Top 20 Online Resources for Securing Freelance Work (Updated 2023)

An Overview of Freelancing 101

Due to the rapidly changing technological landscape, the demand for freelancers has increased significantly. Companies often require skilled individuals to assist in producing high-quality products and services. However, these organizations may not always have the necessary skills readily available within the company. The ongoing pandemic has highlighted the importance of not always relying on existing resources.

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a rise in businesses hiring independent contractors to fulfill their staffing requirements. As a result, there has been a surge in opportunities for individuals to pursue independent work in various fields, such as web development and even grocery shopping.

Finding freelance work can be challenging, even if you have an online portfolio. However, we have compiled a list of the top online resources to aid in your search for examples of freelancing work.

Registering on major freelancing platforms can be an effective way to search and apply for work. Additionally, it is recommended to look for freelance job boards to quickly discover new opportunities. Freelancers can easily browse through different job sites to find valuable resources.

It’s time to stop wasting time and begin searching for the best freelance job sites for 2023.


Works is an exclusive platform offering remote work opportunities. Our product team is actively seeking proficient engineers and we have allocated additional resources towards recruitment. In just two days, Works connects highly skilled developers to remote roles available at start-ups and small to medium-sized enterprises.

Our process for selecting freelance programmers involves various assessments to evaluate skills in teamwork, proficiency with communication tools, and adaptability to new environments. This approach allows us to rapidly expand our product team in a matter of weeks, rather than months or years. At Works, we have flexible employment options, such as full-time, part-time, and freelance arrangements.


For those seeking freelance work in areas such as web design, graphic design, customer service, and writing, Upwork is an excellent platform to consider. Upwork offers a vast array of projects and opportunities that are frequently updated, making it the go-to choice for businesses of every size searching for freelancers skilled in content writing, design, and development.

It is common to have an adjustment period when first using Upwork. To improve your feedback rating, it is crucial to create compelling proposals. Although Upwork offers many possibilities for freelancers, the competition can be fierce. In cases where there are already 30 proposals for a job, it may be best to refrain from submitting a proposal.

With dedication, freelance designers can obtain consistent work on Upwork and continuously receive new contracts. While it may take some effort to establish a favorable reputation on the platform, the benefits can be significant.


Works differentiates itself as a central location for discovering the finest freelance work opportunities, handpicking only the top 1 percent of applicants who successfully complete their rigorous screening process. This sets Works apart from other freelance job boards and appeals to companies like Airbnb, Duolingo, and Shopify, who seek skilled designers. While the prospect of joining may seem intimidating at first, consider the potential for networking with prestigious partners you may encounter if you take the leap.

At WWR, Remote Work Is Integral to Our Operations

According to the company, We Work Remotely is used by approximately three million people each month. A significant portion of the listings posted are for freelance graphic design positions. Although We Work Remotely may not have the same design-centric atmosphere as other sites, the sheer quantity of freelance job opportunities makes up for this. You can also refer to our blog to learn more about where to find and collaborate with freelance IT professionals across the globe.

We Work Remotely’s $299 charge for listing job openings aids in maintaining a high-quality freelance experience, with major names such as Google, Amazon, and InVision already utilizing the platform. Alternatively, you can skip creating a profile and proceed directly to posting a job via the provided link.

We Work Remotely is a fantastic resource for locating freelance or remote work opportunities that align with your skills and availability.


For those seeking creative freelance work, Behance is a vital resource to explore. The platform offers an abundance of visual content, including graphics, animations, website and app design, and mobile app creation.

Compiling your Behance profile with samples of your finest projects affords you the chance to exhibit your work to other creative professionals. If your project is selected as a featured one, it will be seen by even more potential admirers and employers. This could lead to additional freelance opportunities, as well as the possibility of connecting with new contacts that could open up fresh creative prospects for your design career.

Behance’s Employment section is a valuable resource for discovering freelance opportunities. The range of positions listed may not be extensive, but the available postings are of high quality and in line with Behance’s excellent reputation.


