Transformation of Distributed Workers into Supervisors

There is a remarkable similarity between the lists of advantages and disadvantages of remote working that are featured in articles by bloggers and journalists. Our blog has provided an in-depth look into the positive aspects of increased productivity and access to talent from around the world, as well as potential issues such as isolation and lack of accountability that may arise in remote teams.

It is a commonly held belief that remote workers may not progress in their careers if they work from home, as it is thought that they may encounter more difficulty in achieving upward mobility through the corporate hierarchy.

It is likely that all businesses would benefit from aiding their employees in progressing their careers. Managers are best placed to ascertain which individuals are performing well and which may require additional support.

Here Are some Tips for Successfully Promoting from Inside Your Remote Team.

A survey conducted by Ultimate Software revealed that, out of 1,000 full-time US employees, those working remotely were 40% more likely to have been promoted in the past year and 23% more likely to perceive career progression opportunities within their current role.

Career stagnation due to distance is unreal. Obviously, your personality as a leader also plays a role here.

It is essential to bear in mind that traditional approaches cannot be applied to a virtual environment when looking for ways to support remote employees.

Due to the inability to observe the efforts of employees, performance appraisals take on a different significance. However, their effectiveness can be assessed based on the outcomes achieved and the attention to detail applied to their designated roles.

When is it Time to Promote an Employee Who Works Remotely?

As a manager, it is essential to assess whether your team is prepared to take on additional responsibilities. You should look for someone who can not only fulfil the existing role, but also demonstrate potential for further advancement. To ensure that your team is ready for a promotion, good managers should be aware of the following indicators:

First, Making an Extra Effort

The staff member has demonstrated an exemplary commitment to their role by providing insightful and constructive suggestions which could benefit the organization in the future. This could include offering to stand in for colleagues at meetings, or mentoring new recruits.

Ability to Lead

It appears that you are yet to convert to the Agile Development Methodology. Please take the time to read our free ebook and make any necessary adjustments. Is this employee demonstrating initiative and competence? Are they proactively seeking assistance or do they need to be guided?

Having Their Backs

In order for managers to achieve success, it is essential that they show care and consideration for their team members. Is there someone on the team who consistently demonstrates their dedication and support for the rest of the group? Such individuals can be considered for progression to higher levels of management.

Transforming Adversity into Opportunity

Managers must take responsibility when things do not go to plan. An employee with the right attitude will be willing to admit when they have made a mistake and learn from it. It is also important for them to be able to move on from any difficulties without blaming themselves or others.

Expression of Ideas

It is essential for remote teams to be effective that there is constant and open communication. Proficiency in communication when working remotely is essential to be considered for a promotion. This involves not only utilizing the correct techniques but also ensuring that what is said is accurate and concise. Furthermore, the limitations of text-based communication should be recognized and considered before responding in a defensive manner.

When warning signs are identified, considering providing your employee with training to help them progress in their role is recommended. Whilst Human Resources may not have the experience of organizing international training courses, there are options for distance learning available.

It is recommended that employees should be encouraged to become more actively engaged in corporate affairs. To ensure that all employees have had the opportunity to connect with one another, those who have had limited exposure should be given more chances to do so. Furthermore, organizational leaders should take the time to directly communicate with employees to help them build a strong network of internal resources.

Methods for Motivating Distant Workers to Advance in Their Professions

When evaluating a potential remote manager, it’s important to keep in mind that they will be the company’s face to the outside world.

Representing their team is a key role for any remote manager. The well-known phrase of “out of sight, out of mind” holds some truth; even the most senior executives often take the time to interact with their on-site staff. However, remote workers typically do not have the opportunity to engage with their colleagues outside of the workplace, missing out on the chance meetings in the car park, stationery cupboard or office social events.

As their manager, it is your responsibility to ensure that they are recognized. Incorporate their name into conversations regularly. Ensure they are kept informed of any corporate newsletters or other internal communications, and that they are on the relevant distribution lists. Provide them with invitations to the company headquarters, or create opportunities for them to take part in company activities where possible. Is there any competition between different divisions to raise the most money for charity through a local 10k race? Inviting your digital nomads to be involved in the competition is a straightforward process, as it can be held virtually.

Ensure Your Remote Workers Have a Strong Desire for Professional Advancement.

It may be beneficial to discuss potential promotion with your potential boss. Even if they show signs of being open to the conversation, they may not be ready to take action. There is no harm in raising the topic; even if they are not receptive, they will appreciate the acknowledgement of their potential.

If they have indicated an interest in taking on additional responsibilities within the team, it is advisable to provide them with appropriate tasks. Consider allowing them to manage a part of the upcoming sprint and report back during the stand-up meeting.

Moving forward, the same procedure should be followed as with any other employee. Please contact the Human Resources department for further guidance.

It is rewarding to witness the success of those you have assisted through recruitment and mentorship. It is a testament to both their abilities and your own as a leader of a successful remote team. If you are currently seeking a developer due to a promotion, and you want to be certain they have experience with remote working, please contact us. We are here to provide assistance.

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