Tips for Hiring a Mobile App Programmer

Apps have become an integral part of many people’s daily lives, so businesses are always looking for developers to help them build a successful app. This could be the next major breakthrough in the app industry or a more modest app to raise their profile.

Finding highly skilled mobile app developers is a major challenge in today’s market. To attract and retain talented personnel, businesses are investing more in recruitment technology and offering more attractive perks and work environments.

In this post, we will discuss the best practices and techniques to use when hiring a mobile app developer.

It’s Time to Hire a Mobile App Developer because…

The mobile application market has seen significant growth, with individuals increasingly turning to apps for their daily information needs, rather than desktop browsers. It is now essential for companies to have a website as well as an app, in order to reach their target demographic and increase brand awareness and revenue. Investing in the development of applications that are useful and desirable to customers has been proven to be a successful strategy.

It is recommended to hire app developers with experience in this area if your business wishes to grow. If you have someone on staff with programming skills, it is not essential to hire an app developer. With the appropriate training, this individual could easily transition into the field of app development.

Despite this, there are several reasons why this approach may not be viable. Hiring and training a replacement may be too costly or require considerable time and resources. Moreover, if you are actively seeking a developer, it is likely that you need someone quickly.

An expert in app development would also be well-versed in the technical aspects of various mobile platforms.

Qualified Competencies for a Mobile App Developer

An app developer has to be proficient in both technical and soft abilities.

1. Skill with Technology

Obtaining the relevant technical knowledge is straightforward. It is essential for any app developer to have a thorough understanding of the technology behind the mobile platforms they intend to release their app on, such as Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android.

If you wish to develop an application which is native to a specific platform, it is necessary to identify a developer who is proficient in the language which is preferred by that platform.

PlatformPrincipal Language for Computer Programming
OS X / iPad OS XSwift

Recent advances in technology have given rise to hybrid app development frameworks, allowing developers to write code for mobile applications once and deploy it to any compatible platform.

The languages employed here are better suited to the development of web-based applications.

FrameworkPrincipal Language for Computer Programming
Local ReactionJavaScript
Cordova, ApacheJavaScript

It is essential to identify the technical skills required for the project before beginning to search for applicants. This may include additional abilities such as version control, with Git being the most widely used. Such proficiency is essential depending on the nature of the project.

2. A Set of “soft Skills”

When hiring for app development, soft skills are just as crucial as hard talents, but they are more difficult to assess.

Developers should display some mix of the following qualities, depending on your needs:

  • Intuitive Exchange of Information
  • Speechmaking in Front of an Audience
  • Cooperative Efforts
  • Emotional Intelligence and the Capacity for Empathy
  • Being Patient and Having an Open Mind
  • Controlling Your Time
  • Analytical Reasoning
  • Accountability
  • Creativity
  • Leadership

Functions and Duties

The duties of a mobile app developer change depending on their level of experience.

As a rookie mobile app developer, low-stakes programming such as unit testing and incremental updates to the app are typically assigned tasks. With the support of more experienced engineers, they will be able to learn quickly and soon be able to design systems independently.

As a mid-level mobile app developer, one has the autonomy to construct systems (or parts thereof) without continual oversight from a more experienced developer.

A senior mobile app developer’s duty will include app architectural design, complex system development, and coaching junior developers.

Guide to Recruiting a Mobile App Programmer

Finding app developers is not difficult, however, it can be difficult to secure the best talent. To ensure successful hiring, it is essential to have well-thought-out strategies and procedures in place.

1. Think About Your Hiring Choices

When looking to employ a developer, the first step is to decide where to source potential applicants. There are three main options to consider:

Freelancing Freelancing can be a cost-effective solution in the short-term, but it is normally only a temporary option. They can be useful when working alone or in a small team on certain tasks but can be challenging to manage in larger groups.

The most cost-effective alternative available.It’s not always easy to keep track of more people.
A customizable option that you may join or leave at will.In order to effectively monitor the progress of our contractors and provide them with any necessary assistance, it is important to establish a suitable communication channel.
It might be challenging to evaluate freelancers’ abilities and choose the finest one for a certain job.

