Top 10 Cities Worldwide for Remote Employees

Employees who work remotely have an impressive blend of self-determination, efficiency, and job satisfaction. What better approach is there to balancing work and life than to be able to work while travelling?

With an abundance of stunning places around the world, it is important to consider all aspects of your chosen destination, including access to reliable internet, affordability, climate preference, and suitable workspaces. Taking these factors into account will ensure you have the best opportunity to make the most of your stay.

If you are fortunate enough to possess both a valid passport and the ability to work remotely, the next step is to decide where to go. The following cities may be of interest to you and may help to spark your imagination for your next travel destination.

Canggu, Bali

Canggu is renowned for its pleasant year-round temperature, which usually sits around the mid 80s Fahrenheit (F). This makes it an ideal destination for surfers and digital nomads who enjoy spending time outdoors and appreciate the consistently pleasant climate. As a result, Canggu has become a popular attraction for many travellers.

Canguu offers a range of amenities that make it ideal for business travellers, including numerous cafés and restaurants with reliable WiFi, as well as co-working spaces. Furthermore, Canguu is a reasonably priced destination for those looking to enjoy a holiday on a budget.

Famous for:

  • Relaxed Ambience
  • Tradition
  • Coastline
  • Food
  • Monuments

TIP: The “first and favourite locally owned co-working café in Batu Bolong, Canggu” is Machinery Cafe, so bring your laptop there. You can’t go wrong with dinners, coffees, and plenty of new people to meet every day.

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is the ideal destination for travellers looking to experience the energy of a bustling metropolis while enjoying the luxuries of a tropical climate. This cosmopolitan city is the capital and largest city of Thailand and is home to more than eight million people. The city is an ideal spot for adventurers, as there is always an abundance of dining, entertainment, and activities to explore.

It is advisable to utilise the Skytrain (Bangkok’s Mass Transit System) to travel around the city, as the traffic in the area is notoriously congested.

Famous for:

  • Night-time activities in a city
  • Temples and palaces
  • Galleries
  • Food and Leisure

TIP: In search of a quiet spot to get some work done? You should stop by (Not Just) Another Cup first if you’re looking for some great coffee and a wide variety of tasty dishes. You should bring your work and an empty stomach since their food is amazing.

Mexico City in Mexico

The vibrant sunlight of Mexico City is unparalleled and the street food of the capital is widely regarded as being among the finest in the globe. The city is abundant with coworking spaces and coffee shops and the cost of renting property is significantly lower than in the United States and Europe.

Many travellers visiting Mexico City opt to stay in Airbnb apartments and make use of the comprehensive metro network for the most efficient and economical way to explore the city.

Famous for:

  • A thriving cultural area
  • Centre for financial activity
  • Music and drama are examples of art forms
  • Craftsmanship
  • Street sellers

TIP: Check out the Punto Working Space for a cheap yet welcoming co-working environment if you want to be highly productive.

Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade is a destination for those who appreciate art, culture and an animated nightlife. While winters can be cold, the summer offers warmth and sunshine. But if you are an enthusiast of winter activities, then there are thrilling experiences to be had. The annual Belgrade Christmas market and the Koutnjak woodland, a beautiful city park and forest, make December a popular time to explore. These two attractions offer a unique opportunity to explore the city and its surroundings.

Famous for:

  • Infrastructure
  • Night Entertainment
  • Physical Recreation
  • Style and Apparel

TIP: Zaokret is an excellent place to get some work done because of the amazing coffee and the ambient music. Also, when you’ve finished your work, it’s time to have a drink.

Porto, Portugal

Despite its temperate climate and array of attractions, Portugal can be quite cold during the winter months. For those seeking an alternative to the more popular city of Lisbon, Porto offers a much more budget-friendly option, making it an ideal destination for those who work remotely and are looking to explore the country.

Porto’s public transportation system is of the highest calibre, and the city also offers a variety of comfortable, shared office spaces. Unlike the coffee shops in Porto, these coworking spaces provide excellent conditions for getting work done. There are also numerous community lunch and beverage gatherings, as well as networking events, where remote workers can socialise and build relationships.

