The Unofficial Guide to Pleasing Your Programmers

Those who work in development often possess distinct personalities, balancing their creative and commercial pursuits. Consequently, conventional approaches to employee satisfaction may not always be effective.

Maintaining a positive working environment for your development team can have a significant influence on your company’s success. This is because it is the responsibility of these engineers to develop the software that your business employs in its delivery processes or sells to customers, and thus having happy, content employees is essential in order to guarantee a positive outcome for your business financially.

It is essential to ensure the satisfaction of software developers, whether they are using Java, JavaScript, .NET, or are part of an offshore software development business or in-house workers. We are pleased to provide welcome news to software engineers around the world.

Therefore, let’s go ahead and make those programmers happy right now.

Give them the most advanced equipment you can manage.

It is essential to recognise the importance of providing developers with adequate computing resources in order to maintain their morale. Providing them with slow, outdated devices that lack modern appeal can have a detrimental effect on their enthusiasm. Conversely, providing them with the latest laptops, desktops, displays, keyboards, trackpads and mice is likely to significantly improve morale among engineers.

It is important to bear in mind that the engineers will be compiling code, a process which may require powerful hardware. Not investing in the necessary equipment not only makes their job more difficult, but also sends the message that their value is not recognised. This may be perceived as a personal slight when the CEO is provided with a top-of-the-line computer for tasks which will predominantly involve web browsing.

Given the relatively small difference in performance between a top-tier machine and a mid-tier device, the return on investment here is highly advantageous.

Avoid disturbing them

Many individuals do not appreciate the amount of time creative people can lose waiting for others. It is easy to become immersed in coding or documentation, only to be interrupted by those in middle management who wish to obstruct the process. After they have made their point, they leave and the creative individual can resume their work.

After taking a brief pause, I attempted to return to work, however, I had lost my momentum and it took a while to regain my productivity. Although the interruption may have only lasted 10 minutes, middle management may have perceived it as lasting for 30 or 60 minutes.

It is important to minimise interruptions to developers as much as possible. To achieve this, it may be beneficial to designate specific periods of the day when interruptions are not permitted, except in the event of an emergency. This will enable developers to focus on their work uninterrupted.

That’s a brilliant move that will provide huge dividends with no further outlay on your part.

Timetable modifications

Developers often find that working within strict time limits can be beneficial for their productivity. However, it is widely recognised that coding requires far more time than the traditional 9-5. Consequently, it may be beneficial to allow your engineers to break their work into smaller, more manageable chunks throughout the day, as long hours of coding can be detrimental to their productivity and morale.

It is advisable to provide software developers with the option to work remotely if they believe that this is the most productive way of working. Recent evidence suggests that this approach can be beneficial and demonstrate trust in their abilities. This should be highly appreciated by the developers.

Stop them from being burned out.

Developer fatigue is a recognised issue, and it is likely that some individuals may be particularly affected due to the prolonged working hours needed to meet tight deadlines. If organisations are in a constant state of delivery, this can further increase the risk of burnout in the development team.

It is essential that your engineering staff is adequately monitored to ensure that they are able to successfully achieve their aims. It is also important that they are given the opportunity to take a break after a period of intense coding, such as a long weekend or a full holiday. This time away from the project will allow them to rest and recuperate, thus preventing burn-out and ensuring that the team remains productive.

Provide independence to your programmers.

The issue at hand is that programmers are highly skilled professionals in their field, so there is no need to closely supervise their work or manage them in an overly detailed way. They will comprehend the demands of the project and will meet the deadlines that have been established.

It is essential to provide engineers with sufficient flexibility to carry out their roles without constant supervision. Doing so will help to ensure that employees remain content and satisfied with their roles.

It is important to find a balance between structure and freedom when managing a project. Giving developers the right amount of freedom can help them remain productive and motivated, whilst providing adequate structure helps ensure the project is kept on track.


As demonstrated, it is relatively straightforward to ensure your developers are satisfied. It may require additional financial investment and a more flexible management style, however, the result will be a contented group of developers with minimal effort.

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