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One of the most significant issues that remote teams encounter is how to effectively collaborate across long distances. In an office environment, it is customary to communicate by email and telephone. But, when it is necessary to join forces to solve a problem, it is necessary to have a group meeting (with a few doughnuts to celebrate, if you are lucky).

Despite your team being geographically dispersed, you can still collaborate effectively. As promised, this article will focus on providing remote-friendly solutions to help your team collaborate more efficiently. We will be exploring the use of collaborative platforms to aid in the completion of tasks.

At the end of this essay, we are confident that you will no longer think that cooperation is always best done in person. We are currently researching tools for virtual whiteboarding, document annotation, group brainstorming, and more. If you need help finding the right collaborator, do not hesitate to contact us.

To Begin with, Footnotes

Have you ever experienced the frustration of sending an email request to get approval for a screen design? You may have sent out the image as a PDF or JPG, only to receive it back with comments that leave you feeling somewhat bewildered. Subsequently, when the next person has their say, their ideas may be in direct opposition to that of the first person, leading to further modifications and resending of the image. It can become a seemingly never-ending cycle.

Annotation tools such as GoVisually can make the process of collaborating on a project much easier. By uploading a photograph, users are able to invite others to leave comments and feedback. The use of tools such as pointers can assist in drawing attention to areas of focus and ensure that all participants in the discussion are able to identify and respond to relevant comments. As a result, a productive dialogue can be established, enabling teams to reach mutually agreeable conclusions more quickly.

Skitch is a popular image-editing app available for Apple devices. It allows users to take images, add annotations such as text and arrows, and then send them to their contacts. Recently, a strange error message has appeared. As a result, we recommend that you take a picture of the error message and email it to our technical support team. This will help them to better understand the issue and provide an appropriate solution. Although it is likely that they will simply suggest restarting the device, it is worth trying this approach first.

Ideas Generation

Bringing the team together to discuss and evaluate ideas is an excellent way to ensure that everyone is invested in the work being undertaken. Brainstorming techniques provide everyone with an opportunity to share their thoughts, be it to develop a team goal or to use mind mapping to address a production difficulty.

Mindmeister is an online mind mapping service, available to you anytime, anywhere. With Mindmeister, you can create a mapping of your ideas, and then customise the appearance of the map with any one of the many themes available. Once you have finished creating and customising the map, you can publish it online and invite other people to contribute to it. Furthermore, you can also create tasks within the app and delegate them to other users, allowing you to work asynchronously and at your own pace. This is a great way of working together collaboratively.

Ideaflip is an invaluable tool for both synchronous and asynchronous sessions, as it provides real-time updates and a visually appealing interface reminiscent of a table covered with post-it notes. With Ideaflip, anyone can add, rearrange, and make any other necessary adjustments to the project, giving the impression that all the participants are in the same room without the need for snacks of inferior quality.

Assistance to Clients

Collaboration is not just limited to the workplace. Your team will need to liaise with individuals and organisations beyond your own. Historically, developers and technical support personnel have always relied on ticketing systems as the primary method of communication in such scenarios.

Groove is an excellent choice for a cloud-based help desk and customer care system that you should seriously consider. With over 8,000 users, this powerful platform provides users with the benefit of a live chat widget and FAQ-creation features, enabling inquiries to be responded to quickly and comprehensively, even in the event of staff being unavailable.


Writing a technical report may be a necessary but tedious task. However, Draft makes the whole process easier by allowing each user to work on their own copy of the file without the hassle of tracking revisions in older word processors. The author is then given the choice to approve or reject any changes, and even go back to the original document with ease, as all alterations are stored in the alteration history.


Ultimately, we come to whiteboards. If the mere mention of whiteboards triggers distressing recollections of developer interviews requiring whiteboard exercises, let us take a moment to pause. To put it another way, we sympathise with this sentiment. We do not advocate either physical or digital whiteboards in this context as this is not the most appropriate solution; there are alternative methods available.

Despite the rise of technology, whiteboards still remain a useful tool for remote teams. A great way of including visual thinkers in your team is to permit them to draw and chart ideas, akin to the mind mapping techniques we have discussed previously. Plus, when everyone is involved in creating the concept, the collective group becomes more united.

When searching for an online whiteboard solution, the AWW App is regularly cited as an excellent choice. It has a free version that allows you and your colleagues to collaborate for a short period of time (two hours), however the work created will not be stored. The premium, paid-for version of the software enables you to save your work, and invites colleagues to join you, either working on one shared whiteboard, or each having their own. The AWW App is incredibly useful for tackling tasks collaboratively at your own pace.

RealTime Board is the optimal choice if you are seeking a tool to facilitate collaborative working. Ever desired an infinite whiteboard? (Just me? Very well, let us continue!) No matter the circumstance, the RealTime Board offers precisely that. With over 1.5 million users from renowned companies such as Netflix, Cisco, and Twitter, the efficacy of the tool is undeniable.

Tools Gather the Troops

Organisations that adopt distributed teams can see a variety of advantages, such as enhanced productivity, job satisfaction and greater diversity among workers. With the right resources in place, remote teams can compete effectively with in-office teams, and in some cases, even exceed them in terms of performance. Therefore, it is essential that organisations ensure that their remote teams have access to the same range of resources available to their on-site teams.

If you feel that you are not able to find the right people for your vacancies, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are highly experienced in locating talented developers all around the world and matching them to suitable roles. Think of Works as an additional resource in your arsenal.

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