Top Engineering Managers’ Strategies for Leading Distributed Teams in the Modern Era

According to Zapier’s 2022 Future of Work survey results, more than two-thirds of respondents believe that remote work can boost productivity. In preparation for National Work from Home Day 2022, five accomplished IT executives who lead innovative remote teams have offered their professional tips. This article outlines their insightful recommendations.

Make sure to maintain open communication channels.

Remote work is asynchronous in nature, which makes it challenging to maintain seamless communication. Without efficient communication, remote teams can face difficulty in staying productive. During our conversation with Elena Ivanova, the Managing Director at Crunchyroll, we tackled crucial concerns related to team productivity and communication channels.

Elena and her team aced their experiment with remote work. By leveraging digital platforms, including Zoom Meetings, they were able to stay in touch not just for professional reasons but also to provide personal and emotional support.

Although productivity remains a challenge for many companies, Crunchyroll was able to overcome this hurdle by adopting sophisticated remote communication solutions. They used tools like Jira, Atlassian, and Github to ensure optimum productivity despite having a mostly remote team.

Tap into the world’s top talents

Ismael Mouradi, Director of Talent Acquisition at Foodics, has observed the advantages of remote work in sourcing and recruiting top talents from various parts of the world. As a result, the company has been able to engage exceptionally competent and qualified individuals, and fill their Talent Acquisition teams’ open positions with the cream of the crop.

In addition to its organizational communication features, Foodics leverages Slack to enhance productivity. The team prioritizes mental health and a positive outlook, demonstrated by the CEO’s weekly virtual team meetings. Furthermore, the team regularly participates in group events, promoting face-to-face interaction and an enjoyable and educational atmosphere.

One size does not fit all.

According to Albane Bruyas, the Chief Operating Officer at Scaleway, it is crucial to acknowledge that a uniform approach cannot be applied to every scenario. The COVID-19 outbreak has led to a widespread transition to remote work that no company had anticipated. Consequently, there is no universal solution that can effectively address all challenges that may arise in the future.

Scaleway has recently adopted a more adaptable work timetable, granting employees the option to work either from home or the office. The company’s leadership evaluated several strategies for managing teams, both local and remote, before determining the most effective one. As a result of this new remote work policy, Scaleway was able to attract top-notch talents from all over the world.

Explore available options and choose the optimal one

Time zone disparity is one of the primary hurdles when it comes to managing a multinational workforce. For a team of this nature, it is essential to have a seamless mode of conveying information and achieving outcomes among members, given that some colleagues may begin their workday while others are winding down. To gain valuable insight into addressing this challenge, we conversed with Alessandro Cavinato, Tresarti’s co-founder and chief technology officer.

The Tresarti Group acknowledged the importance of having the right people, maintaining clear communication channels, and motivating remote workers to contribute to their efforts. As such, they recruited the finest experts from around the world, diligently reviewing their credentials and expertise, and implemented efficient modes of communication and project management. Technical matters were handled through Jira, while Trello served business-related matters, all while ensuring open lines of communication.

Foster team confidence.

Christianne N. De Carvalho, Trustly’s Director of Engineering and General Manager, regards trust as an indispensable element for the effective operation of their worldwide workforce. Even with a diverse team, Trustly’s management makes certain that all employees feel included and are empowered to take ownership of their assignments.

Trustly upholds collaboration and employee diversity as paramount tenets of its organization. When assembling a team, it is crucial to identify candidates who are respectful and appreciative of diverse viewpoints. According to Christianne, Trustly’s embrace of innovative ideas has facilitated a more agreeable work atmosphere and the development of more appealing customer value propositions.

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