Outsourcing Hired on a fixed-term basis to fulfil a specific purpose, app development teams are considered a short-term solution. These pre-assembled teams have an advantage when it comes to collaboration, as opposed to freelance developers. Communication with the team is conducted via a project manager, with limited input from the client.

Effective and efficient outsourced teams are assembled on an as-needed basis.The team members collaborate collaboratively in the background, with no direct contact with them. The requirement for a project manager to be a mediator between the involved parties can impede effective communication.
Even while outsourcing is more expensive than hiring a freelancer, it is still a highly cost-effective option.Depending on the time zone difference between you and your outsourcing company, it may be difficult to meet deadlines for your project.
Easier to develop a standard for your final product’s quality, which increases your degree of responsibility.

Team that Works Inside the Company If you are looking to create a lasting app and take full ownership of its creation, then hiring your own in-house development team may be the best option for you. This way, you will be able to control every step of the app’s development and have access to a dedicated team that can provide you with assistance once the app is released. Although more costly, remote hiring offers the most peace of mind for the future.

You are totally in charge of how your team and projects go.The most expensive choice. However, remote hiring may help cut down on some of these expenses.
The team you put up today will be versatile enough to support future endeavours in addition to the present one.
Avoiding leaks and security breaches is the best choice while working on projects involving sensitive data.

2. Search for Qualified Individuals

When recruiting, it is important to consider the hiring strategy that best suits your needs. Locating suitable candidates for roles in the technology field is a key step in the process. Depending on your requirements, there are a number of options available:


Independent contractors can be found through a range of avenues; it may be a case of luck or a reliable recommendation from a colleague. Platforms such as Fiverr and Works could also be useful in locating qualified developers.


The choice between a domestic and an overseas outsourcing firm is heavily dependent upon your preferences. For projects that are highly specialized or require a certain location, employing a local outsourcing firm may be more suitable, whereas outsourcing to a foreign company may be more cost-effective. Platforms such as GoodFirms make it easy to pick the most suitable team for app development, regardless of your location.

Team that Works Inside the Company

There are three main approaches to recruiting additional permanent staff to support your app development projects. The amount of management required increases with each option.

  • Remote recruitment agencies, such as Works, can provide the ideal solution for locating the best employees for any project. These agencies can assess applicants against the unique requirements of the position and the company’s culture, allowing you to focus on other tasks while receiving only the most qualified candidates.
  • LinkedIn, Indeed and Glassdoor are some of the online professional social networking platforms that may be beneficial to the recruitment process due to the access they provide to an extensive number of competent potential candidates and the ability to compare their professional backgrounds and skill sets in detail. The responsibility of deciding if the applicant is a suitable fit for the role still lies with the organization’s recruitment team.
  • Independent recruitment initiatives may be feasible for the organization, however this would place an extra burden on the Recruitment Team. This includes the task of gathering applications for a given role, organizing and evaluating them, and identifying the most suitable candidates.

3. Evaluating Potential Employees

Once you have identified the type of developers you wish to add to your team, it is time to embark on a recruitment strategy in order to ensure that you are able to source the most capable individuals. An effective approach is essential in order to ensure that you can attract the best talent.

Identifying the most suitable candidates for a position necessitates a thorough interview process. In order to identify the right individual for the job, it is imperative that you and the rest of the development team come to an agreement regarding the essential qualifications for the role.

Carrying out mobile app developer recruitment challenges is an excellent way of assessing a candidate’s technical proficiency. Pair programming interviews are a useful tool for evaluating a candidate’s soft skills.

Adapt the interviews to your needs in order to identify the most qualified people to fill your positions.

4. Spending Plan: How Much Does It Typically Cost to Hire an App Developer?

A developer’s salary and duties will increase in line with their experience. App developers can be sourced from outside of the country, although this may incur additional costs. This is becoming an increasingly common practice.

Wage Averages Per Year

Inexperienced Programmer of Mobile Applications$70,078$8,331$57,997$63,187$20,507
Programmer of Mobile Apps$90,040$12,765$66,813$72,364$26,822
Principal Mobile Application Developer$125,854$28,104$90,463$100,877$42,777

( figures used)

Are you wondering how much it might cost to design a mobile app? We have compiled a comprehensive essay to help you estimate the cost.

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