Typical Interview Questions for iOS Developers

Whether you are an interviewer or job seeker, it is crucial to take into account the following comprehensive iOS interview questions when starting the hiring procedure to guarantee that you discover the ideal iOS developer or remote job.

Check out these ten interview questions suitable for iOS developers at any skill level

If you’re planning to hire an iOS developer, it’s essential to assess the current state of the project and the overall business plan. A skilled iOS developer can offer their expertise and insights throughout the entire development process, starting from the idea’s inception to its execution. Experience level should be considered when seeking an iOS developer since the breadth of their knowledge and proficiency with available tools is directly connected to their level of experience. If you’re implementing a brand-new application and require an iPhone developer to oversee the rollout, a Senior developer may be your best bet. Alternatively, augmenting your team’s capabilities by including a Junior or Middle member responsible for a specific phase of the process could also be advantageous.

We have compiled a range of IOS Interview Questions that cater to Junior and Senior-level expertise. This will serve as a valuable resource for your projects and aid you in preparing for your next interview.

Interview Questions for iOS Developers with 1 to 2 Years of Experience in an Entry-Level Role

To begin with, could you describe Cocoa and Cocoa Touch to me? Additionally, could you explain to me the differences between Swift and Objective-C?

When developing for iOS and OS X, Objective-C is the primary language used. It is a superset of C that offers dynamicism to its runtime and object-oriented characteristics. Objective-C retains C’s syntax, primitive types and control flow statements, but has also added class and method syntax. The language enables dynamic typing and object binding, which makes managing object graphs and object literals possible.

Based on the strengths of Objective-C and C, Swift is a new programming language that Apple has created to streamline app development. Swift employs the most recent features and fosters programming best practices to make coding a more pleasant experience (according to the Apple developer library).

Lastly, could you explain to me what a self-destructing pool is?

Every object that receives an autorelease message adds to the innermost autorelease pool, which, when drained, automatically triggers a release for all remaining objects. In Cocoa GUI applications, the end of the current run loop cycle is typically when a release via an autorelease pool is sent.

Guidelines for Responding to Interview Questions for iOS Developers with 3-5 Years of Experience

What are the JSON frameworks that are compatible with iOS?

For iOS, the SBJson framework, which is an Objective-C JSON generator and parser with modifiable APIs and more detailed control, is a viable option.

What were the ways to generate revenue in iOS 2?

To facilitate monetary exchange, Apple’s iOS has three distinct mechanisms: threads, dispatch queues, and operation queues.

What framework can be utilized to construct the user interface of an iOS application?

The UIKit framework comprises of event management, a drawing model, windows, views, and touch-screen interface-specific controls.

Interview Questions for Experienced iOS Developers Evaluating Candidates with Over 5 Years of Relevant Experience

  1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of utilizing Swift?

    Swift includes protocols, generics, and static typing, which provide compile-time warnings and errors, as well as runtime safety and determinism.

    These features are especially useful in scenarios where a high degree of care is required:
    • Inflexible explicitness instead of flexibility when constructing a client application
    • Working in an environment that restricted the abilities of less experienced developers (novices and juniors)
    • The compiler motivates the creation of clean code by providing refactoring assistance.

      Static typing can be difficult while constructing a library or framework. However, Objective-C is a better option due to its powerful meta-programming capabilities.
  2. What is your approach to managing iOS memory?

    Swift and Objective-C use Automatic Reference Counting (ARC) in a similar manner. ARC is a reference counting mechanism that keeps track of class instances. Changing the reference count of a constant, property, or variable can be done by adding or removing instances of reference type classes. When the number of object references to an item reaches zero, the program deallocates the related storage space. When assigned, duplicate reference counts for value types are created and all references are believed to be strong unless explicitly stated otherwise.
  3. Can you explain MVC?

    Apple advocates the usage of the Model-View-Controller (MVC) paradigm in iOS development. The model layer represents the data in the app, whereas the view layer is managed by controllers that manage the information flow between the model and the view. Though the code may be inflexible and difficult to modify since it is controlled by view controllers, other architectures like Model-View-View-Model (MVVM), Model-View-Presenter (MVP), Coordinator, VIPER, and RIBs can be used to expand iOS programming and prevent Massive View Controller problems.

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Having the necessary technical abilities is just as crucial as being able to communicate and collaborate effectively. During the interview, pay attention to how they interact with you and other individuals – not all skills can be found in a CV! It is critical to remember, as an applicant, that if you can exhibit solid communication skills, an employer is more likely to offer you a competitive salary.

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