There Are 3 Essential 21st-Century Security Services for Your Company

Even prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, cybersecurity was already a major concern for many organizations. However, the outbreak has caused the number of remote workers to significantly increase, thus expanding the scope of targets that hackers can exploit.

As cyber threats become more complex and the number of attacks is increasing, executives and IT leaders across organisations are understandably concerned about the potential implications, as cybercriminals become increasingly confident that no organisation is immune to such assaults.

It is evident that the implementation of advanced and adaptable cybersecurity measures is essential to ensure the security of a corporate environment in today’s digital landscape. This requires the use of powerful resources and innovative services to ensure ongoing protection from emerging risks.

It is essential that organisations are continually looking for new ways to improve their security protocols in order to keep up with the changing nature of threats. For this reason, businesses of all sizes should consider the following three cutting-edge security services.

Analytics Service for Protecting Against Privilege Risk

It is essential that businesses have a secure access and authentication management system in place, due to the increasing number of remote connections to their networks. This system must ensure that users are granted appropriate privileges that are in line with their duties and activities. However, implementing this system can be a challenge.

It is essential to use a Privilege Threat Analytics solution to ensure the security of your organisation. This system uses machine learning techniques to monitor user activity and maintain control over the permissions of each user. The system offers the ability to assign necessary rights, deny privileges to protect against active attacks and suggest changes to privileges based on roles and usage. This ensures the security of your organisation stays up-to-date and protected.

Centrify offers a Privilege Threat Analytics Service that includes an adaptive multifactor authentication layer. This monitors user behaviour and flags any conduct which deviates from predefined risk standards. Smart and automated decisions for granting privileged access can be made based on factors such as role-based access restrictions, user context and multi-factor authentication. The system will take action such as granting or revoking access, requesting a different authentication factor or even restricting access based on the identified behaviour and the rules set up.

It is essential for modern enterprises to have a flexible solution in order to respond quickly and effectively to the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape.

Security for Your Brand

Cybercriminals often attempt to gain access to personal information from customers by posing as reputable organisations online. To deceive those who are not paying close attention, they may create websites and emails that appear to be legitimate. It is essential that appropriate measures are taken to prevent such activity in order to protect the integrity of your business.

The risk posed by online impersonation of a brand can be difficult to detect, as these fraudulent activities often go unnoticed. However, modern cyber security firms now offer brand protection services which use sophisticated algorithms to monitor public discourse across the web, domains, and social media platforms. This can help to provide peace of mind, as it enables organisations to take proactive steps against potential threats.

This service collects data from a range of sources, including the surface web, the deep web, the dark web and all social networks, in order to identify keywords and variations related to brands. It provides a comprehensive overview of current threats, along with all the necessary information for your technical team to address them.

PhishLabs’ Brand Protection service provides an effective example of automated algorithms which are capable of scanning through large quantities of data from multiple sources to identify potential risks. The service provides all the evidence required to ensure successful takedowns, as well as direct kill switches, preferred escalations and customised reports to meet the criteria for takedowns as specified by various cloud-computing providers, registrars and social media platforms.

It can be argued that services that monitor and enhance a business’s public image are not particularly innovative. Nevertheless, there has never been a time when it has been more important to have such services running constantly.

Boosting the Productivity of the Service Desk

When one hears the term ‘cybersecurity’, it is likely that the thought of a service desk does not immediately come to mind. The service desk is usually the first point of contact for users when they experience issues with their computer or network, such as when they have forgotten their password or a similar problem arises. This is the primary purpose of the service desk. As they are typically the first to be made aware of any security issues, it is essential that they are incorporated into all prevention and detection procedures.

It is essential to consider investing in a solution that will increase the productivity of your service desk. Utilizing a specialized solution to manage operations could save time and produce better outcomes. Above all, it will provide a centralized location to effectively coordinate responses to situations involving potentially vulnerable vital systems.

BeyondTrust‘s Service Desk Efficiency service is a valuable tool in the event of a security breach or attack. It helps to automate the service desk and provide better support to users. The Remote Support solution enables teams of specialists to work on the issue from the same location. It also allows for third-party suppliers and consultants to be brought in to assist with the mitigation process; this leads to an increased rate of first-call resolution, reduced escalation rates, and shorter incident resolution times.

It is important to have a service desk efficiency solution in place, as this will enable quick access to the necessary knowledge to address any disruptions or issues promptly.

Towards a Comprehensive Cybersecurity Environment

It is essential to take the aforementioned measures in order to ensure the security of your company. To achieve this, a variety of specialized cybersecurity programmes should be implemented. It is important to consider these programmes when creating a security approach, as they will help to address potential security issues that may not be immediately apparent.

It is essential to verify the compatibility of any new security measure with your current security strategy and collaborate with cybersecurity professionals to ensure a successful integration. These measures are essential to creating a strong cybersecurity architecture; no one is immune to potential risks, and this includes you and your business.

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