Having a LinkedIn profile is advantageous for professionals in any industry. The platform’s built-in messaging system allows you to expand your network and connect with new individuals. Updating your profile is the initial step towards making the most of this platform.

To strengthen your CV, consider incorporating samples of your work from each of your previous roles. Additionally, by making your skills and expertise searchable on our website, you can attract potential clients who are seeking someone with your particular design specialisation. This can assist you in your pursuit of freelance opportunities.

LinkedIn ProFinder is an cutting-edge service that assists companies in finding skilled freelancers. Through the LinkedIn ProFinder mailing service, subscribers can receive notifications about potential projects and contact information to submit a proposal. It’s like having a personal recruiter scouting for opportunities on your behalf.

Don’t neglect the job listings on LinkedIn; the platform’s built-in search feature simplifies the process of finding contract, freelance, and independent contractor opportunities.


For freelancers seeking access to additional resources, SimplyHired’s comprehensive toolkit is an excellent starting point. From acquiring cover letter and CV writing skills to using their free online resume builder, SimplyHired offers everything you need to launch your career.

SimplyHired offers a large pool of job openings as a result of its free services for employers. This platform simplifies the process of making freelancer CVs and profiles visible to potential employers.

Their job search options are notably beneficial since you can customise your results to align with your particular requirements.


Fiverr was originally founded to provide users with the ability to complete brief freelance projects for just $5, hence its name. Since then, it has expanded significantly, and it is crucial to establish your base pricing, packages, and options as soon as possible. Many skilled freelancers charge lower fees for smaller projects to attract new customers, similar to offering a free trial in the hopes of being hired for more substantial projects in the future.

It’s worth noting that Fiverr handles payments automatically, making invoicing unnecessary. Fiverr has expanded significantly, with the platform now providing a wide range of services at flexible rates for freelancers at all levels of experience.


Dribbble is a popular platform for discovering freelance opportunities in various fields, such as graphic design and product design. It is advisable to create a Dribbble profile if you are seeking freelance work in the design industry.

Your Dribbble profile is a fantastic platform to showcase your work and attract new clients. Dribbble receives numerous visitors, and several companies actively search for talented designers. Building an outstanding profile and presenting your best work in a portfolio is all that is required.


Businesses and independent professionals can collaborate on the Guru platform. Companies can utilise the platform to hire skilled experts in various domains, such as programming, graphic design, and product management.

Finding freelance work on this platform is effortless. Sign up and create your profile to begin securing freelance opportunities. An algorithm will recommend appropriate roles based on your skills and experience.

Freelancers can propose fixed-price bids for both long and short-term assignments. There are multiple withdrawal options available, such as PayPal and wire transfer. Additionally, the SafePay guarantee offered by the site ensures timely payment for freelancers.


Flexjobs is a platform that specialises in remote and flexible employment opportunities, featuring various types of work such as freelancing, contracting, and contract-to-hire. There is a diverse array of roles available, including teaching, writing, and blogging.

The Flexjobs team guarantees that all job postings on the platform are authentic. To prevent scams and disreputable companies, all job advertisements are thoroughly verified and reviewed. Unlike many other online services, this freelancing website does not include advertisements.

To access our freelance employment board, users must subscribe to one of the four available plans. Our basic package starts at just £6.95 per week and provides unlimited access to job postings, a personal online portfolio, professional career guidance, and various skill assessments, all at no extra cost. is a worldwide platform for both freelancers and companies to work together on various projects. With a wide assortment of skill sets available, clients can easily locate a professional to meet their requirements.

To begin searching for freelance work, the first step is to sign up. Provide a detailed summary of your skills, previous experiences, and qualifications. All freelance contractors will receive full payment upon the completion of their assignments. It is important to note that the platform will deduct 10% of your overall earnings for contests and designated tasks.


PeoplePerHour claims to surpass other freelance employment platforms in connecting customers with designers. Additionally, it affirms that its utilisation of Artificial Intelligence will enhance communication between its freelancers and clients.

