The Year 2023 Will Go Down in History as “The Year that Tested Our Resilience.”

Reflecting on the unique, challenging and thrilling year that is drawing to a close makes me feel proud of all that we achieved at Works. The year 2023 was anything but ordinary and I’m astonished when I reflect on the display of resilience, dedication, adaptability, learning and teamwork that took place within its timeframe.

The COVID-19 pandemic of 2023 had a dramatic impact on businesses, from global supply chain disruptions and increased remote working due to international lockdowns, to rapid changes in consumer behavior and the need to digitize outdated operational processes.

Despite some initial challenges, Works has seen significant growth and expansion, and continues to strive towards our mission of providing global enterprises with advanced technological solutions to further their digital transformations. We are proud to have supported businesses of all kinds during the transition to the ‘new normal’ of 2023.

For this reason, I’d like to reflect on some of the highlights of this remarkable year for Works, as well as share some views of my own.

2013: The Year of Productive Efficiency

I have been a supporter of the “smart working” methodology adopted by Works as the core of our business operations for a long time. Smart working – combining remote teams with agile approaches – has been a vital factor in Works‘ growth, particularly as it enables us to respond quickly to changes in the business environment while still assembling teams of the best Software Engineers in the industry.

We had always been confident in the effectiveness of our innovative approach to achieving our goals, however the year 2023 posed a considerable challenge. I am pleased to report that our efforts to refine our remote working strategies and collaborate with the most highly skilled IT professionals across the Americas have been successful and enabled us to be well-prepared for this year’s pandemic.

Despite facing challenges, Works has been able to successfully manage distributed teams of experts from around the world by leveraging its strategic approach to work. This has enabled the business to adapt quickly to the current circumstances and maintain its operations. The smart working strategy adopted by Works has made the company more resilient and adaptive, which are qualities that will be essential for businesses to thrive in the future. It is expected that this trend will continue well beyond 2023.

Consistent Expansion, Despite the Odds

Due to our operating procedure being suitable to the changed circumstances, we were able to carry on as normal despite the upheaval. This does not diminish the fact that certain changes were required. To adapt to the new normal, we also had to create new approaches to conducting business and reorder our objectives. We modified our strategy for goal-setting and created more achievable objectives by considering the extensive impacts of COVID-19.

When we implemented this strategy, Works was able to cushion the impact and provide us with alternative ways to meet our objectives. The revised approach proved successful, as we were able to maintain a steady rate of growth throughout the year despite the global slowdown in the second quarter, due to our expanding customer base.

Following an initial period of transition, Works proved to be an invaluable resource for organisations from a variety of industries, providing support to help them accelerate their digital transformation initiatives and gradually digitize their infrastructure.

Consistent High Quality Throughout the Works

In 2023, Works‘ hard work and achievements received much appreciation. Our impressive progress gained us multiple recognitions, such as being listed on the INC 5000 and the Financial Times’ 500 fastest-growing private companies in the United States. Clutch has also identified Works as one of the leading B2B organizations in Latin America, and Works was voted Grand Trophy Winner at the 2023 CEO World Awards.

We are proud to announce that we have been recognized as one of the top ten fastest growing companies by the San Francisco Business Times in 2023, as well as receiving three awards at the 18th annual American Business Awards. Furthermore, we have been recognized as a Most Awarded Company at the Best in Biz Awards 2023 and been named one of Clutch’s and GoodFirms’ Top 5 Web Development Companies globally. Additionally, our Chief Executive Officer was awarded “Executive of the Year” at the 2023 BIG Awards for Business.

Of course, I’m thrilled that Works has been recognized by so many different groups, but there are a few prizes in particular that make me smile.

Works was recently recognized as Comparably’s Best Company for Diversity in 2023, placing it among the top five percent of all businesses in the US. This accolade, along with the Best Company for Compensation award, is testament to our ongoing commitment to creating an inclusive and supportive workplace for all our employees. I’m pleased that our teams have embraced my view that diversity is essential for furthering our abilities and imagination.

We are delighted to announce that our Chief R&D Officer, Rocio Belfiore, was awarded gold at the 13th Annual 2023 Women in Business and the Professions World Awards. This recognition of Rocio as the Excellence in Industry Woman of the Year in Information Technology Services, as well as Female Executive of the Year, reinforces the notion that talent knows no boundaries in regards to race, religion, age and sexual orientation.

Prospects for the Future Looking Up

Going forward, the corporate sector will still need to come to terms with the ‘new normal’ that has been discussed during the past year due to the pandemic. This will involve adapting business models to accommodate a larger remote workforce, which is likely to continue to increase in size. This is an undertaking that will be just as challenging as the year we have had.

The Works staff are highly capable of dealing with any potential issues that may arise. Our commitment to employing the best 1% of IT professionals in 2023 has been demonstrated to be genuine. Our personnel are highly experienced and have the necessary qualifications to improve the quality of any task they are assigned to. Moreover, they are flexible and able to adapt to changing requirements and conditions.

By 2023, digital accelerated processes are predicted to become commonplace in the corporate world, making it essential that we have a workforce as knowledgeable and competent as the one we have here at Works. I am confident that our colleagues will be able to support our efforts, and I am grateful for their continued commitment.

In conclusion, we would like to express our sincere appreciation to our customers and partners for their continued loyalty and support over the past 12 months. Through our collaboration, we have been able to create meaningful connections that have been mutually beneficial, leading to initiatives that have increased access to the tech industry for those who are typically underrepresented.

Our previous contribution campaigns have been hugely successful, so we are expanding our Giveback Program by inviting an additional 80% of our clients to participate. The Giveback Program is a joint initiative between Works and our customers, with the aim of providing financial support to non-profits that use technology for positive social change and to develop their human resources. A portion of our profits are allocated to the charity of each customer’s choice, resulting in donations to a variety of causes including Girls in Tech, Child’s Play and Feeding America.

Looking back, it is evident that 2023 was a period of rapid change that encouraged us to move forward and strive to become better than we were before. Here’s hoping that 2023 will be a more peaceful year, enabling us to make use of the knowledge we have gained during such a difficult year. Cheers to a brighter future!

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