Famous For:

  • Infrastructure
  • City-like Setting
  • Fortified Wine
  • June 23-24th is the So Joo Festival in honour of St. John the Baptist
  • Institutions

TIP: You may get some work done in Porto at Mesa 325, Brando Casa do Café, or Combi Coffee, all of which are terrific options due to their plenty of electrical outlets, tables, and WiFi.

Tampa, Florida

Tampa, Florida is an ideal and cost-effective destination for digital nomads seeking an American travel experience. With an average of 361 days of sunshine annually and an exciting nightlife scene, Tampa offers something special that other major cities, such as New York City and Silicon Valley, don’t – the lack of state income tax. In addition, amenities such as affordable housing and transportation make Tampa an attractive option for digital nomads looking to explore the United States.

Famous for:

  • Artwork and Civilization
  • Aquatic Sports
  • Ybor City Cigars
  • Bars and Night Entertainment

TIP: You can get a lot of work done at either the Felicitous Coffee House or the Foundation Coffee Company. If you’re looking for additional options, Hyde Park Village is nearby.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires is a popular destination for telecommuters due to its multicultural population, lively urban centres and temperate climate – making a winter coat unnecessary. Art-lovers will also appreciate this vibrant and exciting city, as it offers a plethora of attractions and activities for those who enjoy the arts.

Despite being the most populous metropolis in the country, Buenos Aires is surprisingly affordable. The city boasts a large and efficient public transportation network, and it even offers bike sharing programs for its residents.

Famous For:

  • Many languages, religions, and ethnic groups
  • Wealthy musical heritage
  • Documentary/Movie Theatre
  • Fashion Trend

TIP: The ambiance of Mooi Restaurant is pleasant, and the food and snacks are excellent, so bring your work there. The Tea Connection is another great attraction.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin’s strategic geographical position is one of the primary factors that make it so attractive to remote employees and digital nomads. Situated in the heart of Europe, visitors have convenient access to other countries in the region.

Berlin is an ideal destination for professionals looking to further their career prospects due to the multitude of coworking spaces, networking events, and cafés with high-speed internet that it has to offer. Moreover, its extensive use of the English language makes it easy for individuals to obtain advice from locals who have firsthand experience.

Famous for:

  • Arts performances
  • Higher education and science
  • Night entertainment
  • Arts and exhibitions
  • High living standards

TIP: This is the place to be in terms of office space. The Digital Eatery is a free workshop space, WiFi hotspot, and tech support help desk located on the ground level of Microsoft Berlin.

Prague, Czech Republic

In recent years, Prague has become increasingly popular amongst digital nomads and individuals from a variety of countries who have decided to relocate and work remotely in the city. Prague is an ideal destination for those looking to experience a city that is both tourist-friendly and steeped in history and culture. Additionally, Prague is attractive for its low cost of living, as well as its extensive public transportation, reliable internet, and other essential city services.

Famous for:

  • Nightlife and clubbing in the metropolis
  • Colleges, labs, and tech hubs
  • The Prague Astronomical Clock and Prague Castle are among the world’s greatest timepieces
  • Museums and historical displays

TIP: If you’re looking for a different way to work from home, Café Pavla is the place to go. There’s terrific cuisine and friendly service, plus a cafe, bar, art gallery, and more.

Beijing, China

Beijing is a vibrant and bustling metropolis that offers a wealth of opportunities to those looking to pursue business and technology ventures. The city experiences cold and windy winters, albeit with very little snowfall, followed by hot and humid summers. Beijing boasts an impressive public transit network, and a wide range of coworking spaces for those who need workspace outside of their homes.

Famous for:

  • Science and innovation
  • Industry
  • Night entertainment
  • Rapid-transit rail networks
  • Institutions

TIP: SimplyWork, a coworking facility, as well as WeDo, which has many locations, are both good options for anyone looking for shared office space.

Do you possess any prior experience in travelling and working in any of these specified locations? Is there a place which you have visited that is unknown to us? We would be extremely grateful to receive any advice you may have for new remote workers or people who are seeking to become digital travellers; your input would be highly appreciated.

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