IT firms can be attributed to its capability to allow for the development of applications with an enhanced user interface, user experience, and increased performance.

Companies are consistently searching for developers with diverse capabilities, including expertise in React, Node.js, Typescript, JavaScript, and Amazon Web Services. Of these languages, React is the most requested, followed by Node.js, Typescript, JavaScript, and then Amazon Web Services.

Combinations of Node.js and React will be among the most in-demand talents in 2022

In today’s business world, expertise in JavaScript is highly sought after. Node.js is the most in-demand language for back-end development, and the second most popular programming technology overall. To put this into perspective, of the top 50 technologies, Node.js is only required by 7.2%, yet it is mentioned by 23.3% of employers recruiting for back-end roles. As such, it is clear that Node.js is becoming increasingly important in the IT industry, and professionals with strong skills in this area are highly sought after.

It is noteworthy that a curious trend has recently emerged in the job market: more than half of the positions requiring Node proficiency require either a must-have or a preferred expertise in React. This skill pairing is likely to face strong competition from Python-React combinations. In addition to React, Node expertise is in high demand, with knowledge in Amazon Web Services, Typescript, Python, PostgreSQL, and GraphQL being advantageous as well.

Highest-Demand Abilities Python with React is yet another popular combination

Python has been gaining traction in the job market, with it making up 6.9% of the most sought-after skills and 19.2% of back-end positions being advertised. This surge in popularity is likely due to its versatility and effectiveness.

It has become increasingly apparent that the combination of Python and React has become more desirable than the combination of React and Node.js. Companies are now seeking Python developers who have experience in Node.js, JavaScript, and Java. This trend is indicative of the growing importance of having a diverse set of programming skills in order to be successful in the field.

In recent years, AWS has become more popular

Analysis of the most recent study has revealed that the utilisation of Amazon Web Services (AWS) has significantly increased since the previous study, with 6.3 percent of the top 50 jobs now requiring experience with AWS. This accounts for almost half (46.3%) of all DevOps requirements among the top 50 occupations, making it the most sought-after DevOps capability. This comes as no surprise when considering the numerous benefits of AWS, such as its robust security, cost-effectiveness, user-friendly interface, scalability, and versatility.

Companies are often in search of software professionals who possess expertise in three distinct, yet related, areas including Amazon Web Services (AWS), React (React Native) and Node (Node.js), or Python (Python, AWS, and AWS). In addition, firms may leverage AWS in conjunction with other well-known programming languages and frameworks like JavaScript, Typescript, and PostgreSQL.

The top 5 software technologies include JavaScript as well

JavaScript has risen from #46 to #5 on the list of the top 50 software talents in demand.

When it comes to cultivating and strengthening software development teams in the United States, there is a clear demand for the following five abilities: Kubernetes, Docker, Ruby on Rails, Vue.js, Go/Golang, and PHP. These skills are quickly gaining traction in the job market.

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