There Has Been an Uptick in the Number of Available IT Jobs in the Following 10 Cities

To gain insight into the possible job market trends for 2022, we must examine technology job postings on a monthly basis. Such analysis will allow us to ascertain the requirements for IT expertise, as well as the demand for Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven professions. By studying this data pertaining to technology-related job postings, we can precisely identify the sectors and work profiles that will be highly sought after in the coming times.

Despite popular belief, technological excellence is not limited to San Francisco alone. Over the past few years, the demand for technology has experienced a notable upsurge in New York and Los Angeles as well, indicating that these two cities are also flourishing as hubs of technological advancement.

It is commonly acknowledged that individuals possessing technical skills are increasingly gravitating towards New York and the Bay Area which includes San Francisco among other cities, due to the abundance of employment opportunities available there. As per a recent study conducted by, Los Angeles is also emerging as a prime location for the technology industry. Data indicates that in July of 2022, Los Angeles had a greater number of job vacancies as compared to San Francisco. However, New York remained the leading hub for technology opportunities.

Employment trends in Technology: Top sectors advertising for technical positions

During July of 2022, the sector affiliated with professional, scientific, and technological services registered the maximum number of job vacancies in the technology field. It was followed closely by the insurance and banking industries. Apart from these industries, there existed numerous employment opportunities related to technology in healthcare, manufacturing, information technology, and retail sectors.

The demand for software engineers is increasing, alongside the plethora of prospects available in the realm of Artificial Intelligence.

During July 2022, a whopping 159,401 technology jobs were posted, among which 15% were associated with Artificial Intelligence (AI). These numbers suggest the rapid growth of AI, resulting in a plethora of fresh employment prospects.

Besides, significant transformations in software engineering

  • Despite the deceleration of the economy, the rate of unemployment among software engineers has been on a steady decline. As per the most recent report released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, joblessness for software engineers declined to 1.7% in July 2022, witnessing a noticeable improvement from 1.8% in June. These figures are a significant boost for the software engineering job market, particularly in these uncertain times of economic instability.
  • Employment growth in the technology sector is being stimulated by companies’ escalated investment in emerging technologies such as Augmented Reality.
  • There has been a significant increase in the demand for software engineers in diverse industries, ranging from manufacturing to public administration to educational services. As businesses and organizations become increasingly reliant on digital technologies, the requirement for skilled software engineers is soaring. Thus, the prospects for software engineers to contribute positively to the economy are proliferating, along with the demand for their competence.
  • As far as adverts for technology jobs that can be executed from remote locations or home are concerned, opportunities for software development and engineering roles remain prevalent in the market.
  • In July 2022, the count of individuals hired in the technology industry exceeded five million.


Amidst the imminent threat of recession, the demand for remotely accessible software engineering jobs has erupted significantly. The competition for skilled IT workers has reached an all-time high, prompting the technology businesses to broaden their horizons beyond typical technology hubs such as the Bay Area and New York City. Furthermore, the IT sector’s jobless rates are constantly decreasing, providing further evidence for the ongoing requirement of software engineers.

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