There Are 3 Essential 21st-Century Security Services for Your Company

Cybersecurity was an eminent concern for organisations even before COVID-19, but the outbreak has elevated the significance of the matter. With an increase in the number of remote workers, the hackers now have a wider range of targets to target and exploit.

As the number of cyber attacks increases, the complexity of cyber threats is also on the rise. This has raised concerns among executives and IT leaders across all organisations, as cybercriminals have become more confident, making it clear that no organisation is entirely immune to such attacks.

It’s clear that adopting advanced and flexible cybersecurity measures is crucial to safeguard the security of a corporate environment in the current digital landscape. An effective approach demands the utilization of robust resources and inventive services to ensure consistent protection against novel and emerging risks.

To keep up with the evolving nature of cyber threats, organizations must constantly search for new ways to enhance their security protocols. Therefore, companies of all sizes should consider incorporating the following three state-of-the-art security services for effective cybersecurity.

Analytics Service to Guard Against Privilege Risk

Providing secure access and authentication management system is crucial for businesses, especially with the rise in remote connections to their networks. This system should ensure that the users are granted privileges that align with their roles and responsibilities. Nevertheless, setting up such a system can be quite challenging.

Securing your organisation is crucial, and it can be accomplished by using a Privilege Threat Analytics solution. This system utilizes machine learning techniques to oversee user activities and retain control over their permissions. By assigning necessary rights, denying privileges to prevent active attacks and proposing changes based on roles and usage, this system ensures that your organization’s security remains updated and safeguarded.

Centrify delivers a Privilege Threat Analytics Service that features an adaptable multifactor authentication layer. This layer monitors the user behaviour and flags any activity that does not comply with predefined risk standards. Accordingly, smart and automated decisions regarding privileged access can be made, taking into account factors such as role-based access restrictions, user context and multi-factor authentication. Based on the identified behaviour and the established rules, the system can take action such as granting or revoking access, requesting a different authentication factor, or restricting access.

In the current cybersecurity landscape, it is imperative for modern enterprises to have a flexible solution that enables swift and effective responses to the continuous changes and developments.

Brand Security

Cybercriminals may feign being reputable organizations while attempting to acquire personal information from customers. They might design deceiving websites and emails that appear genuine, which could lure inattentive individuals. In order to maintain your organization’s integrity, it’s crucial to take appropriate measures to prevent such acts.

It is difficult to detect the risks associated with online impersonation of a brand since such fraudulent activities often go unnoticed. Fortunately, modern cybersecurity firms now offer brand protection services that employ sophisticated algorithms to monitor public interactions across domains, social media platforms and the web. This can provide peace of mind as it enables organizations to take proactive measures against possible threats.

To recognize keywords and variations related to brands, this service collects data from a variety of sources such as the surface web, deep web, dark web and social networks. It offers a comprehensive summary of current threats along with the required information for your technical team to handle them efficiently.

Automated algorithms are capable of scanning through vast quantities of data from multiple sources to identify prospective risks, and PhishLabs’ Brand Protection service offers an effective example of this technology. The service provides all the necessary evidence to successfully remove the imposters, in addition to direct kill switches, preferred escalations and tailored reports that meet the criteria of cloud computing providers, registrars and social media platforms.

One can make a case that services that oversee and amplify a company’s public image aren’t particularly groundbreaking. However, there has never been a more critical time to have these services running continuously.

Enhancing Service Desk Productivity

When thinking of cybersecurity, the service desk is unlikely to be the first thing that comes to mind. The service desk is usually the initial point of contact for users who encounter problems with their computer or network, such as forgetting their password or any analogous issue. This is the primary objective of the service desk. As they are generally the first ones to be aware of security issues, incorporating them into all prevention and detection measures is crucial.

Investing in a solution that enhances the productivity of your service desk is crucial. Utilizing a specialized solution to manage operations can save time and yield better outcomes. Most importantly, it will provide a centralized location to coordinate responses effectively to situations that involve potentially vulnerable vital systems.

BeyondTrust‘s Service Desk Efficiency service is an invaluable tool in the event of a security breach or attack. It automates the service desk and provides better support to users. The Remote Support solution enables entire teams of specialists to work on the issue from the same location. It also allows third-party suppliers and consultants to participate in the mitigation process, resulting in a higher rate of first-call resolution, lower escalation rates, and shorter incident resolution times.

Having a service desk efficiency solution handy is important since it provides quick access to required knowledge to tackle any disruptions or issues promptly.

Developing a Holistic Cybersecurity Environment

In order to guarantee the security of your company, it is critical to take the measures mentioned above. A range of specialized cybersecurity programs should be implemented to accomplish this goal. It is important to consider these programs while developing a security strategy since they can assist in addressing potential security issues that may not be immediately evident.

Verifying the compatibility of any new security measure with your current security strategy and working in collaboration with cybersecurity professionals are essential for a successful integration. These measures are crucial in creating a robust cybersecurity architecture since no one, including you and your business, is immune to potential risks.

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