Tips for Hiring a Mobile App Programmer

As apps have become a staple of our daily routine, organisations are constantly seeking proficient developers to assist them in crafting prosperous apps, whether it’s a small-scale app to build hype or a revolutionary app to disrupt the market.

In today’s industry, sourcing exceptionally proficient mobile app developers is a formidable task. To allure and retain skilled experts, companies are concentrating more on recruitment technology and providing more appealing incentives and work environments.

This article will cover the optimal approaches and methods when searching for a mobile app developer.

Reasons to Hire a Mobile App Developer Now

The market for mobile applications has undergone substantial expansion, with individuals preferring apps instead of desktop browsers for their everyday information requirements. It is now imperative for businesses to have an app in addition to a website, to cater to their target audience and boost their brand recognition and earnings. Investing in the creation of apps that are functional and appealing to users has been established as a successful tactic.

Should your business aspire to advance, it is advised to hire app developers with expertise in this domain. If you have a staff member with programming knowledge, recruiting an app developer is not mandatory. With the relevant instruction, this employee can conveniently shift into the realm of app development.

However, this tactic may not be feasible for several reasons. Recruitment and training of a substitute could be too expensive, or it may demand significant time and resources. Furthermore, if you are actively searching for a developer, it’s probable that you require someone quickly.

A specialist in app development would also possess comprehensible knowledge of the technical facets of various mobile platforms.

Essential Skills for a Mobile App Developer

An app developer must possess both technical and soft skills.

1. Technical Prowess

Acquiring the suitable technical knowledge is simple. It is crucial for every app developer to possess an extensive comprehension of the technology supporting the mobile platforms they wish to launch their app on, such as Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android.

If your goal is to create an application that is indigenous to a particular platform, you must search for a developer who is adept in the language favoured by that platform.

PlatformPrincipal Language for Computer Programming
OS X / iPad OS XSwift

The latest technological advancements have resulted in the emergence of hybrid app development frameworks. These enable developers to compose code for mobile applications once and release it to any compatible platform.

The languages utilised in this context are more appropriate for the construction of web-based applications.

FrameworkPrincipal Language for Computer Programming
Local ReactionJavaScript
Cordova, ApacheJavaScript

It is crucial to recognise the technical skills mandatory for the project before embarking on the hunt for candidates. These skills may incorporate additional proficiencies such as version control, and Git is the most extensively used. Acquisition of such expertise is imperative depending on the project’s scope.

2. Essential “Soft Skills”

While recruiting for app development, soft skills hold an equal degree of significance to hard skills, but gauging them is more challenging.

Based on your requirements, developers must showcase a combination of the following characteristics:

  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Public Speaking Proficiency
  • Collaborative Skills
  • Emotional Intelligence and Empathetic Abilities
  • Patience and Open-mindedness
  • Time Management Skills
  • Analytical Thinking
  • Accountability
  • Creativity
  • Leadership

Roles and Responsibilities

The responsibilities of a mobile app developer vary with their level of expertise.

Junior mobile app developers are usually entrusted with low-risk programming duties such as unit testing and making incremental updates to the application. With the guidance of seasoned developers, they can learn swiftly and eventually become capable of designing systems independently.

An intermediate-level mobile app developer has the independence to build entire systems or components of systems without constant supervision from a more qualified developer.

The responsibility of a senior mobile app developer is to manage app architecture design, intricate system development, and mentor junior developers.

Hiring a Mobile App Developer: A Comprehensive Guide

Locating mobile app developers is not a challenging task, but acquiring the finest talent can be arduous. To guarantee a successful recruitment process, it is crucial to have meticulously planned strategies and procedures in place.

1. Consider Your Recruitment Options

When searching for a mobile app developer to hire, the initial step is to determine where to find potential candidates. There are primarily three options to consider:

Freelancing Freelancing can be an inexpensive solution in the short run, but it is typically a temporary option. While they can be advantageous for solo assignments or small team projects, they can be arduous to manage for larger groups.

The most cost-effective alternative available.It’s not always easy to keep track of more people.
A customizable option that you may join or leave at will.In order to effectively monitor the progress of our contractors and provide them with any necessary assistance, it is important to establish a suitable communication channel.
It might be challenging to evaluate freelancers’ abilities and choose the finest one for a certain job.

