Unlimint’s Remote Collaboration Instruments

What makes Unlimint’s remote teamwork model so successful

According to Nadia, Unlimint benefits from the ability to recruit top talent globally due to the advantages of remote work. Unlimint has already been familiar with remote work for some time due to having diverse offices situated in various locations.

Nadia, who works as a Team Leader at Unlimint, values the level of independence that remote work allows each team member to have in creating their own work environment according to their unique requirements. Even though remote teamwork has been thriving, Nadia is exploring strategies to improve coordination and broaden their scope of work.

Access to the right tools is vital for remote workers to stay productive

Determining the most appropriate means of communication and collaboration for a geographically dispersed team can be a difficult undertaking. At Unlimint, Slack is widely used, featuring dedicated channels to keep every team member updated with the company’s latest PR, crucial initiatives, as well as other important news. Efficient planning tools are also essential for successful remote cooperation of which the entire organisation uses Jira, and Nadia’s team opts for ClickUp – an all-in-one productivity suite.

In Nadia’s view, incorporating technology to improve the human aspect of remote working is critical. Unlimint leverages HRBamboo to monitor employees and important events such as birthday celebrations. Workplace by Facebook provides a social network for sharing amusing stories and photos.

Nadia recognises that building a strong recruitment team is crucial for the triumph of Unlimint’s remote work strategy. To speed up the hiring process and guarantee that new hires understand and comply with the company’s working practices, Unlimint has created a specialized group of recruiters situated in various locations worldwide. Thanks to the recruiters’ commitment and diligence, the organisation’s workforce has expanded remarkably from 250 employees in 2022 to over 400 in the present year.

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