This Is How Trustly’s Director of Engineering Manages His or Her Remote Workforce to Achieve Great Results

Trustly, a Swedish FinTech company, seeks to enable secure online banking transactions for customers, and its Director of Engineering and General Manager, Christianne N. De Carvalho, shared insights on leading a diverse team to success and contentment during our Web Summit 2022 interview.

When working remotely, mutual respect is paramount

At Trustly, the team comprises members from the United States, Brazil, Portugal, and Sweden, contributing to a diverse and international work environment. Notwithstanding the challenges arising from different cultures and time differences, Christianne acknowledges that working in an international setting continues to present difficulties, a circumstance that held true before the pandemic and persists.

Trust is a fundamental component of Trustly’s operations, a point Christianne highlights. The company places great importance on cultivating transparency and honesty among its workforce and prides itself on maintaining a culture of mutual respect and acceptance. Trustly not only equips its staff with the necessary tools for efficient collaboration but also endeavors to foster a robust team dynamic.

A diverse background of team members leads to a more effective team

According to Christianne, a team’s capabilities are bolstered when it includes members from diverse backgrounds and experiences. By recruiting talent across the globe, Trustly can enhance its staff with highly skilled individuals possessing diverse skills, viewpoints, and experiences.

Trustly’s approach to having a diverse workforce with a global outlook when filling positions offers immense benefits to its clientele. As with other online businesses, clients of online banks expect uninterrupted access to customer support. By hiring staff from different time zones, Trustly can ensure wider coverage throughout the day, resulting in improved customer satisfaction.

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