Tips for Recruiting and Managing Remote Workers

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The lack of geographic constraints associated with the hiring of remote workers can be liberating, as it allows us to select the most suitable applicants for each available role. Assessing a remote worker is no different than assessing any other employee, and can be achieved through initial contact via email, telephone or Skype. As such, we cannot find any distinction between the two.

The purpose of an interview is to gain an understanding of the applicant, their level of expertise, and how they could integrate into the company’s environment. Here are some recommendations which may assist you in locating and recruiting a remote employee. Suggested activities include: conducting online research to gain an understanding of the applicant’s experience and qualifications; utilising video conferencing or telephone interviews to ask questions that are relevant to the role; and making sure to provide an accurate job description to ensure the right candidate is being sought.

  1. Establish Goals and Management Policies

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    Employees who work remotely should not be seen as independent contractors or temporary workers; they should be subject to the same management and working structure as onsite teams, regardless of their physical presence. It is important to make this clear to them from the outset. For example, the employer should outline their operating hours, and ensure that the new employee adheres to them. To facilitate project management, parameters such as milestones, status meetings, progress reports and frequent communications should be discussed. Additionally, employers should be confident that the remote worker is committed to the role for the long-term. Just as an employee working in the office is expected to remain with the organisation, the same should be true for a remote worker. Employers should ask the potential employee to explain how they see themselves developing with the organisation, and ascertain how committed they are to joining the team.
  2. Take into Account Cultural Variations

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    Employees are the cornerstone of a company’s culture and are just as important as the skills they bring to the business when it comes to the bottom line. Collaborative workspaces, break areas with sofas and TVs, a games room, a cafe and even a gym are great places for employees to mingle and get to know one another outside of the traditional “water cooler” setting. Although telecommuters won’t be able to benefit from these perks, they can still build morale and productivity through positive interactions with their colleagues. A simple way to do this is by inquiring about a candidate’s country of origin, culture, personal history and leisure activities. Showing enthusiasm for the candidate is a great way to demonstrate whether or not they would fit in with the company’s culture.
  3. Work with a Reliable Staffing Agency.

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    Failing to seek professional assistance when recruiting remote workers is a mistake that many employers make. With the vast amount of information available, it can be difficult to find the right candidate. To make the process easier, enlisting the help of a recruitment specialist can be beneficial. For example, at Works‘ IT Recruitment Specialists, we can begin searching for candidates as soon as you describe what you need. We can then provide you with a “short list” of qualified remote workers to interview within 7-10 days. This eliminates the need to deal with any foreign paperwork or bureaucracy, making the process much more straightforward. Furthermore, by working with a recruiter who has experience and credibility in your desired sector, you can be sure of finding the perfect candidate for the job.

Once you are prepared to commence, Step Three can be completed swiftly. If you need assistance in recruiting a new IT employee, please get in touch with Works at 1-888-886-7343. Nevertheless, the rest is all down to you. If you are determined to broaden your business with the help of remote workers from around the world, you should only hire those who are equally committed to the job you are offering them.

The rapid advancement of digital technologies and the increasing availability of the internet have put remote and flexible workers at the forefront of the employment landscape. Companies in the IT and software development sectors are now able to source and recruit skilled personnel from anywhere in the world. By making astute international recruitment decisions, businesses can not only save costs, but also ensure they have access to the most talented individuals from across the globe.

Employing Permanently Here at Works, we are a recruitment and staffing firm that connects highly qualified individuals with prestigious American businesses. We understand the value of remote working, and the potential for increased productivity and cost savings that it can bring to companies. Our team of experts source and provide the best talent for businesses looking to make the most of remote working opportunities. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you to make the most of remote working, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our friendly and experienced team are on hand to answer your questions and provide tailored advice. Submit your hiring request with us at

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