Typical Interview Questions for iOS Developers

As you commence the hiring process, it is essential to consider the following 10 all-inclusive iOS interview questions, whether you are an applicant or an interviewer, to ensure you find the perfect iOS developer or remote position.

Here are 10 Interview Questions for iOS Developers of All Experience Levels

When considering the hiring of an iOS developer, it is important to take into account the current state of the project and the overall business plan. An experienced iOS developer can provide expertise and knowledge throughout the whole development process, from concept to completion. When looking for an iOS developer, experience should be taken into consideration as the depth of their knowledge and skill with the available tools is directly proportional to their level of experience. If you require an iPhone developer to oversee the rollout of a brand new app, a Senior developer may be the best option. Alternatively, expanding your team’s capabilities by adding a Junior or Middle job responsible for a certain phase of the process could also be beneficial.

We have reviewed the IOS Interview Questions, ranging from Junior to Senior level, to provide you with a useful resource for your projects and to help you prepare for your next interview.

Job Interview Questions for an Entry-Level iOS Developer with 1 to 2 Years of Experience

First of all, explain Cocoa and Cocoa Touch to me. Secondly, explain Swift and Objective-C to me.

When developing for OS X and iOS, Objective-C is the most commonly used language. It is a superset of C, providing dynamism to its runtime and object-oriented features. The syntax, primitive types and control flow statements of C are all maintained in Objective-C, with the addition of class and method syntax. The language also supports dynamic typing and object binding, allowing for the management of an object graph and the use of object literals.

Building upon the strengths of C and Objective-C, Swift is a new programming language developed by Apple to simplify application development. Swift utilizes the latest features and establishes programming best practices, making programming a more enjoyable experience (Apple developer library).

Thirdly, what is a self-destructing pool?

Every object which is sent an autorelease message contributes to the innermost autorelease pool, and when that pool is emptied, the releases are automatically propagated to all the remaining objects. The end of the current run loop cycle is the most common point in Cocoa GUI applications for sending a release via an autorelease pool.

How to Answer Middle-Level iOS Developer Interview Questions (3-5 Years of Experience)

Can you list the JSON frameworks that can be used with iOS?

The SBJson framework, an Objective-C JSON parser and generator with adaptable APIs and finer grained control, is available for iOS.

In iOS 2, how can you earn money?

Apple’s iOS has three distinct mechanisms for achieving monetary exchange: threads, dispatch queues, and operation queues.

Which framework may be used to build an iOS app’s user interface?

Event management, a drawing model, windows, views, and touch-screen interface-specific controls are all part of the UIKit framework.

Questions for an Experienced iOS Developer Interviewing Candidates with More than 5 Years of Relevant Experience

  1. If you were to sum up the benefits and drawbacks of using Swift, what would they be?

    Swift provides support for protocols and generics, as well as static typing. This helps to ensure runtime safety and determinism and provides compile-time warnings and errors.

    The following situations benefit most from this high level of caution:
    • Adding rigid explicitness rather than nimbleness to a client application’s construction
    • Having to work in a space that limits what less seasoned devs can do (beginners and juniors)
    • By assisting with refactoring, the compiler encourages the development of clean code.

      Static typing can pose a challenge when constructing a library or framework. However, Objective-C is the more suitable choice due to its strong meta-programming capabilities.
  2. How do you deal with iOS’s memory management?

    Swift utilizes Automatic Reference Counting (ARC) in a similar way to Objective-C. ARC is a reference counting mechanism which tracks instances of classes. Modifying the reference count of a constant, property or variable is done through the assignment or removal of instances of classes, which are reference types. When the number of objects referencing an item reaches zero, the programme deallocates the associated storage space. Value types of reference counts are duplicated when assigned and all references are assumed to be strong unless explicitly stated.
  3. Explain MVC.

    Model-View-Controller (MVC) is a popular paradigm adopted by Apple for developing iOS applications. The model layer is used to represent the data within the application, while the view layer is generated by controllers, who manage the flow of information between the model and the view. Although the code is rigid and hard to modify as it is managed by view controllers, other architectures such as Model-View-View-Model (MVVM), Model-View-Presenter (MVP), Coordinator, VIPER and RIBs can be used to scale iOS programming and avoid Massive View Controller issues.

All Right, Here We Go!

Get ready to interview prospective iOS developers or search for remote IT positions with our complete guide.

It is just as important to be able to communicate and collaborate effectively as it is to have the necessary technical skills. During the interview, consider how they interact with you and others – not all qualities can be seen in a CV! As an applicant, it is important to remember that if you can demonstrate strong communication skills, an employer is far more likely to give you a competitive salary.

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