Outsourcing App development teams are engaged on a contractual basis for fulfilling specific purposes, and are deemed a short-term solution. These pre-formed teams possess a collaborative edge over freelance developers. Communication with the team is regulated by a project manager with limited client input.

Effective and efficient outsourced teams are assembled on an as-needed basis.The team members collaborate collaboratively in the background, with no direct contact with them. The requirement for a project manager to be a mediator between the involved parties can impede effective communication.
Even while outsourcing is more expensive than hiring a freelancer, it is still a highly cost-effective option.Depending on the time zone difference between you and your outsourcing company, it may be difficult to meet deadlines for your project.
Easier to develop a standard for your final product’s quality, which increases your degree of responsibility.

In-House Development Team If you aim to produce a long-lasting app and acquire complete ownership over its creation, establishing your in-house development team is likely the optimal solution. This approach allows you to monitor every phase of the app’s development and access a committed team that can assist you after the app is deployed. Although more expensive, remote hiring offers the greatest assurance for the future.

You are totally in charge of how your team and projects go.The most expensive choice. However, remote hiring may help cut down on some of these expenses.
The team you put up today will be versatile enough to support future endeavours in addition to the present one.
Avoiding leaks and security breaches is the best choice while working on projects involving sensitive data.

2. Hunt for Skilled Professionals

When recruiting developers, it is crucial to contemplate the recruitment strategy that aligns best with your needs. Identifying fitting candidates for technology-based roles is a crucial step in the process. Depending on your requirements, several options are available:


Finding independent developers can be accomplished through various means, such as stumbling upon them by chance or receiving a trustworthy recommendation from a colleague. Moreover, websites such as Fiverr and Works can also assist in locating skilled developers.


Deciding on a domestic or overseas outsourcing agency is largely based on your preferences. Hiring a local outsourcing firm may be more suitable for highly specialized projects or those requiring a specific location, while outsourcing to a foreign firm may be more cost-effective. Websites such as GoodFirms greatly simplify the selection of an appropriate app development team, regardless of your location.

In-House Development Team at Works

There are primarily three techniques for recruiting permanent staff to uphold your app development undertakings. The level of management involved amplifies with each option.

  • Remote recruitment firms, such as Works, offer a favourable approach for finding the top candidates for any project. These firms can evaluate applicants with respect to position-specific requirements and company culture, allowing you to concentrate on other duties while receiving only the most skilled candidates.
  • LinkedIn, Indeed, and Glassdoor are some of the online professional social networking platforms that can benefit the recruitment process by granting access to a vast pool of qualified candidates and the ability to thoroughly compare their professional backgrounds and skill sets. Nonetheless, the responsibility of determining if the applicant is a suitable match for the position remains with the organization’s recruitment team.
  • Undertaking an independent recruitment process may be practical for the organization; however, this adds an additional load on the Recruitment Team. The team is responsible for collecting applications for a particular position, compiling and reviewing them, and selecting the most appropriate candidates.

3. Appraising Prospective Employees

Once you have established the kind of developers you want to welcome aboard your team, it’s time to commence a recruitment strategy to make sure that you can locate the most skilled candidates. Employing a successful approach is critical to attract the finest talent.

To discover the most fitting candidates for a position, a comprehensive interview process is essential. In order to pinpoint the correct individual for the job, it’s crucial that you and the rest of the development team reach a consensus regarding the vital qualifications for the role.

Conducting mobile app developer recruitment hurdles is an excellent method of gauging a candidate’s technical prowess. Pair programming interviews serve as a valuable asset for assessing a candidate’s soft skills.

Customize the interviews to your requirements to pinpoint the most qualified individuals to occupy your job openings.

4. Budgeting: What’s the Typical Cost to Employ an App Developer?

The salary and responsibilities of a developer will rise in tandem with their experience. App developers can be recruited from other countries; nonetheless, this may entail supplementary expenses. This practice is becoming more widespread.

Annual Salary Averages

Inexperienced Programmer of Mobile Applications$70,078$8,331$57,997$63,187$20,507
Programmer of Mobile Apps$90,040$12,765$66,813$72,364$26,822
Principal Mobile Application Developer$125,854$28,104$90,463$100,877$42,777

(Figures obtained from

Curious about the cost of mobile app design? We’ve put together an extensive guide to help you assess the expenses.

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