After a client provides a detailed outline of their project, it undergoes scrutiny by an Artificial Intelligence system to determine the most suitable independent contractors for the job. Clients can then choose from a pre-approved list of freelancers who have submitted price quotes.

Due to its capacity to save clients and freelancers time in finding the perfect match, PeoplePerHour is a favoured option among freelance employment websites. Moreover, PeoplePerHour offers in-app purchases to prevent potential conflicts that may arise from in-app transactions.


Collaborating with a startup can be an exhilarating and satisfying experience. Compared to more established businesses, you may have more creative autonomy to shape the brand’s identity. AngelList is a fantastic platform for connecting freelancers with startups.

AngelList offers an effective approach to finding potential employers, as well as streamlining the application process by enabling you to submit one application for multiple job openings. Given the rapidly developing nature of the industry, it can be challenging to forecast which company will become the next prominent success story. However, there is always the possibility of being a part of that journey.


SolidGigs has made freelancing job postings more conveniently accessible than ever before. Rather than depending on a standard job board, SolidGigs does the heavy lifting and sends users alerts regarding the “top 1% of freelancing jobs available on the internet”.

For those who require freelance work but do not have the time to search for openings, SolidGigs is the ideal solution. Following the first 30 days, there is a monthly subscription cost of $19, which saves you $8. Additionally, we provide a low price guarantee, allowing you to cancel at any moment if you are not satisfied with the service.


ServiceScape specialises in offering freelance writing, editing, and translation services. Our platform helps freelancers in creating their profiles and advertising their services to a wide audience.

ServiceScape sets itself apart from other platforms by utilizing a unique recruitment process. Freelancers are not obligated to submit bids or proposals; instead, they wait for clients to reach out to them about potential work. As a result, it is crucial for profiles to be memorable.

ServiceScape facilitates communication between businesses and independent contractors. Both parties can arrange a call by exchanging text messages.

Webflow Experts

Webflow Experts provides an excellent avenue for Webflow specialists to obtain freelance web design work. They provide services such as platform migrations, custom coding, rebranding, redesigns, no-code app development, e-commerce, and more.

Clients can rest assured that freelance designers and developers in our community are of high quality, as participation in the Webflow Experts program is exclusively by invitation.

Authentic Employment Openings

Authentic Jobs is a perfect platform for individuals with artistic and technological skills to find employment. It provides diverse freelance job openings, such as digital advertising, user interface design, and programming, as an alternative to conventional 9-to-5 jobs.


TaskRabbit is a platform that links freelancers with individuals in their local area who require assistance with various tasks. However, they have extended to provide virtual services, making it a viable choice for remote workers as well.

TaskRabbit is a valuable resource for individuals looking for freelance work in their local area. Many of the listed projects involve frequent errands and activities, such as furniture assembly, lawn mowing, light hanging, and moving assistance.


This platform is intended to simplify the process of connecting and collaborating between designers and businesses. It encompasses a wide array of tasks, such as branding, magazine layout, apparel, and product design.

To discover freelance opportunities, you must join a platform and create a profile that highlights your work history. Your designer status will be verified once the curation team completes the review process. The greater the rank you acquire, the higher visibility you will receive on the website.

99designs simplifies the process of discovering freelance work in your preferred field. You can filter your search based on industry, style, or type of design, enabling you to access a catalogue of available positions.


We have reached the end of our list of the best freelance websites for 2023. Obtaining freelance work doesn’t have to be a difficult process as most websites only necessitate that you sign up and complete a profile.

Before establishing an account, it is crucial to acquaint yourself with the operating practices of the freelance job platform. Take into account the service fee, withdrawal procedure, and payment method.

Are you a web developer, social media manager, or financial consultant seeking online freelance administrative or technical work? Below, we have assembled a list of recommended resources that you may find advantageous.

  • Works
  • Upwork
  • Works

If you’re searching for innovative work such as writing, graphic design, or illustration, the following are some of the finest platforms for finding freelance gigs.

  • Jobble
  • Flexjobs
  • Dribble

Best of luck to you in your quest for freelance opportunities.

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